31 August 2011

One month down...

Well, seeing as how it's the last day of August, I thought I'd do a little recap of what's been happening since I joined Blogger.

Firstly, my video view counts have significantly dropped. I don't particularly mind since it's nearly impossible for someone to accidentally stumble across my videos. Someone who might flag them and have them taken down (especially since my videos have been getting a bit more suggestive lately).

Second, the blog has over 10000 views! Thank you guys! I'm sure that most of you are just here to watch my videos... but those of you that actually read my wordy posts, I thank you.

Thirdly, I've been getting some nice messages. It's really enjoyable and again, I thank you for the compliments and support, it's really nice reading them.

Finally, I've been uploading a lot of videos! Most of them are messy but that's only because I love it. So... here's my 5 personal favourite videos I've posted this month from worst to best:

5. Playing With Pies
4. Mayo And Milk
3. Covered In Treacle
2. Body Painting
1. Mr Potato Head

Concerning the last video, I loved making it because of all the humiliating things I had to do in one video. Tomorrow though, I'll have a sort of sequel to it since I misbehaved...

30 August 2011

"Body Painting" Aftermath

I don't think it's any secret that paint is messy. Surprisingly though, cleaning it up wasn't that difficult.

Despite this, there are a few messy things that I'd like to point out to you...

Firstly, this stained my bath! I did come up with a plausible explanation so I'm not in trouble... I'm just gonna be a lot more careful with paint next time. I assure you, there will be a "next time".

Also, you may have noticed that I took my t-shirt off and put it in a box slightly off camera. Well, after I cleaned myself off, I got out of the bath and hung up the t-shirt to dry. After 24 hours it was completely dry and here's what it looks like!

Personally, I think it's a bit too dark so if when I do this again, I'll probably only use the light colours. So... does anybody want to send me a few more white t-shirts until I get it right?

29 August 2011

Messy Bank Holiday

Although most of you readers are American, I happen to know that a significant number of you are British. To you lot, Happy Bank Holiday!

To celebrate, I've decided to post "Body Painting" today, one of my most messy and artistic videos to date.

I'd like to give a quick Thank You to Mikeluvsgunge who bought me the white t-shirt knowing that I wouldn't even try to wash it afterwards.

After I received a few concerned messages about my "Paint In Mouth" video, I'd like to point out that I'm fine. The paint was non-toxic and child-friendly which meant it was really easy to clean off myself / my clothes / the bath.

The only things that didn't go according to plan were getting paint in my eyes (which didn't sting but was annoying to wash out), slipping and sliding in the stuff and the purple paint being too dark and somewhat ruining the effect.

On one final note, nobody requested this video, it's just something I wanted to do for myself. Enjoy!

If you want to see the unrotated video, click here.

28 August 2011

For Master Mark and TFG

Okay, if you don't know who Mark or TFG are then you should perhaps do a little bit of looking through the archives of this blog.

If you can't be asked to do that: Mark (also known as theteenfootdude on YouTube) is my Master unless he's feeling particularly generous. TFG (or TiedFeetGuy) is a dominant guy who I occasionally serve. I've also done a few things for both of them.

Firstly, they both have labels on the blog. This should make it just a little bit easier to work out what I'm doing with them.

If you click here, you can see anything to do with theteenfootdude.
If you click here, you can see anything to do with tiedfeetguy.

Secondly, they both have YouTube playlists of everything that I do for them. You can see these playlists in the Video Playlists gadget on the top right of the blog.

Here's the playlist for Master Mark:

...and here's the playlist for TFG (there's only one video in it now but more will be in it soon):

Finally... although neither of them asked for it, I know that they like bondage and feet so I took a little picture for them both.

I hope you all enjoy this post! My submissiveness is not over yet so you should expect more content like this.

27 August 2011

Peg Pictures for TiedFeetGuy

Well, I reckon now's a good time to explain that I've been doing a week-long task for my other Master, TiedFeetGuy or TFG for short.

It involved a lot of pegs, was quite humiliating and very painful. Enjoy the pics, videos are coming soon.

Curious about what the actual task was? Read TiedFeetGuy's post on this task here.

26 August 2011

On Coming Out - Part 1

Now I'm assuming most of you know I'm gay. If you didn't know, read my profile over there on the right somewhere, it's not long.

