31 December 2011

Washing My Hair

This was an odd request...

I know a few of you like to see my hair, especially when it's messy but when Andy, the same guy who requested my Messy Hair video, said that he'd like to see me washing my hair, I was happy to oblige.

For the rest of you, please let me know if you like this sort of thing. I'm not massively keen on doing videos like this but if you want to see more, please let me know.

27 December 2011

SlaveBoys and Me

Hey guys, this is just an informational post, sorry.

Firstly, I've given into peer pressure from several kinky lads and I'm now on SlaveBoys! If you're on there, feel free to add me but don't worry, this doesn't mean that I'm going to abandon the blog. I'm mainly on there to socialise with a few more guys and perhaps get some inspiration.

Secondly, my wish list is back up for a few days whilst I'm back at home and able to collect my mail:


I'm sure I've said this before but don't feel compelled to get me anything. With the exception of the knee pads and electric fly swatter, this is a very selfish list of things that I want but don't need.

On the list, I've also put some clothes and paint because since I posted that I wanted to be Nightwing, I received such positive feedback that I've been inspired to start making my costume early, even though the expo is 5 months away. So, anything you get would be helpful but again, please don't feel like you have to get me anything at all.

Speaking of gifts, I still have to thank several people so I promise I'll be doing that over the next few days... as soon as I find out who bought one particular gift.

And... I have been rather naughty and got a few e-mails to respond to. To those of you that messaged me, I will reply soon, sorry!

Concerning the other posts I promised:

Master Mark has said that he might be willing to sell some of his socks too although nothing will be happening about this until 2012 since I've left my many socks at my university accommodation and I need to do a video to show what's on offer.

Also, my 'bound and gunged' video will be uploaded, I'm still making tweaks to it because the editing on it has to be done properly but I think that all you WAM fans will enjoy it. I can't tell you when it will be ready but I promise I will post it on the blog on the day it is ready.

On a final note, I've now published over 100 blog posts, I'm not going to celebrate it but I'm surpised at how prolific I've been this year. Here's hoping I can post less wordy posts and more pictures, videos and stories in 2012!

26 December 2011

Merry... Boxing Day!

For lack of a better title.

Also, as promised, I have a new video. Because it's been so long since I've done a video with just my socks or feet, I figured that I owed it to you.

Special thanks to '1000Howarth', although he wasn't one of the many people that requested this video, he did buy me the socks and he's going to be getting this pair in the post in a few days time (before you ask if I'm selling them.)

So, all you foot / sock fetishists, enjoy!

25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

...or Happy Holidays if you prefer that but I'm an atheist so you have a great Sol Invictus too, why not?

Anyway, seeing as it is the season for giving, I've got a couple of videos for you all. Firstly, a messy video with one (rather large) tin of rice pudding. This video is for quite a few people but thanks first of all to 'sampepper' for those boxers. Also, massive thanks to 'figmais2'! He came up with the idea to do this in the first place and was nice enough to get the rice pudding too.

I hope you enjoy the video!

P.S. A video featuring socks / feet will be up tomorrow, on Boxing Day. It will be made public on YouTube shortly after... with hope that it doesn't get me banned.

17 December 2011

Other Commitments and the Music of Hans Zimmer

Hey guys,

I'm just writing this post to let you know that I'm quite busy with a few things (university work, cleaning, packing, etc.) As a result, the current plan is that I won't be blogging until I'm back home after the 23rd.

In the mean time, I might respond to your comments / messages / e-mails but if I don't, I apologise. I will definitely get round to them before Xmas.

I will however be filming at least 2 videos (one messy, one with socks) that I promised earlier on but again, don't necessarily expect me to post them for at least a week. In fact... I think that with Xmas coming up, the messy one can be a bit of a present.

Now, I'd like to point out that I do have plenty of time to blog and respond to your messages but the main reason why I'm not doing it is because I don't want to get distracted by one thing... and then another... and another and so on until I've wasted a few hours doing nothing productive.

