31 December 2015

Showing Off Sports Kit

On the final day of 2015, I have one more video for you all.

This one features me showing off my body and feet, as well as a white sports kit - consisting of football shirt, shorts, long socks and shoes.

Some of you may notice that this was the football kit I got messy earlier in July. That's because I filmed this on the night before that wet and messy performance. Although I've washed it several since then, the kit remains slightly stained with cake frosting.

Take care guys, and see you in 2016
Dylann W

30 December 2015

Dirty Bare Soles

Continuing my series of dominant videos, here's one of my soles covered in dirt and dust. As I was renovating a room at the time of filming, I decided to show off what my feet looked like after working barefoot on bare floorboards for a couple of hours.

Throughout the video, I'm checking my phone. Towards the end, I even take a few pictures of the tops of my feet and toes. Here's one of them:

As I'm posting new content, a few people have also asked me if I'm going to be posting more wet and messy videos in the future. While I'd like to, I no longer have my own bathroom and would really have to do it elsewhere. Consequently I have no plans to post more WAM videos, but I'm not against the idea.

Dylann W

29 December 2015

Bare Feet in Boots Crushing

As today is Day 2 of "Dominant Video Week", I have another treat for you all boot slaves. This time, me crushing two Vans' shoeboxes, with the Dr Martens and my bare sweaty feet (while I remain sockless throughout).

I hope you enjoy today's video and stay tuned to the blog and YouTube for more!

Dylann W

28 December 2015

Being Ignored by DMs

As today marks the beginning of the last week of 2015, and because today is a special day for a certain someone (not myself), and because I've not updated my blog for a while, I've decided to do 5 days of new content! From today to 1 January 2016, I plan on posting a dominant video each day of the week.

Today's video is simply of me washing up while wearing a pair of black leather Doc Martens boots, completely ignoring you the viewer as I do.


You can check this blog for more updates later in the week, or subscribe to restwalker on YouTube to get notified when I upload the new videos.

Take care guys,
Dylann W