25 January 2013

Gunged in Blue Boxers

Hey guys, today I have a very messy and slightly more sexual-than-normal video...

Not so long ago, I got a request to wear a very specific pair of bright blue Calvin Classic boxers before gunging myself in the shower.

Since I hadn't done a wet and messy video, I was happy to oblige. So after I went shopping, I put on that tight pair of underwear and emptied a tin of custard, a bottle of chocolate sauce, a jar of golden syrup, a bottle of strawberry sauce and a tin of treacle over my head and body.

I was having so much fun filming this, I decided to be a little bit more 'playful with myself' at certain moments and decided to do something different at the end of the vid.

I hope you enjoy the video and if you like the 'playful' parts of it, do let me know...


19 January 2013

Bare Feet in Treacle

Hey guys, today (a little later than expected) I have 2 videos of me sinking my bare feet into some nice, sticky treacle.

I'd like to say that I didn't plan on filming this video:

I had the treacle in my bathroom (as well as some other stuff for a video you're going to see next week) when one morning, I got woken up by someone who wanted to check my bathroom for leaks.

In a rush, I grabbed everything including the tin of treacle and threw them down by bedroom. I let him in and then just went about my day as normal. I went to sleep and the next morning, I woke up to find a small puddle of the black molasses on the floor next to my bed.

I could have just cleaned it up but decided not to let it go completely to waste, by filming a messy feet video first.

Also, today's video is split into two parts although Part 2 follows straight on from the end of Part 1. I did this for 2 reasons:

Firstly, so that they could be uploaded in high quality, without me having to reduce the quality too far, in order for me to be able to upload the footage to Xtube.

Secondly, in Part 1, I just stand in the treacle and walk around a bit. In Part 2, I acknowledge the camera, move it and also clean my feet. If Part 2 doesn't sound like your sort of thing, you don't have to watch it.

I hope you enjoy the videos and if you want some idea of the mess these videos made... take a look at the photograph taken after I got out of the shower.



18 January 2013

Today's Videos...

Hey guys... today's videos are refusing to upload.

I've been trying to upload them since yesterday afternoon (I even left my computer on overnight) but for some reason, they keep cancelling and resetting.

Normally I have little trouble with Xtube Uploader; I just add the videos and they're online in a few hours. However, I might be having trouble since I'm trying to upload about 1 gigabyte of footage on a very slow internet connection.

I'm going to keep trying to upload these videos and if it absolutely comes to it, I'll compress the files (making the videos low quality) and upload them to the website directly.

I hope you enjoy the videos when they are online and that you forgive this hopefully minor delay.

Dylann W

16 January 2013

Sticky Footprints

There should be two new videos on the blog on the 18th...

01 January 2013

Happy New Year! ...Again

Hey guys, today... I am drunk. (I'm actually writing this at something to 5AM having just come from a New Year's party).

Besides wishing you all a happy 2013, I am writing this blog post for 2 reasons:

Firstly, to let you know of my new year's resolutions! I obviously can't know how many of these things I will do before / throughout 2014 but I'll try to do as many as possible:
  1. Have more than 52 new videos this year. If I continue to post at my current rate of one new video a week, I will only have about 52 new videos in 2013. Personally, I think all you guys deserve more than that and so, I will try my hardest to film and upload more.
  2. Upload more sexual videos. Now, don't get your hopes up... I still like to tease. But I do want to do more sexually suggestive videos for you lot to drool over...
  3. Film more videos with other guys. Although I think my solo videos are okay, I hope you'll agree that it is much better to play with another guy's feet or to have a friend pour the gunge.
  4. Do new kinky things. There are a lot of new things I want to try (and a few things I've tried but not uploaded videos of). In both cases though, I would like to share some videos of me being kinky in different ways. Off the top of my head... I've never been muddy, you've not seen me being spanked (by another guy) and I've never done a tickling video. There are many more things I'd like to share with you all, these are just 3 of them.
  5. Be more proud. If you follow the wordy posts on my blog, you may know that I'm not exactly proud to be gay. This year though, I plan on being more proud by attending more LGBT events and locations, being more open with my friends / possibly family and perhaps even attending a Gay Pride event in the summer.

The second reason why I'm writing this blog post is because I'd like to let you know that I may not have any new videos until January 18th. I will obviously try to have new videos before then but I have 2 university assignments due on the 7th and an essay due on the 10th.

I hope you can understand that I want to prioritise these assignments and so, although I will try to make up for not posting new content for a couple of weeks, I apologise for the break in content now.