01 January 2016

Skater / Raccoon Gear Domination

First things first, happy new year!

To kick things off, pun not intended, I have a dominant video of me in skater / raccoon gear. Revisiting a classic camera angle, I treat you all to a worm's point of view of my soles. Held above you, are the black Doc Martens, a pair of sweaty long white socks, and my dirty bare feet.


For those curious, here are the other dominant videos from this week:

Day 1 - Being Ignored by DMs
Day 2 - Bare Feet in Boots Crushing
Day 3 - Dirty Bare Soles
Day 4 - Showing Off Sports Kit

I was quite busy in 2015, but I hope to have more videos, pictures and other content in 2016.

Take care guys,
Dylann W