30 September 2011

"Body Painting" Outtake

In the middle of September, I asked you guys to vote on a poll. Well, that poll is closed now and apparently you guys want to see me clean paint off my bath, skin and hair.

I suppose I can't deny you guys if that's what you really want. I'll say that there's a reason I didn't upload this in the first place and that reason is that watching me clean up is boring! Well, in my opinion anyway. I'll let you decide:

Leave a comment if you think it's worth uploading the clean-up videos for "Emo Guy Gunged" and "Playing With Pies". I won't do it if nobody wants me to.

28 September 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 02/12

After licking his feet clean, he made me get on all fours before he put his foot on my back. I heard him take the lid off a Sharpie. He traced around his foot and then spent some time writing something else which I couldn't see.

Only after reviewing the pictures did I realise that he wrote "MASTER MARK'S FOOTPUP" which I suppose isn't that bad...

Enjoying the camera, he decided to take more pictures of me being a puppy. He even put a chew toy in my mouth even though I had no idea where it had been.

After that, he put me in the cramped cage under my bed before taking a picture and putting the mattress over me to block out the light.

26 September 2011

Slo-Mo Pie to the Face

As a little treat for you all, I have a never before seen video! I suppose this is an outtake of sorts, seeing as how I filmed it a while ago although never uploaded it since I didn't really enjoy it and it's such a short video.

The "pie" in the video is actually a paper plate covered with chocolate syrup and mashed up banana which I didn't particularly like the taste of.

Although... I recorded this on my nifty camera, capable of recording at 60fps or in slow-motion which is why you see the second half of the video so clearly.

So... has anybody got any suggestions for what to film in slow-motion next?

25 September 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 01/12

I met Mark outside a supermarket. We went inside and he bought some stuff that you'll see later.

After that, we went back to my place where I got undressed into my underwear and he made me wear a dog collar as well as wrist and ankle restraints.

Using some rope and padlocks, he made it so that I had to crawl around my elbows and knees like a puppy.

Whilst I was like this, I had to lick the soles of his filthy Vans. After that, he promptly took his Vans off and to reveal his sweaty socks that he'd been wearing for 3 weeks.

I licked the top of his feet briefly before rolling onto my back and letting him use my face as a foot-rest.

After that, he stood up and really pushed the soles of his socks into my face. He ordered me to stick out my tongue so that I could taste them. I assure you that they were pretty rank by the time we met.

He gagged and teased me by letting me try to take his socks off. It was incredibly hard since I couldn't bite down on them. Eventually, I managed to get back onto my front and use my mouth to get them off. He generously let me continue to clean them.

Enjoying this, he made me keep my nose in one of his stinky Vans. I licked the insoles even though he didn't ask me too.

After that, he forced me to lie on my back and close my eyes. I opened my mouth, awaiting his bare toes to be forced inside when... he squirted ketchup with added chilli onto my tongue! It was vile, he told me swallow it but I couldn't. Thankfully, he let me spit it out into my dog bowl. He also used one of his socks to wipe the drool and ketchup off my lips.

Finally, he thought that I'd done enough to earn his bare feet so he put his dirty soles over my face which I was very grateful for. I couldn't help but start licking them as much as I could.

24 September 2011

Gifts In General

Okay, first of all, I'm not begging or really hoping for that much of a response from you guys but...

My Wish List is online again!

Everything on my Wish List now is something that I want for myself as opposed to something that I want to make a video with. So, if somebody does get me something on there, I will be very grateful.

Also, just because I can't make a video with the specific gifts doesn't mean that I won't make several custom videos for you. If somebody is willing to use their own money to get me something then making videos for them is the least I could do.

On a related note, some people have got me gifts which you've seen in videos... although I haven't thanked these people properly. To them, I'm sorry guys! I'll be posting about you soon enough.

On another related note, Master Mark is in the process of creating a Wish List for me with things that I don't want, but that he wants me to have. More information about that later.

If you're buying me something, use the cheapest delivery option. Our postal system is quite fast and I don't mind if I don't get any presents for a while. The presents I've already received have been incredibly useful and enabled me to produce some much better content.

Again, don't feel like you must get me a present if you really don't want to or can't. I'll still be making content for you guys whether I get gifts from you guys or not. Of course, a little something extra from you guys is nice though.

