30 August 2012

Soleless Shoes

Hey guys, today I have another foot video that a took more effort than usual but I think you'll see that it was worth it.

A little while ago, I bought a very cheap pair of canvas pumps online and used a scalpel to cut out two big holes in the bottoms of them. Then I put them on without socks and went for a 10-minute walk to the shops.

It was quite painful since the concrete had been baking in the sun for a while and I occasionally stepped on a small rock or a twig but it did make the soles of my feet absolutely filthy.

When I got back home, I put the camera on the floor of my room and filmed a short video to show off just how dirty my soles had gotten, enjoy!

If you have any suggestions for what else I should do with these soleless shoes, leave a comment or feel free to email me at restwalk@hotmail.co.uk

27 August 2012

Tied Up in the Cage

Whenever I get dominant, bad things to seem to happen...

In this case, I got my hands tied behind my back with cable ties, gagged with a lot of duct tape and shoved into my cage barefoot to escape... or not.


25 August 2012

Anger by Brokestr8boy

Hey guys, today I have a video, a few links and a picture but not from me.

A few months ago, I posted about how Master Mark hurt the soles of my feet with rubber bands. Since then, a couple of cute guys were inspired by it and tried it out!


If you like this video, I highly recommend you check out brokestr8boy's Xtube channel and brokestr8boy.weebly.com! They both have some hot videos on there especially if you're into feet:

He also has some feet crushing / messy feet videos with food; videos with light bondage and tickling at times; and some really arousing foot worship videos.

So, if those things are a turn-on for you, feel free to check them out!

Oh, there are also a few pictures on his website which are pretty good too:

23 August 2012

Camera in Cage

Hey guys...

Apparently some of you like me being more dominant in videos. If you're one of those guys, good news, I have a little treat for you today...

You see, when I was moving out of my accommodation, I had access to an empty cage. So, I put my camera in it so you can imagine yourself locked up before jumping on it and showing off the soles of my shoes, socks and sweaty feet.

Enjoy it... although you really doesn't deserve such good treatment.

20 August 2012

Soles From the Balcony

Hey guys, today I have another video from that balcony. In this one, I just sit back and give you the pleasure of getting to see my soles. Enjoy...

18 August 2012

On the Balcony Floor

Hey guys, today I have another video filmed in Jamaica. This time, I went onto the balcony in my shorts, Vans and AE socks and slowly took off the last two to give you all a great view. Enjoy!

16 August 2012

Hotel Room Soles

Hey guys, today I have a short video for you today and a bit of a confession. I didn't just go to America, I also went to Jamaica. I just didn't mention it because I didn't think I'd be able to film in Jamaica for a number of reasons but as it happens, I was able to film quite a few in my hotel.

One of those videos is the following which I filmed after walking around the hotel barefoot for a few hours to get my soles a bit dirty. I hope you feet fans can enjoy it, fantasising about having to lick my feet clean.

14 August 2012

All of My Socks

Hey guys, I have a big treat for all you fans of sweaty socks today...

Briefly, I'll just say that I filmed this video, not as a request, but in response to a couple of guys asking why I didn't have socks on my wish list.

As I think the video shows, I have more than enough... Some are old; the Hanes tube socks, the Puma ankle socks, etc. and some of them are new like the AE low-cut socks (American Eagle was selling them for cheap) and the Sk8erboy no-show socks.

I've done enough writing for now, I hope that all you sock fetishists enjoy the video!

By the way, I uploaded this to Xtube as well because the video took three days to upload to YouTube. So feel free to watch this on Xtube if you want.

If you have any requests for videos or anything else you want to say, feel free to email restwalk@hotmail.co.uk

12 August 2012

Climbing Barefoot

Today on August 12th, I am posting to celebrate the end of the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

Although I live reasonably close to the Stadium, I really didn't care for the Olympics. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy some moments (especially the Opening Ceremony) and I will miss the Games slightly but I'm looking forward to people talking about anything else happening in the world.

Anyway, today's video is something suitably athletic; me climbing up the stairs barefoot with a little twist. I don't think I have to say anything else about it, enjoy!

Because I think I might get a few concerned messages... I have done this before several times and I've never hurt myself in the process. Please don't worry.

09 August 2012

Sitting On My Desk

Hey guys,

A few months ago when I was moving out of my university accommodation, all of my stuff was packed away in boxes which meant I was left with an empty room.

I took this as an opportunity to film some videos, the first of which is of me just sitting on my desk and showing off the soles of my shoes, socks and feet.

I hope you enjoy this and the other videos of my accommodation that I'll be posting over the next few weeks.

06 August 2012

Flip Flops and Tree

One particularly hot day in America, I decided to put on my shorts and new flip flops to climb a tree. I didn't really get very far with the climbing but I managed to get some pictures and a short video out of it.


04 August 2012

Poolside Toes

After getting out of the pool, I decided just to sit out in the sun for a bit and let my feet dry.

Because I have a lot more videos than pictures, I thought I'd change my camera mode for a bit and take a few hi-res photos for you all.


02 August 2012

Underwater Feet in Pool

After jumping in the pool a few times, I decided to have a break by just sitting down by the pool's edge and soaking my feet in the warm water.

I also decided to use it as an opportunity to film the tops of my feet since most of my feet videos just contain my soles.

I hope you feet fans enjoy.