22 February 2012

Pancake Day Video

I hope none of you are surprised by this video, after all yesterday was pancake day... which meant Master Mark had a messy humiliating idea for me - to get messy with the ingredients of a pancake, eggs, milk and flour.

So, I happily did it and filmed it for all of you to enjoy... One final thing though. I filmed this with my awesome 60fps camera because I felt like it would be interesting to WAM in slow-motion. Despite the fact that the camera was so cheap, I'm actually really impressed with how it turned out.

If you guys like the slow-motion in this video, let me know, I may do more similar videos in the future.

21 February 2012

I've been quiet

This is a very brief and optimistic post although not as fun as I would like it to be... yet.

  1. I'm not sick any more! Well, I am but I'm healthy enough to enjoy myself and also produce some more content.
  2. I'm going to write those last two Thank You posts... as soon as I find out if some certain people want to be thanked.
  3. I'm going to have a new messy video soon! When I post it, a few people will probably be wondering why I didn't post it today but I'll explain why I filmed it today and uploaded it later in a future post.
That's it for now, check out the blog soon in a few days time.

13 February 2012

Sick... once again

Hey guys... I know that I said I'd write more posts than I have done but I'm sick again. I've been a bit sniffly for about a week now although I was feeling the worst a few days ago. I think I can now say that I'm on the road to recovery although it's taking a little longer than anticipated.

Personally, I blame the weather and my pathetic immune system, but mostly the weather. If you haven't been keeping up to date with the English weather, here's a video I shot in the local park last week just to show you what I'm talking about:

Anyway, despite this I did really want to get that 'Sticky With Tyler' video edited and uploaded because I knew you guys would be disappointed if I didn't.

Plus I've also been working on a number of interesting projects which may or may not lead to some interesting videos in the future; I honestly don't know, I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

Once I'm feeling completely better, I'm going to get writing those couple of thank you posts and then I'll make my wish list public again so you can thank me for all my hard work*.

*Buying stuff from my wish list is very unnecessary but greatly appreciated. Nice comments once in a while are recommended and great for making me feel like I'm doing all of this for wonderful people - plus it doesn't cost you anything.

05 February 2012

Sticky Teaser - Part 2

Hey guys, guess what... I've finished editing the video!

Actually, a confession: I finished editing the video before I posted the first teaser of it.

Why then didn't I put the Xtube video in that teaser post? Well, there are 3 reasons:
  1. I'm a bastard that just loves to tease you all.
  2. Xtube hadn't processed the video by the time that the post was scheduled.
  3. I hadn't gotten [NAME REMOVED]'s permission to post it yet.
However... whilst I'm writing this, the video is working fine on Xtube and [NAME REMOVED] is entirely happy for me to post it to my blog!

...So why isn't the Xtube video in this post? This time, there are only 2 reasons:
  1. I'm still an evil teasing bastard.
  2. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the edit of it.
Right now, the video features some jerking off (in boxers, calm down) and me with [NAME REMOVED]'s tongue down my throat.

Although I'm not against showing pictures of those things as I think I've just proven, I'm not sure if I want to show it in a video. Consequently, I may end up editing the video so that you just see our feet in the mess whilst that's happening. I guess we'll see...

Whatever happens with the video though, I promise to have a post featuring the +7 minute video on my blog on Saturday so look out for it!

Between now and then I'm going to be posting my last two 'thank you' posts and maybe something about the weather to break them up.

Finally though, just a few more answers to questions (if you have any more, ask them in the comments, I'll answer them in the comments section too):
  • For people that now think I'm really tall, please note that I'm only 5 foot 5.
  • I'm not telling you his name! But when I post the full video, I'll tell you. I'll also link you to his blog and Xtube page although he's got content on a few other mature sites...
  • No photographs were taken. The pictures I have posted so far are just stills from the one HD video that was filmed with my camera on a tripod.

03 February 2012


Here are some answers to questions which I think I'm going to be asked:

  • I'm on the right.
  • I'll tell you later but I can say that I've not mentioned him on the blog yet.
  • Mostly treacle but some custard / syrup as well.
  • Yes there will be, after I do some editing.

01 February 2012

Ridiculously Late Thank Yous - Part 2

I'll admit that this could take a while since I have to thank a few more people after this. Today though I'm thanking sampepper and his Master as well as UMD.net user 'dirtymudding'.

There are no videos to accompany these since these were more selfish things that I asked for although if any of you can think of a way that I could incorporate these into a video then please let me know.

Watch from sampepper
and Master Robin

This was certainly one of the most useful gifts I received since my previous watches had an annoying habit of breaking. Plus, it's a pretty good-looking watch so thanks a lot!

'Little Shop of Horrors' DVD from
sampepper and Master Robin

Since I came out of the closet, I've been meaning to watch more musicals. Not just for the sake of being camp but because I genuinely like them. I've been suggested a number of musicals but since 'The Rocky Horror Picture' show is my favourite, this got the most recommendations.

'The Nightmare Before Christmas' DVD
from sampepper and Master Robin

Again, I asked for this because I had a few recommendations for it, especially since it's dark - a sub-genre of cinema that I particularly enjoy. Like 'Little Shop of Horrors', I have not seen these films yet; I don't particularly like watching films alone.

'Back to the Future' poster from
sampepper and Master Robin

As a massive nerd, 'Back to the Future' is my favourite movie, closely followed by 'Back to the Future 2' and a number of other sci-fi films, as a result I wanted a way to show this off and what better than a massive poster of it on my wall?

'Back to the Future'
DVD from dirtymudding

The first two 'Back to the Future' films may be my favourite films of all time but I've somehow not seen 'Back to the Future 3'. Now that I have the trilogy, I can watch all 3 films back to back one day.

'Assassin's Creed' game
from dirtymudding

After seeing some of the trailers for this and hearing about it from my best friend who absolutely loves the franchise, I decided to give this game a go. Again, I've not played it but I will... soon.

'OK Go' from dirtymudding

Personaly, I think that this is my favourite album of all time. I'm a massive fun of OK Go and respect the effort that they put into music videos. As the tracks on this album, there isn't a single one that I don't like.

Red Bull x 24 from dirtymudding

Again, this was one of the more useful gifts that I got. As a student that will pull all-nighters every few weeks to get an assignment done. Consequently, I need something with plenty of caffeine and sugar to keep me awake; I like to think that 24 tins of Red Bull should do that just fine.

On that note, 24 tins is a lot... and is probably more than I'm going to need. So, does anybody have any suggestions on how I could perhaps get wet with them? I may just use a couple of tins for that.

By now I hope you realise why I'm feeling a bit guilty (especially since I still have to thank a few people). I don't feel like I've yet produced enough content to deserve any more gifts. This is why I'm continuing to keep my wish list private until I've thanked everyone and uploaded a few more videos.