Finally, if you are going to get me something, I would really appreciate it if you e-mailed or messaged me beforehand. Being surprised would be nice but I did come up with the Wish List so I won't be that shocked by anything I get.

23 September 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 00/12

Well, I hope this is kinda obvious but I've met up with Master Mark / "theteenfootdude".

He came to my place on Wednesday afternoon and left on Thursday afternoon. Between those times, we got up to a lot of fun. Plenty of stuff involving feet and bondage and even a little bit of WAM even though it's not entirely his thing.

Now, I have all 6 videos ready to upload and quite a few high quality pics (thank you Sir, for your awesome camera-work!) except... I think a few of you know that I like to be a tease.

As a result, I'm going to give you a lot of content over a long period of time, at least 3 weeks.

Basically, stay tuned!

Also, my next 12 posts aren't entirely going to be devoted to Mark. I'm going to be breaking it up with other content.

Coming Soon...

Any questions?

21 September 2011

On Coming Out - Part 4

Yes, I am posting a Part 4 already.

Basically since last time... I came out to my friend at the university with me. She's bi so she was very understanding and supportive of course.

I also went to my first LGBT event. It wasn't anything big, about 20-30 people met up and chatted whilst we had tea and coffee. It was nice though; chatting with like-minded people, getting to know a bit about the local scene, hearing about upcoming events.

There were also a lot of cute guys there if I'm honest but I don't think it would be a good idea to ask any of them out just yet... I've still got more people to come out to, including my family.

For all of you that wanted me to do sexually explicit videos...

... don't get your hopes up.

I've just joined GayBoysTube. Now, this doesn't mean I'm going to be making porn / videos with nudity, etc. I'm just doing it so that I have somewhere to upload any videos which YouTube might falsely ban me for.

They don't tend to like stuff that's even sexually suggestive so I'm being careful and trying to keep all of my videos online.

Another great thing about GayBoysTube is that I can embed videos from there onto this blog so you don't have to subscribe to me over there... although you can if you really want to.

19 September 2011

On Coming Out - Part 3

Yeah, I know I posted about this yesterday but my life's moving very quickly now that I'm at university.

This morning was the start of Freshers' Week, which, if you don't know, is a week where first year university students go do lots of fun things.

Today was the start of the Freshers' Fair too where I was able to join a number of general interest clubs and societies. A few of them caught the interest of the nerd in me; sci-fi, comic books, etc.

However after a little bit of hesitation, I decided to pluck up the courage and join the LGBT society.

I was initially afraid of being judged but I realised that I've not lied about my sexuality to anyone at this university (besides some friends from my old school) so I didn't really need to actively come out.

At some point in the near future, I'll attend one of their meets but today I think I'll just rest a bit.

18 September 2011

On Coming Out - Part 2

Well, I'm writing this with a rice pudding related accident which may impair my writing ability slightly. Nevertheless, this couldn't wait any more.

A few days ago, I told my best friend that I was gay.

First thing he asked was how long I knew so I told him that's been over a year.

Then he asked if I was sure so I told him honestly that I'm 90% sure.

After that, he made me aware of his surprise to hear this... honestly, I expected him to be.

The whole time, he completely agreed not to tell anyone else.

After that, he asked a few questions about how out I was already.

Then he asked how I found out, to which the answer is experimentation or in other words... jerking off.

His final question was how much I knew about the LGBT community, which I'm ashamed to say is not much.

After that, he was extremely supportive. He offered me a few useful links, offered to tell any people I haven't told already and so on.

Finally, we joked a bit about it and he sent me this great video which made me laugh a lot:

17 September 2011

What do you want to see?

Well, remember when I mentioned that I'd be posting "outtakes"? If you don't, you could go back a couple of days in the archive or read this:

This has also inspired me to upload videos tagged with "outtakes". An outtake for me, is a video that I filmed a while ago but didn't upload for one reason or another. I'll be posting these whenever I literally have nothing more interesting to blog about.

Well, I've decided that I'm going to give you a little bit of power here and you can vote on which outtake, you'd like to see first...

All of the outtakes I currently have prepared are videos of me cleaning up some of the messiest things I've ever done. This is because a few people have been encouraging me to post the aftermath of my videos, I'm not entirely sure why, but why not?

