31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys, I don't celebrate Halloween. Well, I suppose it's actually more accurate to say that I've never celebrated Halloween in the past.

Every October 31st, my mother would turn off all the lights in the house to make it seem like nobody was home and then told me not to come downstairs if I heard Trick-or-Treaters knocking.

Last year was a bit different because I wasn't at home. Unfortunately though I wasn't in a mood for socialising much, after coming out to my mother went so badly.

However this October 31st is going to be a bit different! I'm a little bit too old for knocking on doors and asking for candy but I have got few fun plans (of which I might post one or two pictures in the future). And since I should be having a fun time, I think you all deserve a treat as well in the form of a video!

As well as being something to post today, I filmed this video to fulfil a number of requests / suggestions that I've been wanting to do:
  • First of all, I've been meaning to get messy with something red dripping over my head like in that film which I haven't seen yet... I used some cheap pasta sauce for the video and although it was more orange than the picture below might suggest, I suppose it works with the whole colour scheme of the holiday.
  • Secondly, after I got some good feedback on my last formal WAM video (with treacle), I've wanted to film another although I didn't want to ruin a white shirt for just any video. I also wore some formal looking jeans and grabbed a knife and fork to make it somewhat resemble a restaurant scenario.
  • Third of all, I had a few requests to do more wetlook videos which is why I filmed a bit of the clean-up at the end whereas I would normally just edit that out.
  • The video also includes a bit of messy feet fun and my hair getting messed up if you like those things.
I hope you guys enjoy the video and if you have any suggestions for future videos, please let me know!


30 October 2012

Happy Birthday TiedFeetGuy!

Hey guys, today I am posting later than usual because (as the post title might suggest) it's TiedFeetGuy's birthday! Because he lives in America and I didn't want to give him his birthday present too early, I'm posting this at what is noon for him.

When thinking about what to do for him, I decided on a few things:

First of all, it shouldn't just be of my bare feet. This is just because I took some pictures of my feet (with emphasis on my toes) for his birthday last year.

Secondly, I decided not to do anything wet and messy. This might be because I have WAM video being posted tomorrow so look out for that...

Anyway, what I actually did for him included:
  • Kneeling on kneepads for five minutes because he likes me being submissive.
  • White smelly socks which I've been wearing for a few weeks.
  • Wearing just a pair of boxers (which I got from American Eagle during my US trip).
  • Showing off my soles instead of my toes as a change.
  • Having my ankles tied together with a few cable-ties.
I hope both he and all you other guys enjoy the video!


26 October 2012

Licking Mayo off Boots for Master Mark

Hey guys, today I have a short video of me licking mayonnaise off a pair of boots for Master Mark.

Basically, he felt that I was being annoying and he wanted to punish me. So, he combined the humiliating act of licking the soles of a pair of boots with the disgusting task to taste mayonnaise which I absolutely hate.

I hope you enjoy the video... I definitely didn't.


22 October 2012

Showing off Socks and Mask

Hey guys, today I have a requested video in which I sit on my bed and show off my rank and smelly socks.

I also realised that I don't show my face in most of my feet videos... so I decided to wear my mask and push the camera back to show off my whole body (although there are still loads of close-ups of my socks).

I hope you enjoy this video and if it inspires you, feel free to leave me a comment with a request!

18 October 2012

Coke Covered Boxer Briefs

Hey guys, today I have a video for someone who requested that I poured a bottle of Diet Coke down and over a pair of boxer briefs he got off my wish list.

There's nothing else to really say about this video but I hope you enjoy it. It's not quite as messy as my usual WAM videos but hopefully, it's still appealing to some of you, especially if
you like a bit of wetlook, and seeing my ass and bulge in tight underwear.


Concerning my previously mentioned wish list, a number of people have asked why it's private.

This is because I don't want things to be sent to my current address (near university) without some advanced knowledge.

If you really want to get me a gift (although please don't feel like you have to), I just ask that you email me first at:

15 October 2012

Tidying my Room for Master Mark

Hey guys, today I have a video of me being submissive by wearing a few items of apparel that I haven't properly shown off yet whilst cleaning my room.

When I was moving out of my permanent home and moving back to university, my room was a bit untidy. As punishment for letting it get so messy, Master Mark ordered me to tidy it but whilst wearing specific clothes and whilst acting a bit like a puppy.

In the video, I'm wearing:

  • A few sweatbands that I got from the Olympic Stadium
  • A pair of custom-made soccer shorts with "Master Mark's Pathetic Pupwhore" printed on the back
  • A leather "slave" collar with metal dog tag with Master Mark's name on it
  • A pair of tight boxers, because the last time I filmed a video with loose shorts, I revealed a bit more than I intended to

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and if you want to see me in these clothes more, send me a message or leave me a comment!


13 October 2012

Photographs of the New Place

Hey guys, today I thought I'd share just a few photographs from my new place near university and give you some subtle teasers for videos to come.

These two pictures are of my bed. Unlike in my last place, it doesn't have a cage underneath it but it still has some metal on the corners / underneath it which I could probably be tied to... or tie somebody to.

Also, in my new place, I have my own kitchen and bathroom! This means that I can cook up some wet and messy stuff before pouring it over myself.

If you look carefully at the second picture, you may be able to work out that I've already filmed a few videos in there. As for what, you'll just have to wait and see...

11 October 2012

Videogame Foot Strip

Hey guys, today I have a 20-minute video of me sitting back and playing a videogame. In it, I show you my Vans before taking them off to reveal my sweaty white Puma socks. Finally the video ends with 8 minutes of me sitting barefoot and slowly moving my feet.

The video is made up of 2 other videos. This is because my camera stopped filming at one point and I started it again because I wanted to make one really long video for you all.

Also, this is my last America 2012 video, I hope you enjoyed them and that you enjoy this one as well!

From now on, I'm going to be posting some videos that I filmed at my permanent home address as well as some new videos from my current home near university (pictures of which, are coming soon).

08 October 2012

Feet in Shower

Hey guys, today I have a video of me taking a shower.

Before you get too excited, I should point out that I kept the camera pointed down so you just see my feet and hairy legs... nothing more.

I filmed the video in America after I had just been swimming for a bit. In the video, I do move around a bit so you see all angles of my feet. So, if you like seeing my bare feet (and especially the tops of my toes which I don't show often), I hope you enjoy this video!


04 October 2012

Nightwing Task for TiedFeetGuy

Hey guys, today I have a superhero-themed video, requested to me by TiedFeetGuy.

If you've seen my Superhero blog posts, then you'll know that way back in June, I posted a picture of me in my completed Nightwing costume. I also said that I was going to be filming a video in it before December and, two months early, here it is!

I won't go into the specifics of what TFG wanted me to film but he did basically want to see me in full costume, whilst gagged and bound on the floor, trying to escape. So, to those of you with a bit of a superhero fetish or who just want to see me tied up, I hope you enjoy this video:


01 October 2012

Candid Videogame Feet

Hey guys, today I have a real treat for all of you who like seeing my feet!

When I was in America, I didn't get much time to myself but one day I was alone for long enough to film a 15-minute long video of my feet whilst playing a videogame.

There's not much else I can say about the video so... enjoy!

I was playing Saints Row 3 on the PS3 and for those of you who were curious, my in-game avatar was inspired by my Nightwing costume.