08 April 2012

Public Wish List & Ridiculously Late Thank Yous - Part 3

Yes, it's been a while so I'll be brief. I just want to let you know that (for reasons I'll explain at the end of this post) my Wish List is public! If you want to get me something and request some custom videos, go ahead although please know that I'll still be making videos regardless.

Boots from Howarth1000

The extremely generous Howarth1000, who bought me some Hanes socks earlier, was also nice enough to get me some boots. I've not worn them in any videos yet although if you have any requests (perhaps involving crushing something), please let me know!

'Cult of the Amateur' from joey4403

I must admit that I've not read this book yet but since it's on my recommended university course reading list and also argues that I'm destroying today's culture, it should be an interesting read. Also, please check out joey4403's YouTube if you want to see a few wet and messy videos.

T-shirt from flying71ful

Since I posted about the idea of me dressing up in a Nightwing costume, I've started getting the costume together. Rather slowly admittedly but I've still got a month to go before it has to be done. flying71ful was nice enough to buy me the first part of the costume; a long-sleeved black t-shirt. Before I hear any requests to see me in the costume, I will be posting content of me in it when it's done.

Mouse from harri6000

This is probably one of the most useful gifts that I've received which is why I'm so sorry to wet and messy fan, harri6000, for thanking him so late! Please check out the previous link if you want to see his UMD.net page with some very nice high-res pics.

Tie from TiedFeetGuy

The final gift that I'm thanking someone for is a red and black chequered tie from TiedFeetGuy. Some of you might be aware of the fact that I posted a very emo t-shirt design with something like this printed onto the t-shirt but it turns out that I no longer need to get it since I now have this tie.

On a slightly related note, I know it's been a while since I mentioned TiedFeetGuy on the blog but I may have a new videos with the labels, videos and tiedfeetguy, fairly soon.

Now, these are not the last of my thank yous. I have one more thank you post to write although I can now say that I have thanked people who bought me stuff gifts off my Wish List, which is why it is public again!

Once again, you really do not have to get me anything but if you do, first of all, thank you! And secondly, please let me know who you are so that I can publicly thank you (or not if you'd prefer to be anonymous) and do some custom videos for you.

Thank you.


  1. Are we allowed to buy you two things from your wishlist? :)

  2. You can but I would massively prefer it if you sent me an e-mail first for a few reasons.

    My e-mail address is restwalk @hotmail.co.uk but without the space.