You can either watch me clean up after:

  1. Emo Guy Gunged
  2. Playing With Pies
  3. Body Painting
It's up to you guys now, whichever gets the most votes will be posted to my blog first. Now... don't message me or leave a comment with your vote. Instead, do that on this site here!

16 September 2011

Hello University Part 2 - Pictures!

Firstly, sorry about posting a little late. Yesterday's post was a bit wordy so here are some pictures of my room so you can get an idea of what's currently happening and what you can expect.

My room! No, I've not fully unpacked yet.
My stuff... the taped up boxes contain the things that I've filmed with.
Under-bed storage, just large enough for me to fit inside.
A nice office chair with legs and arms that I can wrap duct tape around.
Pipe on my ceiling, just with a gap large enough to tie rope around.
My bathroom, it's shared and it's a bit small so I may not get that messy.

15 September 2011

Hello University! Part 1

Well, I'm here! Okay, that's a lie. I'm probably in a car being driven to the university by this point but I like posting at 3PM so I actually wrote this post on Monday at 4AM. Doesn't mean I don't have anything to say though!

Firstly, bad news. I am sharing my bathroom with someone else which means WAM Sessions may not be as regular as they used to be. Thankfully, there are a few other things I can do if I can't get messy in the shower but I'll need to buy a few things first.

On a related note, I'm not sharing my room with anyone which means I can what I like in here without fear of being caught with my pants down.

Also, I'm at a university near a few like-minded people. I won't name any names in case they're reading this but I look forward to doing some awesome collaboration videos. Those of you that requested things like "get someone else to gunge you" or "worship someone's feet"... stay tuned.

My Wish-List is still not online yet. It will be in a few hours as soon as I've checked it and made sure that the mailing address is right and that I don't mind receiving anything on there.

I have a new laptop especially for uni, it's pretty neat and I've installed some nifty editing software on it which means I can make interesting videos and also upload some that I couldn't previously upload for... private reasons.

This has also inspired me to upload videos tagged with "outtakes". An outtake for me, is a video that I filmed a while ago but didn't upload for one reason or another. I'll be posting these whenever I literally have nothing more interesting to blog about.

Another change to the way I blog from now on, I'm not going to be posting daily. Thankfully, I'll be posting at a minimum rate of once every two days.

Now, having said that, I will be posting tomorrow, ideally with more pictures and less words. After all, isn't that the sort of thing that blogs are for?

14 September 2011

Goodbye London!

Today, my bags I'm packed because I'm off to university tomorrow!

I will admit that I'm having to take a few extra cardboard boxes to hide all of my gifts and other "suspicious stuff"... dog collar, duct tape, stained clothing, etc.

So now, pretty much all I have to do is pack away my laptop and get some sleep for the awfully long car journey from London to The North.

As I result, I'm going to be a little bit silent tomorrow and I may post in the evening (for me and other people in my time zone) although I'll definitely have some pictures taken in my new home posted by Friday.

I'll also be making my Wish List public again so if that's not done by Friday, please remind me!

13 September 2011

Why YouTube... Confuses Me

Well, this is hardly new but I just wanted to hold it back so that I'd have something to post today.

Seriously YouTube, you're starting to get on my nerves. First you took down one of my videos. Then you put it back up. Now you apparently hate me for matching third-party content, which I honestly didn't do and you're giving me the chance to make money on my videos!

I feel like our relationship is getting more and more unstable but I'll tell you what...

I love everything you've done for me so far and I don't want to leave you. But I'm not going to take your money. Not yet anyway.

12 September 2011

Interviewed By TiedFeetGuy

Well, I'm sure most of you know about TiedFeetGuy or TFG by now. I also hope a lot of you are checking out his site. If not, you should, especially since he was nice enough to interview me!

If you want to read the full interview to find out a bit about me and also see some exclusive pictures you can read the whole thing here:


It's kinda long but I tried to give interesting and honest answers. You might be surprised. I hope you enjoy it if you read it and I hope you like the pictures if you don't.

10 September 2011

Bound And Gagged

After getting that gag off, I can say that I was a bit of a douchebag during Dominant Week....

Click here for the un-rotated video.

09 September 2011

Dom Week 5 - Lick My Feet!

