24 June 2015

London Pride - Vote for your favourite raccoon outfit!

Hey guys, this Saturday (27 June) is when the 2015 Pride in London Parade will be taking place. Like last year, I will be walking with a group... except this time I'd like your feedback on which outfit I should wear.

As I will be marching with some kinky pups and handlers, I have decided to go as a raccoon - as animals go, I think it's a better fursona than a Jack Russell Terrier.

Below are pictures of the two raccoon outfits I'm considering. Leave a comment below saying whether you prefer the left or the right!

As I said before, leave a comment below saying which option you prefer and why. I will read all of the comments and see about posting pictures of me in the Parade after this Saturday.

As a bonus incentive... if enough people comment, I promise to post pictures of the slightly kinky outfit I wore in the 2014 Parade.

As always, take care guys. I hope to see some of you at the Parade.

Dylann W

EDIT: Pride in London 2015 is now over. Pictures of me in costume coming soon.