What some of you may not realise is that I'm still in the closet, to my real life friends and family anyway.

The reason for this post and any future ones like it is so that I can keep track of how life progresses as I come out to more people.

Hey, this is the 21st Century! Blogs are the modern diaries.

So then, very recently I told a friend that I was gay. Honestly, I was surprised at how well she took it. As it turns out, she is in the closet too so she understood the situation I was in.

When I asked her if she was surprised to find out about me, she wasn't because she doesn't believe that everybody has to be straight by default.

I personally think that's a good attitude to people, I think I may start doing that from now on.

We'll see how this progresses as more people find out, shall we?

25 August 2011

24 August 2011

Mayo And Milk for theteenfootdude

Ah, another task from Master Mark. This time, I was very suspicious since all Mark said I had to do was cover my boxers (unwashed since the ketchup / mayo punishment) in mayo, pick them up in my mouth and then get my feet messy with a tin of condensed milk. I was also allowed to wear what I wanted as long as I wore my dog collar, tag and had "Mark's Puppy" written on my feet.

When I received this task, I was extremely suspicious and concerned as to why this task was so pleasant. I even tried to convince my Master to make this task worse but he refused.

Eventually, I gave up and did it and was surprised to find that the mayo didn't taste so bad but the condensed milk was quite hard to clean up, especially off my hairy legs...

It was still great fun to film, enjoy!

23 August 2011

Stop buying me stuff!

Well, if you missed it, I got into my first choice university. I'll be moving "oop North" on September 15th.

So then, I don't want to have too much stuff to carry with me when I move. This is why I've temporarily hidden my Wish List.

I'm also not going to be filming any new videos from September 1st to September 15th. Nor am I going to buy more things to get messy with.

Over the next week, I'm trying to use up all of my messy stuff so I don't have to take it either.

I'll still be posting stuff on the blog, I just won't be filming in that time period.

I hope you understand.

22 August 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Well, I know that a considerable amount of you will be familiar with my blog. You can all ignore this post.

Everyone else, I assume you're here because you saw this video:

To those of you, welcome! I hope you enjoy the blog and don't mind having to come here to find out about new content.

Now... if you want to see where my videos went, read this post.

21 August 2011

Mr Potato Head for theteenfootdude

This was the 1st task on the list that Master Mark gave me. It was a nasty one but I wanted to earn the right to cum.

The original task was to dunk my head gravy before pouring it over my body and feet. However, I misbehaved a bit and had to do it in a more humiliating way; like a puppy.

Since sampepper (who I'll thank in more detail later) bought me the dog collar and dog bowl, acting like a puppy wasn't hard. I also had to lap up some of the gravy which tasted awful and do the whole video in just my briefs (a gift from joey4403).

Another thing I changed myself was to add half a bag (about 500g) of flour into the mix which made it thicker, look nastier, taste worse and harder to clean up. At least I don't have to worry about using that bag of flour anymore though.

This was a really disgusting task since I hate the smell and taste of gravy... at least it wasn't ketchup though. Overall I enjoyed it, thank you Sir!

20 August 2011

Painted Mouth Punishment for TiedFeetGuy

All I can tell you is that this was a nasty punishment for something. My new Master wasn't happy with something that I did...

A better explanation will be posted soon.

19 August 2011


Now, I know that some of you know this site but those of you that don't, allow me to briefly introduce you to CreamyMuckMuck.com!

First of all, if you're not interested in WAM or gunge, don't even bother visiting the site.

Secondly, if you only like watching people get messy and you don't plan on contributing something to site, don't bother signing up.

Now everyone else (that's us guys that love to get messy), you should really check out the site. It's really aimed at gay British guys that like getting messy but anybody can join and the idea of getting to know other like-minded guys, it's a site where you'd definitely be welcome.

It's a very friendly social network where you can share your pictures and videos with people who understand why you do what you do.

Something else that makes this site particularly unique is the fact that you can join and create your own groups. This makes it so much easier to find people just like you in terms of their location, interests and more.

For example, I'm a member of the groups: "Emo / Scene Guys" and "Fans of Gungy Hair" and more. Although I'm very aware that not everyone shares these interests, that's why it's great to join these groups to get to know people that are!

So as I said... as long as you're going to behave, please join CreamyMuckMuck.com which I'm not just advertising because I happen to know the site's co-creator is awesome and also introduced me to the world of getting my hair messy.