In the mean time, I know it's not great fun but here's a playlist of music that I'll be working to over these next few days:

Yeah, it's a bit of a nerdy playlist with music from Inception, Batman Begins and The Social Network but soundtracks are a good way to block out the silence and by having no words, I'm not tempted to sing along.

I hope you enjoy it whilst I've got nothing better for you guys but I promise, I will start posting some really good stuff once again!

16 December 2011

Mayo with Boxers and Socks

A few days ago, I posted about Master Mark's Wishlist:


Well, soon after this, somebody was nice enough to buy him a DVD and in return, he asked that I got messy in my boxers and socks.

I was very happy with this until he said that my Master could choose the gunge... so I reluctantly asked and he decided that I had to do it with mayonnaise and ketchup and well... I think you see how much I was enjoying it.

14 December 2011

Guest Writer - The Winter Warmer Part 1

So, very recently after I posted the guest-written story of Gunge House, I got speaking to a guy that likes to write a lot of stories and I must say that he has quite the imagination. He improvised the following story and I helped him tidy it up afterwards.

It's not for everyone but I think that a lot of you will like it; especially if you're into WAM, bondage, domination, etc. I'll say this now... this is only Part 1. It'll be concluded at a later date but I think that this is quite the beginning.

If you want to thank the writer, please leave a comment.

If you want your story published here, feel free to e-mail me at restwalk@hotmail.co.uk

One winter I had to work in a sports workshop.

I met a young guy there. I noticed that he wore a pair of worn out tracksuit bottoms but he still had a distinct emo look. He always smelled like a gym changing room which made me think that he came straight from training. Although he did look a bit moody, he was always in a good mood.

At the end of the tiresome workshop, he walked over to me, smiled and out of nowhere, asked if I wanted a drink. I said "Yea", I mean, why not?

That evening we went out to a bar. He'd brought his gym bag along with him. I must admit that the smell of sweat coming from it made me horny.

Whilst I was drinking my beer, he said that he wanted to play. I wasn't sure what he meant but I saw that he had a smirk on his face so I went along with it. When we stood up, I accidentally knocked my beer over and got it over him. He told me that I was going to pay for that later and walked out the door, I quickly followed him.

Back at his place, he unlocked the door and led the way inside. When he shut the door behind me, I was nervous and excited. I'd never been with a guy that I'd felt so attracted to before. He saw that I was a bit anxious, walked over, pulled me towards him and kissed me. I felt the blood rush to my head, I blushed intensely. We were going to play...

I think he realised that I admired his gear so he told me to get changed. Whilst I did, he took off his red trackie top, t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. All he was wearing now was a jockstrap, he told me to put them on.

I begin to put on his gear, still wet from the beer and smelling of sweat. He just stood there, practically naked in front of me. Soon, he thought that I was taking too long to get changed so he helped to get it on.

It was then that he noticed his gym bag, slightly open with something unusual inside. He caught me looking and told me to go ahead. I crouched down and fully opened the bag to find some leather restraints in the bag on top of some clothes. Immediately, I decided to tie him up so that he can't go anywhere. I use the opportunity to kiss him again and feel his smooth body.

Then I notice something shiny in the gym bag amongst the clothes. I move them aside to see a few a tins of squirty cream. I look up at him and smile whilst I see that he has a cheeky grin on his face. I stand up , shaking one of the tins before squirting it all over him. Without caution, I just take the plunge and lick it off. It feels weird because I've never done it before but I still enjoy it. Whilst I'm licking, I accidentally get some on my face. When I stand up straight again, he licks it off and tells me to look in the bag again.

In there, I find some maple syrup and hair gel which I hold up to him. He nods and smirks to me so I pour the maple syrup into his hair and use it to style it like a footballer would. I then spit into the hair gel, mix it in and drop a large dollop of it into his jock before rubbing it in from the outside. From the large bulge in there, I can tell that he's enjoying it.

