29 March 2013

Scally Treacle Quiz

Hey guys, today's video is the first one I speak in, the first one of me getting gunged by someone else in a bath and also features 30lbs of treacle.

As I mentioned when I was messing up a footie kit, I recently received a generous donation to make a few custom messy videos. This video is the second of those custom ones.

As he requested, I got dressed in some nice new scally gear, had a duct tape blindfold and had to answer a series of general knowledge quiz questions. Every time I got the answer right, nothing happened. However every time I got an answer wrong, I was given some messy gunge punishment in the form of a 454g / 1lb tin of treacle being slowly poured over me...

I would like to point out that although I am quite knowledgeable, being blindfolded and having my clothes stick to my body was quite an effective distraction. As a result, although I genuinely tried to answer every question correctly, I still managed to answer 27 wrong leading to 27 tins being dumped over my entire body.

As an additional punishment, the 3 remaining tins were stuck down my the front of my boxers, I was gagged with my nasty molasses-soaked sock and left to sit in the filth for 20 minutes.

Being covered with over 1/4 of my body's weight in treacle was... an interesting experience. If I were to do it again, I might like to do it outside or somewhere easier to clean up. I also think that something else could be added for a sort of "tarred and feathered" WAM look.

Anyway, I'll let you watch the video and enjoy it for itself.

Let me know though... What do you think of the video? How could it be better?

Please leave a comment - I read them all and they can be a good source of inspiration.




PS: It took some time but eventually me, the bath and my clothes got clean afterwards.

PPS: My voice isn't really like that, I've distorted all of the audio in the video.

16 March 2013

Messy in Footie Kit

Hey guys, today I have a messy video but with a lot more clothes than normal.

Not so long ago, I received a generous donation to help me make a few custom messy videos; the first of which was this one.

I was told to get a range of messy substances, write them down on pieces of paper and to choose them randomly whilst filming - to make a very messy video. I was also told to do all of this whilst putting on a soccer kit since I've not done anything in sports gear before.

Instead of going into detail about all of this, I'll just say that you can watch the video (edited into 2 sections) below and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.




06 March 2013

Bastinado on Soles

Hey guys, as promised, here's my first bastinado video.

Since I started filming videos, I've had quite a lot of requests to do this. But until recently, I haven't found anybody really willing to hurt my soles.

Now that I have, I may do more videos like this in the future, and I may even re-film this video since the guy was being relatively gentle (as this was the first time I'd ever done stuff like this).

I hope you enjoy the video and look forward to the other ones I'm posting this month.


01 March 2013

Upcoming Video Schedule

Hey guys, I hope you've all enjoyed the few teasers I've been posting over the last week and a bit...

As a treat for you all, I'm going to share my video schedule for March, to let you know what to expect and (hopefully) when to expect it.

Weekday DD/MM - Video Content 
Wednesday 06/03 - Bastinado
Wednesday 13/03 - Messy in Footie Kit Part 1
Saturday 16/03 - Messy in Footie Kit Part 2
Saturday 23/03 - Scally Treacle Quiz Part 1
Tuesday 26/03 - Scally Treacle Quiz Part 2
Friday 29/03 - Scally Treacle Quiz Part 3

Some of you may be wondering why I'm splitting up 2 videos into 5 parts. The reason for this is because Xtube has a file size limit of 500mb.

Since my videos are in high-definition, if they are longer than about 20-30 minutes, I have to split them up so that I can compress them to this limit before uploading.

The reason why I'm uploading each video part a few days before the next one is because I'm a bit of a tease.