12 April 2013

Another Fetish Twink on Twitter

Hey guys, today I'm writing to let you know that I'm now on Twitter following a number of requests to do so.

As with all of my other site memberships, you can find me as restwalker on Twitter.

I probably won't be Tweeting often, especially whilst I have university and more to focus on right now. If you want to stay up-to-date with what I'm doing, this blog really is the best way to do so.

However, feel free to go on Twitter and send me a follow request (my account is protected / private but if you click Follow, I'll happily let you). I might even upload the occasional exclusive teaser pic or two to make it worth it.

I'm also writing this blog post to quickly mention the fact that in my other site links (the light blue links at the top of this blog) - I've added the link to my Twitter and removed the links to my Footguys and Photobucket accounts. I rarely use them and anything I would put on there can now go on this blog instead.

09 April 2013

Time Out

Hey guys, sorry I've been a bit quiet but I have some news.

Firstly, I should explain that I've not updated the blog, partially because I went home for a week. I didn't film anything whilst I was there but to prove I didn't forget about you guys, I took this picture whilst my train carriage was empty:

I'd have taken a barefoot picture too but an elderly couple soon came aboard and sat opposite me.

Secondly, thank you! I've read all of your comments, all of your messages, all of your emails and (with the odd exception) they're all positive. So really, thank you; it really means a lot to know that the things I enjoy doing are being enjoyed by others too.

I also want to say that if you've sent me something that I haven't yet replied to - I apologise. My various inboxes all have messages that I've not gotten round to replying to yet and if I haven't replied to you in a while, I'm sorry. Please don't take it personally, I will try to respond to you in the near future (although I tend to get more "correspondence" everyday). If you want to contact me, the best way is probably is send me an email at:


You can even just send me a brief message reminding me of an email you've previously sent to me, I don't mind.

Thirdly, I need a break. I'm sorry, but with university deadlines coming up and other more important things happening in my life, I really need to focus on them instead of this blog.

I'm not going to stop blogging altogether and I'm not going to promise to start regularly posting videos again on a specific date. Instead, I'm going to film videos when I get a chance and upload them when I can. I can't say promise the exact contents of these videos (because I haven't filmed them and I don't know what exactly they will be) but I have plans to film:

  • A dominant feet video with dirty soles
  • A physical video with me wearing very few clothes
  • A messy video using over a litre of chocolate syrup
Some time ago, I also filmed another messy video with my gunge friend which I haven't shared with you guys yet. I'm not sure if I'm going to share it for a few reasons but if I do, you can all look forward to something very sweet.

Anyway, I hope you forgive me for being a bit quiet and not responding to a few messages. Hopefully those new videos will partially make up for it.