27 April 2012


The above song doesn't have have much to do with this post but it was released as a single from the soundtrack of 'Kick-Ass', a great superhero film in my opinion.

So... superheroes. Well, I write today under that post title for two reasons.

Firstly, my Nightwing costume is almost done! And before anybody asks, I'll have pictures and videos of it soon...

Secondly, I've been thinking quite a bit about myself and Dylann. I assume that at least most of you know that Dylann is only a name. "restwalker" is also a random word and yet it's an identity that I have taken on.

So in that sense and others, I'm like a superhero.

Well, I don't fight crime, I do whatever this is instead to hopefully entertain you all. In all my videos I hide behind a 'mask', whether it's duct tape or shaving foam, either way, very few people know what I look like. I use an alter-ego to hide my true identity. And in certain videos, I wear a costume because I really don't look like a skater in real life.

To all of you, I have an open question. Do you mind?

I know a few people have said that they're really curious as to what my real name is. Although others have liked the mystery; the fact that I could walk past you on the street and you wouldn't even know it.

Let me know what you think, I'm curious.

24 April 2012

Used Socks for Sale!

Hey guys, over the last few months, I've received a quite a lot of messages from people asking if me or my Master would be willing to sell used socks. To those of you, good news, we are! Well, my Master is; I'm currently a bit busy with a few things although I may be selling mine later on in the year.

The truth is that we're both running a bit low on funds since neither of us has a permanent job so we're hoping to get a bit of money from this to possibly fund another meet.

From experience, I can tell you that these used socks for sale will smell because they really stunk before, when I had the honour of worshipping his feet. Besides wearing them, my Master has said that he'd be willing to do other things with the socks if you happen to have any special requests to film a video or more...

If you're interested in a pair, see the pictures below, they will be followed by instructions with what to do:

Pair 1:

Pair 2:

Pair 3:

Pair 4:

Pair 5:

After some thinking, we have decided that the easiest way to do this would be to make it like a blind auction. Basically, all you have to do is send me a quick e-mail at restwalk@hotmail.co.uk saying which pair of socks you would like, how much you're willing to pay (in £ if possible) and if you have any specific requests for what should be done to them besides worn. For example:

Pair 4
Get the soles of these socks really filthy and take some pics

There are just 3 little things to note about this:
  1. The person who 'wins' the socks is the person that bids the highest amount before May 1st (next Tuesday).
  2. If you are outbid for a certain pair, we will e-mail you and let you know. Your e-mail address will not be shared around with anybody.
  3. We will ignore bids that are too low (just because we don't want to lose money posting these out, sorry). Also, we will post these to anywhere assuming that it won't cost us too much to do so.
  4. You can bid for more than one pair if you really want but please keep your prices separate.

Thanks for spending the time to read this!

23 April 2012

Electric Feet for Master Mark

It's been a while since my Master made me do something, hasn't it...

Recently, 'flying' was nice enough to buy me an electric fly swatter (which, if you don't know, kills flies by electrocuting them) and my Master wanted me to try it out.

To prove that it was live, I used a pair of scissors to complete the circuit, which is why you see it spark. After that, Master Mark made me hit each foot with the swatter until I got 5 electric shocks from it. If you watch closely, you can actually see it making sparks on my skin, especially at 0:52s.

I hope you enjoy the video...

For those of you concerned, don't worry, it didn't have any lasting side effects.

20 April 2012

Digital Evolution

Since I started blogging in August of last year, I've written a lot of blog posts and received hundreds of messages and comments.

Recently though, I've noticed that more people are starting to contact me, not just with kind words about the videos and occasional photographs that I produce but, about other things such as relationships and coming out.

It's not like I mind receiving these messages at all, I just think it's interesting how my blog has evolved from a way for me to make my videos publicly available with little risk of them being removed by flaggers; to a network of sorts, where people can visit the blog, read about my experiences and exchange their own.

I'd also like to briefly say to all the people that ask me for advice: I can try to help but almost everything I write about is based on my own personal experiences. I don't know what to do in every situation and I can't determined how a scenario will play out.

I will say though that if you're reading this and you find yourself faced with a problem, I hope that you can overcome it.

Good luck.

18 April 2012

New Flip Flops

Hey guys, as promised, I have a new video! This is only a short one I'll admit, showing off the fact that I have some new flip flops. My old flip flops are getting a bit worn-out since I've used them for a while and so I felt like I needed a new pair.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for what I should do with them or the old pair for that matter!

16 April 2012

Some New Vids...

Hey guys! First of all, I'm back at uni! This isn't great since I won't be filming any new videos but that's fine because when I was home, I filmed and uploaded four new videos. Okay, I know four isn't a lot but I'll be able to start uploading more later; this isn't the end of my stuff.

Anyway, I have some teasers for you all, so you know what to look forward to over the next few weeks:

I know there are only 2 teasers here but I'm posting another video at some point this week. I also have a really good video planned but I want that to be a surprise.

My plan is to post these broken up with a few less interesting posts but overall, I should have 3 posts every week if I keep to my schedule.

I'm also hoping to get a messy video filmed soon although I can't make any promises about that since I can't film it in my accommodation...

Anyway, stay tuned guys!

08 April 2012

Public Wish List & Ridiculously Late Thank Yous - Part 3

Yes, it's been a while so I'll be brief. I just want to let you know that (for reasons I'll explain at the end of this post) my Wish List is public! If you want to get me something and request some custom videos, go ahead although please know that I'll still be making videos regardless.

Boots from Howarth1000

The extremely generous Howarth1000, who bought me some Hanes socks earlier, was also nice enough to get me some boots. I've not worn them in any videos yet although if you have any requests (perhaps involving crushing something), please let me know!

'Cult of the Amateur' from joey4403

I must admit that I've not read this book yet but since it's on my recommended university course reading list and also argues that I'm destroying today's culture, it should be an interesting read. Also, please check out joey4403's YouTube if you want to see a few wet and messy videos.

T-shirt from flying71ful

Since I posted about the idea of me dressing up in a Nightwing costume, I've started getting the costume together. Rather slowly admittedly but I've still got a month to go before it has to be done. flying71ful was nice enough to buy me the first part of the costume; a long-sleeved black t-shirt. Before I hear any requests to see me in the costume, I will be posting content of me in it when it's done.

Mouse from harri6000

This is probably one of the most useful gifts that I've received which is why I'm so sorry to wet and messy fan, harri6000, for thanking him so late! Please check out the previous link if you want to see his UMD.net page with some very nice high-res pics.

Tie from TiedFeetGuy

The final gift that I'm thanking someone for is a red and black chequered tie from TiedFeetGuy. Some of you might be aware of the fact that I posted a very emo t-shirt design with something like this printed onto the t-shirt but it turns out that I no longer need to get it since I now have this tie.

On a slightly related note, I know it's been a while since I mentioned TiedFeetGuy on the blog but I may have a new videos with the labels, videos and tiedfeetguy, fairly soon.

Now, these are not the last of my thank yous. I have one more thank you post to write although I can now say that I have thanked people who bought me stuff gifts off my Wish List, which is why it is public again!

Once again, you really do not have to get me anything but if you do, first of all, thank you! And secondly, please let me know who you are so that I can publicly thank you (or not if you'd prefer to be anonymous) and do some custom videos for you.

Thank you.