18 August 2011

Covered In Treacle

First of all, nobody actually requested. I just made it because of my love of treacle!

I also wanted to do a slightly more formal WAM video after being inspired and taking some advice from awesome people such as ColourHobby and the UMD community.

I can tell you that I got very sticky very quickly although I still had lot of fun filming this, as a result, it is my longest video to date.

This actually took 2 hours to clean up because I had to clean myself, my clothes, the bath and my camera. Thankfully though, treacle dissolves in warm water. My white shirt's still a bit yellow though.

Anyway, I think you want to watch the video now so please enjoy!

Results Day and Scheduled Posts

I know a lot of you just like to watch my videos but this is a fairly important thing so I'd recommend that you read it...

This has automatically been posted at 10AM on August 18th... a time that some people my age refer to as "Results Day". Basically, for all of you not informed about this occasion, I am finding out whether or not I am in university right about now.

Whether I'm in or not, I'm probably going to be getting drunk in a few hours after this is posted and then I'll probably be dealing with a hangover tomorrow.

If you combine this with the fact that I need to sort out things relating to uni (whether I get in or not), it becomes very apparent why I'm not going to be posting over the next few days.

However... Blogger has a particularly useful feature which enables me to write posts and have them posted when I want them to whether I'm available or not. This post is a very good example.

I've written a few days worth of content so feel free to check the blog over the next few days, I should have some things for you to look at.

Oh... don't leave me messages like "I hope you got into university." Seriously. Thanks.

I got into my first choice university.

17 August 2011

Hot Dog Feet for theteenfootdude

Well, this is the 3rd task on my list of things that I have to do for Master Mark / theteenfootdude.

The task itself was to fill my socks with ketchup, leave it there for a few hours and then lick my socks clean after a few hours.

Unfortunately, I really don't like the smell of taste of ketchup so I failed the task almost immediately.

I can't believe I'd already been broken by what I thought was a relatively easy task. Maybe I can prove myself to be a better slave by completing some of the 4 remaining tasks.

I guess we'll just have to wait to see if I do a good job... or not.

15 August 2011

Some ideas for Masters

Well, I'm no master but after trying it out for a little while, I've learnt of some things that seem to work well for slaves.

Stop them for cumming for days
The idea of chastity and not being allowed to cum without your permission tends to make slaves very submissive and willing to please their master. Remember, until their master is satisfied, they're not allowed to cum.

Make them think about punishment
If you constantly remind them about the consequences of misbehaving, they'll be less likely to defy you. Also if severely punish your slaves for doing the smallest things, they'll know not to cross the line again.

Make them "prepare things"
If you tell your slave to get a number of nasty things without telling them why, you can make them start imagining horrible tasks. The things you make them prepare can really be as nasty as you want because (unless you're feeling cruel), your slave isn't actually going to need them. You can also combine this with the previous point to make them behave like a good little slave.

Specifically control when they cum
Right about when you're going to let your slave cum, don't just give them permission. Ideally, force them to cum a few seconds after you tell them. One good way to do this is to make them cum after you count them down but it's particularly fun to make this countdown last minutes, not seconds.

14 August 2011

Humiliating Tasks Teasers

Well, seeing as how I'm theteenfootdude's / Master Mark's slave for a bit more time. I've been made to randomly pick 5 out of 7 tasks.

I don't know what I have to do yet but I do know that this is what they're called:
  1. mr potato head
  2. showertime
  3. hot dog feet
  4. face off
  5. dirty boi
More of my humiliation to come...

Humiliation with theteenfootdude - Part 5

Well, I'm a nice guy, that's why I wasn't too harsh on Mark. Also, he was quite nice to me for most of the time. I was also aware of that the fact that he's be able to get his revenge soon enough so I didn't want to be mean.

Fairly early on, I thought it would be a good idea to make my slave write "slave boi" on his cock as well as wear his Curve just in case he was thinking of edging too early on. I think it was an appropriate torture and reminder that he was my bitch for the next few hours. I was also sure to remind him that I wasn't going to make him wear it for 6 hours and only if he completed my three tasks.

His first task was to put his feet on a plate of toffee sauce for 30 minutes before licking it off the soles of his feet. I also instructed him to lick the plate clean but I didn't force him to film that part.

