02 September 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hey guys. It took a while but I finally got nominated for this (thanks to SlaveBoys).

For people who don't know, this video is for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - the idea being that you tip a bucket of ice water over yourself or someone else, to raise awareness about ALS (a progressive neurodegenerative disease, which you can learn more about on the ALS Association's website).

If you can, I encourage you to join me in donating to the ALS Association, (the organisation who started this), Cancer Research UK (a charity whose work I greatly admire), or any other good causes out there.

Thank you and take care,
Dylann W

Nominations are:
You have... until you have the free time to do this.

I used all of the ice in my freezer to do this. Some of it melted when I was setting up my camera, but it was still bloody cold.