I don't even think I need to instruct you slaves any more. It should be very obvious what I want...

This video was mainly made for my current favourite puppy, theteenfootdude who I used to refer to as "Master Mark". I must say... this is a nice change though. I do hope you all agree.

08 September 2011

Dom Week 4 - Banana Play

Ah... it feels like a while since I've done a messy feet video.

It's also been a while since I've washed my feet. Instead, I've been walking around the house barefoot for a few hours to get my soles even more dirty.

Even then, I bet some of dedicated slaves would still love to eat this banana. You'd probably be willing to eat anything that I've crushed my blackened soles too, wouldn't you?

07 September 2011

Dom Week 3 - Socks And Slave

This was a fun video to film for "Howarth1000". He's the slave you seen under my sweaty socks in the video.

He was also obedient enough to send that picture of himself to use and to also buy me the socks.

I assure you that after wearing these for a few days, they are really starting to stink but I think they still need to collect at least another fortnight's worth of sweat.

How many of you want to know what they smell like? Hm...?

06 September 2011

Technical Difficulties

Okay guys, if you haven't worked it out yet... I've been experiencing a few problems.

These problems are now resolved and normal blogging will resume shortly.

For future reference, if an incomplete blog post goes up, assume that something unexpected has happened.

Dom Week 2 - Getting Messy

Well slaves, I'm sorry for posting this a little bit later than usual but I hope having a video in this post makes up for it.

The great thing about dominating you means that I'm in control and when I'm in control, I do what I want. What I want to do is get messy but I still feel obliged to involve you lot.

I personally think this is a good compromise... what about you lot?

05 September 2011

Dom Week 1 - Underwear Tease

Alright slaves, today's task is very simple. I just want you to just this video whilst your hands stay far away from your own pants. I'm curious as to how many of you were actually pathetic enough to get aroused by this video so please... let me know.

I suppose I should thank one of you slaves in particular. "sampepper" was nice enough to buy me the very well-fitting underwear you see in the video.

Finally, I don't want to hear any complaints about this video. This is only the start! I've got a few more things planned for you lot.

04 September 2011

Dominant Week!

Alright slaves, listen up!

I think I've been a bit too submissive for a bit too long. So... starting from tomorrow, I'm going to be dominant for 5 days.

Some of these videos will be for some particularly pathetic little slaves. Others will uploaded just because I feel like it.

I bet a number of you readers are salivating with this news and can't wait to see my feet again. If you want to see those videos today, TOUGH! I'm the Master, I control when you see them so don't you dare ask me to post them early.

In the mean time, you'll just have to make do with this:

03 September 2011

Peg Videos for TiedFeetGuy

One week ago, you may remember that I posted some pictures of pegs on myself to this blog whilst TFG did the same on his blog. If not, you might want to check out the second link because it actually explains what I was doing.

If you don't really care about what this week-long task actually was then here are "best" bits in one relatively short video:

And for those of you that love watching me suffer... here's the full, unedited video of the 10 pegs for 10 minutes task. I only filmed this one from start to finish because it's the most humiliating.

02 September 2011

Sock Washing Task for TiedFeetGuy

This wasn't particularly humiliating, just disgusting... The main reason it was disgusting is because those are the socks from the "Messy Puppy Punishment" which means there were soaked in ketchup and custard. The water really didn't taste nice.

01 September 2011

Messy Puppy Punishment for TiedFeetGuy

I really don't learn...

For disobeying TiedFeetGuy during the Peg Task, I had to do something that was incredibly humiliating and nasty because of all the things that I had to do:

  • Write "TFG" on myself
  • Wear my puppy outfit of briefs and a dog collar
  • Attach the end of the collar to something
  • Dunk my head into the dog bowl full of lumpy custard and ketchup
  • Get a pair of ankle socks out of the gunk using only my face
  • Toss them aside so I could go and fetch them
  • Wring out the vile-tasting socks with my mouth
  • Sit in the messy dog bowl
  • Pour the remaining ketchup and custard down the back of my briefs
  • Spank my ass 20 times
  • Thank TFG and apologise for disobeying

It was certainly an intense punishment that I don't really want to endure again. Especially since I had to do the whole thing with my face dripping with the extremely strong-smelling ketchup.