My boi's second task was to get that toffee sauce out again and completely cover the waffles on the soles of his Vans. Then he had to get them clean with just his tongue... I told you I'd get revenge.

To finally get the right to edge, I told my slave that he had to do 85 push-ups first. What I didn't realise is that Mark's actually really fit and so was able to do this in no time at all...

As promised, I let him take off the Curve and edge as much as he wanted. My one rule was that he had to cum at midnight which meant I had few hours to frustrate him.

Initially, I made him do is make him watch several videos of foot worship which he had found on the previous night.

After that, we spent about an hour discussing how he'd be my bitch in real life. After about 8 hours in total, I finally let me slave cum at midnight as agreed.

What I wasn't counting on was the fact that I really wanted to be submissive again. Even after the worst things I was made to do. So... prepared for the consequences, I agreed to be a slave again and I even threatened to cum that night just to deserve punishment for something.

I am letting you all know that until further notice, Master Mark has promptly put back in my proper place now feeling even more submissive, eager to serve him until I'm allowed to cum and fearful of whatever cruel punishments he has lined up.

13 August 2011

Humiliation with theteenfootdude - Part 4

If you need to catch up... Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

I woke up in the afternoon. My hair was slightly damp with toilet water. My chest still had the words "Mark's Slave" written on it. My crotch still smelled like ketchup. All I wanted to do was be an obedient slave just so that my master would finally let me cum.

My first task was to edge whilst watching my master's new video. Whilst watching it, I wanted to smell his sweaty feet and boots so badly that I nearly came just then.

Afterwards, Master Mark further teased me about the fact that he'd filmed a messy video for me and that I couldn't watch it until I earned it.

So, in nothing but my smallest boxers, I had to get my never-washed Vans and worship them like as if my master was wearing them. I did worship them for longer but the full video's quite repetitive. They didn't taste nice...

When I came back, I had to watch his my messy feet video twice whilst edging. I was getting really desperate to the point where I'd let him use my tongue as a doormat and use me in any way he wanted.

After he let me alone for a few hours to try distracting myself from the fact that I really wanted to cum.

Finally, he returned to finally tease me a little more with thoughts to make me even more frustrated before finally letting me cum.

I can assure you... it was intense. My chest, face and hair got quite drenched...

Thank you Sir.

Now, since I was allowed to cum. Mark was now my slave again and you know what, I want revenge. Leave a comment... I want to know how to punish him.

Humiliation with theteenfootdude - Part 3

Oh, it just gets worse... doesn't it. If you missed them, here's Part 1 and here's Part 2.

When I woke up, it was quite late, something past 3PM. So, nearly the first thing I did was film a messy video. After spending over an hour cleaning up, I spent another 2 hours getting videos off my camera.

Finally, by about 7PM I was able to properly chat with my master again. His first task for me was to fill up some socks with oatmeal and put them on which was easy enough. I soon realised that every time I took a step, I'd remember that I was wearing them because they were tight with the messy stuff inside. As the hours passed, I also felt the oatmeal dry and get stickier. It didn't take long before I wanted to take them off.

Thankfully, I was allowed to remove my socks after wearing them for about 4 hours but there was a catch... I had clean my socks using my tongue. I also licked the floor which had gotten messy under the socks because I was really eager to please my master.

After I was done cleaning my socks and the floor (with my tongue first and then a cloth), I reported back to Master Mark demanding that he let me cum! Somehow though, I feel as though I should have known better because his was able to think of a particularly creative 3-part punishment.

Firstly, I had to use a particularly sharp ballpoint pen to write "Mark's Slave" on my chest which was not only humiliating but also difficult to write on myself backwards and painful since that was a small pen tip.

Next, since my master had worked out how much I disliked ketchup and mayonnaise, he thought it was be suitable punishment to squirt some directly onto my boxers and not clean it off until the next day.

Throughout the night, I had to wear my slimy and stinky boxers which proved to be a good punishment that I wouldn't forget any time soon.

My final punishment though, was the nastiest, I had to piss in the toilet, stick my head into the bowl and flush it. Again, I couldn't even dry my hair until the next day.

Guess that'll teach me not to defy my master and then still not be allowed to cum for another day...

12 August 2011

Humiliation with theteenfootdude - Part 2

First of all, if you haven't read Part 1, read it! In summary though 2 days ago, I made "theteenfootdude" my slave and then he got his revenge.

Well actually, after I let him cum, he started being dominant again. The first thing he did was make me promise not to cum that night which changed my plans a bit.

Whilst I was in the knowledge that I wasn't able to enjoy myself, he forced me to spend 20 minutes watching his incredibly arousing videos which was certainly frustrating since they're really quite good...

Happy with my behaviour for that night, he wanted to know want I liked to get messy with and what I didn't like to get messy with. He also made sure I'd have access to them tomorrow as well as a pen.

So I went to bed, woke up and did some work whilst trying to keep my hands off my cock until I got speaking with Mark again.

Almost immediately after I was free, he took advantages of my weaknesses and made me watch some videos which I found quite hot.

After giving it some thought, my master made me write "Mark's Slave" on the soles of my feet to make sure it was clear who I was serving.

Afterwards, I had to wear a pair of jeans and nothing more whilst covering my feet and legs with tapioca which was great! But... I also had to cover my the inside and outside of my jeans with mayonnaise and ketchup which was nasty.

I'm sure Master Mark was happy to know that I was humiliating myself by making my cock smell like a hot dog. He certainly made sure that I was filming this for him, if only to prove I'd done it:

After I cleaned up, I reported back to him. As a reward, he finally let me touch my cock after about 18 hours to edge but he still wanted to make sure I didn't enjoy it too much so he forced me to stuff my nastiest socks into my mouth which tasted like stale gravy for half an hour whilst I edged.

Just as I was ready to go to bed, he decided to be cruel and say that I couldn't cum for another night...

11 August 2011

Why YouTube ROCKS

Well, I could make this a long post but I won't. Basically after my "Messy Shampoo Forfeit" got removed, I appealed that it didn't have any sexual content and they accepted it!

This video is back online... even though I re-uploaded a slightly tweaked version of it anyway.

Thanks YouTube!

10 August 2011

Humiliation with theteenfootdude - Part 1

Well I'm sure some of you know that I'm submissive and quite like humiliating myself. However, I'm sure that if you've seen my dominant videos, then you know I can act like a real jerk when I want to be.

This leads me on to Mark or "theteenfootdude" as he calls himself on YouTube (which you should totally check out). After exchanging a few private messages, we added each other on MSN and got chatting.

Something about a skater / emo guy with an interest in feet and other guys humiliating themselves just made him seem like a cool guy... and I wasn't wrong!

Eventually I found out that Mark has a little bit of a submissive side so we agreed that I would be his master for a couple of hours during which he had to be my boi and do whatever I told him to do other there would be consequences...

To begin with, I was nice and just made him watch a few select videos from his Favourites during which he wasn't allowed to even touch his cock no matter how hard it was for him.

Now, my original plan was to make him get a bowl of ice to cool down his crotch. However, he argued that he couldn't get any ice... Surely he should have known that disobeying your master has consequences.

I made him get his sweatiest pair of socks (which he'd fortunately worn for two weeks without washing them)! He had to rinse one of them under a tap of cold water and put it on his cock and balls. The other sock had to go in his mouth whilst I teased him with the fact that he couldn't do cum until I wanted him to.

Once Mark's cock-sock had heated up enough, I made him take the other sock out of his mouth. For punishment, I made my slave wring the rank sweat and water from the damp sock into his mouth.

By now, I was starting to take pity on him so I let him stroke his cock after 2 hours of denial. Just to make sure he couldn't start wanking properly, I forced him to put both pairs of socks on his cock whilst he was edging to a few videos of my choice.

I let him remove his socks and talked with him about what I'd actually make him do to with my feet if he was here. I won't go into the details of this rather large conversation but I'd make my boi clean the soles of my shoes, socks and feet whilst he was tied up and with his cock in chastity.

You can't exactly jerk off if I've got the key to this...

Finally, I eventually let Mark cum after a countdown from 10 to 1 which he certainly seemed to enjoy.

Now, I'm sure that some of you thought that was a lovely story and believe me, I had fun being a master for a change but afterwards Mark wanted his turn. So on that night, he got started getting his revenge which would lead to me being submissive again...

Sickness & Riots

Okay, that title's a bit worrying but this post is meant to assure you I'm fine...

I could be better but the London riots aren't exactly on my doorstep. Also, I'm not exactly going outside because I'm currently recovering from my second cold in the period of one fortnight!

How I got two colds in the middle of summer is a mystery to me but basically, that's the reason why I haven't been having any Wet and Messy Sessions lately.

New videos will be up shortly!

09 August 2011

Playing With Pies

Well, nobody actually requested but after seeing a lot of interesting pictures and videos of it. I finally decided to use pie crusts!

If I'm completely honest, I do not see the point when you can just cover a cheap paper plate in custard. No matter, it was still fun to slam three pies of shaving foam, custard and treacle into my face.

Yes, I'm very aware of just how silly I look in this video. It was fun to get messy like this, not as much fun to clean custard off the walls and get pastry out of my ears.

Let me just say that you shouldn't expect me to use any more pie crusts that I've filled. I might use foil cases, readymade pies and paper plates.

On a final note, I filmed a bit of the clean up... leave a comment if you want to see Part 2.

08 August 2011


Alright, this is something new I'm doing. Basically, if you like my stuff you might also like some other sites which you should check out if you haven't already done so.

Seeing as how he was nice enough to feature me, I figured I'd return the favour (although I know he's a lot more famous than me).

I present... TiedFeetGuy.com

Generated image

Now, there are two reasons to check out this site:

Firstly, in the owner's own words, the site contains

Now, although the site doesn't have as much gunge as I'd like, he still posts some great stuff. So as I said, if you like my stuff, you'll like this guy's.

Secondly, "TiedFeetGuy" is an awesome guy. I've been e-mailing with him for a little while now and really gotten to know just how cool the guy is.

I could go into detail about that or you could get to know him better yourself by checking out his site now! Oh and check out his YouTube page and Xtube page too... here's a little taster:

Custard In Socks

Well, I must admit, it's been a little while since I did a video of my feet but since Mikeluvsgunge was nice enough to suggest this video and to buy me the latex socks, I couldn't say No.

I must say, it was fun making this. Turns out, custard makes an excellent lubricant! I think you can see how slippery it was by the end.


07 August 2011

Some Special Thank Yous

Well today was fun because somebody bought me my 5th gift from Amazon.co.uk!

So then, I figured it was time for a little recap of all the things that a few awesome individuals bought for me.

1. Tripod from wetma1

Not only was this my first gift, this was probably the most useful one as well although you guys have never seen it.

Without it, I would not have been able to film most of my WAM sessions including "Slimed Jeans" which I more than happy to do for wetma1.

Please check out his wet and messy videos on YouTube and Xtube! They're really great if you like jeans as much as he does.

2. Black t-shirt from eireguy30

Well perhaps this gift wasn't as useful but it was certainly good to have a new outfit to get messy with!

Although my favourite video featuring this t-shirt has got to be the "Raw Egg Dare", eireguy30's video request was for me to get my shorts messy with custard:

I know that video's not very good so I may remake it for eireguy30 if he wants. In the mean time, check out his channel here! He has some very nice videos of himself in shorts and socks which you could check out!

3. Socks from Mikeluvsgunge

This is definitely the oddest gift I've received mainly because very few people know that latex socks exist.

I think they're meant for swimmers but since they're waterproof, you can fill them with gunge and wear them. Mikeluvsgunge's actual request was to use custard and although the video's not uploaded yet [at the time of writing], I can tell you it was fun to film.

4. White t-shirt from Mikeluvsgunge

I must admit, I'm quite surprised by Mike's generosity here! When he messaged me and asked what I'd like from my Wish List, I didn't believe he'd actually get me this t-shirt.

I'm certainly thankful for it since it's going to be used in my most messy session [again, right at the time of writing] to date!

He may not have any videos yet but you should still thank him on his YouTube channel at the very least.

5. White socks from howarth1000

Now, I think this is the most useful gift for real life since howarth1000 was very willing to buy me a decent amount of these white tube socks which I'll be wearing off-camera.

In return, I'll be uploading something Dominant in the future [or the past, depending on when you're reading this].

He hasn't got any videos yet but still, leave a nice a comment on his YouTube page.

And now... the inevitable shameless plug of my own. I'll keep it brief but if you want to get me something, please do the following:

  1. Contact me. The best way to do this is to send me an e-mail at restwalk@hotmail.co.uk
  2. Let me know what you want to get me. If it's on my Wish List, great! If not...
  3. Tell me what you want to give me, ideally with a link to the product on Amazon.co.uk
  4. I'll e-mail you back as soon as possible with further information
  5. [We exchange a few messages]
  6. If I receive my gift from you, I'll let you know and then owe you quite a lot of custom videos (be reasonable with this, I've not established a limit but I'm not doing 50 videos for one person).
Thanks for reading all this... I'll try to keep future blog posts shorter and less wordy.

Trifle Down Boxers

This is my first new video for the blog!

It was also a request from "02gunge22" who can be found on a number of messy sites if you Google their name. I was challenged to see how many trifles I could fit in my boxers. Unfortunately though, that trifle tasted really good so there was only one third left by the time it came to film. What do you say? Should I remake this?

Also something I wasn't expecting was just how cold this trifle was going to be! I think you can hear that it took me by surprise.

Something else worth noting is the fact that since all my future videos are now going to be unlisted, I can afford to be a little bit more suggestive as hopefully you clearly see in the video with all the rubbing and wedgies which I know some people love.


06 August 2011

Mmm... Custard

It tastes pretty good too.

Emo Guy Gunged

After trying a lot of things to get this video back on the internet (after some idiot flagged it), here is my messy shampoo forfeit... with emo hair for those of you that love that sort of thing.

Those of you that have already seen it may notice that it is a bit shorter than before. This is because, I had to edit the video so that it wasn't recognised by YouTube.

Nevertheless, you still get to see the full gunging without some timewasting at the beginning and end.


05 August 2011

Temporary Technical Difficulties

Some of you have been sending me e-mails and messages generally being unsure about stuff. I will reply to all of you as soon as I've got "Emo Guy Gunged / Messy Shampoo Forfeit" online again.

The main problem is that YouTube somehow recognises the video so I'm trying out a few things from editing the video to using a different website.

This video's a test... if it works, the full video may only be available on Dailymotion.

04 August 2011

Trifle, Paint & Treacle?

Whatever I'm planning, you just know it's going to be messy...

03 August 2011

How to find my videos...

Those of you that have seen my YouTube channel recently may have noticed a distinct lack of videos. Fear not, I am not banned from YouTube! I have merely made all of my videos unlisted which you means you can watch them if you have the video URL.

Now the options are: you can either e-mail me asking for URL of your favourite video or you go to a playlist to see various videos with a common theme.

These playlists can be found on the right side of my blog at the top (underneath the words "Video Playlists") but you might not know what they each mean so let me explain.

Videos without me getting messy

Videos where I'm dominant towards the viewer

Messy Feet
Videos where I get my feet messy

Requested Videos
Videos which were done for somebody else

Videos where I'm wearing socks

Videos where I'm submissive (and usually tied up / in pain)

Unplanned Videos
Videos which I decided to do for myself

WAM Sessions
Videos where more than my feet gets wet and / or messy

And on that final note, since "WAM Sessions" is my favourite playlist, here it is already embedded for you:

Why YouTube Doesn't Suck

My last post may have sounded like a rant against the entire company of YouTube. The truth is that I think YouTube's problem is that they don't properly review videos. That however is not enough to get me to move to another website just yet and here's why:
  • YouTube allows you to upload as many videos as you want.
  • YouTube preserves HD video quality.
  • YouTube has a neat and easy to use editor.
  • YouTube has a great community (apart from those flaggers)
  • YouTube makes it easy to embed videos on blogs.
On that last note, most of my videos will now be unlisted and embedded on various websites such as this one. I'll also be uploading my best work to sites like FootGuys for my feet videos and UMD, CreamyMuckMuck and GungeZone for my messy videos.

So, to all the employees of YouTube, you have done a great job to create a magnificent site... you may want to investigate the people who review flagged videos though.

Why YouTube Sucks

"YouTube is not for pornography or sexually explicit content."
Hey YouTube, I read your guidelines and I fail to see how a video of me putting various foodstuffs into my hair should be "removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content."

I'm sorry but I personally believe that a video should actually be reviewed before you remove it. Just because some idiot flags it doesn't mean you should blindly agree with them.

The description and tags alone made it quite clear what this video was about and I'm fairly sure I didn't put "porn", "xxx", "sex", "naked", etc. as tags. Mind you, I think "gay" was a tag but I like to think that's not why it was removed...