Whilst rubbing his cock, I suddenly realise that he's managed to undo his restraints but he doesn't go anywhere still. Instead, he uses his free hand to rub my cock. This takes me by surprise because I never thought I'd be getting this intimate with someone I'd just met. Still though, I am extremely aroused to see my cock someone else's hands. I let him continue although it feels like I could cum at any second.

He suddenly grabs a trackie top out of the gym bag, puts it on and zips it up. "It's your turn now, mate" he says. He pushed me into another room where I saw stocks. He promptly orders me to get undressed before forcing me to bend over so that he can lock me in them.

He walks behind me so that I can't see what he's doing. Without any warning, I felt him lick from my neck and all the way down to my back. Then he walks back around to the front so that I could see he was rock hard.

He leans over and spat on my hair before taking off his jock and jerking off slowly. Then he uses the hair gel that I had spat into and rubs it into my hair. It feels disgusting but I'm unable to move.

After seeing me try to move, he unlocks the stocks orders me to kneel. He uses a pair of leather cuffs and ties my hands behind my back. He also puts a collar on me before leaving me there.

He soon returns holding two buckets; the sight of them gets me nervous but excited again. He puts one of them down on the floor before holding the other one over my head and pouring cold and thick muddy sludge, taken from a field. The smell of grass and sweat gets me feeling even more horny. As he picks up the second bucket and pours it, I'm eager to cum. As he sees me move my hand towards my stiff cock, he says that we're not done yet.

He throws the second bucket down and starts putting on another pair of tracksuit bottoms. Just as I've got the mud out of my eyes, he pushes me onto my back and pins me down by sitting my face. Not caring, the smell and moistness of the sweat keeps me feeling horny. Unable to move, I eventually get used to the smell.

Then, he decides to lean over and start lick my feet. I feel him put one toe at a time inside his mouth whilst I'm still unable to move. By now, the heat of the room has caused most of the mud to dry though my feet feel warm and slimy from his spit.

Finally, he gets up and jumps onto his bed before inviting me to join him. I lie next to him so that he can wrap his arm around me. I fall asleep, still dirty and able to smell his sweat, wondering what the rest of the weekend would bring.

To be continued...

12 December 2011


I'm a bit of a nerd.

I'll spare you the details as to what my areas of expertise are but something I have recently developed an interest in comic books.

I'll skip ahead and basically say that I'm considering going to an expo / convention in May dressed as Nightwing. Your thoughts?

11 December 2011

I may be getting messy soon

This is just a little update to let you guys know of my plans.

Between now and the 22nd, I am staying at my university accommodation. At some point during that period, the person who I share a bathroom with, will probably be moving out for the holidays. When that happens, I'll probably be able to get messy again!

Don't get too excited, I don't have much to get messy with and I'd rather keep my money for things I actually need, as I said. Nevertheless, I'll have some WAM videos posted before Xmas, I promise.

After that, I move back home on the 23rd since things are okay with my mum right now.

I plan on staying there until mid-January, what I'll be during Xmas and 2012 is undecided. I'll let you know more at a later date.

09 December 2011

Please humiliate me...

You guys remember Master Mark, right?

He's responsible for all of these posts:

Yeah, he's really nice... to you guys. He's a sadistic Master that likes seeing his pathetic little puppy utterly humiliated. Normally, I don't mind because he's not actually being that cruel as you may be able to tell by the large bulge in my shorts / boxers. But that might change...

Recently, I may have agreed to a rather stupid deal.

Master Mark has a Wish List here: 
For every £10 that is spent on gifts, I have to do a humiliating task, on camera, that I genuinely won't enjoy.

Also, the number of tasks will be based on individual gifts and also rounded up. So, for example, a gift that is worth £7.99 will result in one humiliating task for me. A gift worth £54.99 will be worth six humiliating tasks and so on.

Furthermore, if you e-mail me at restwalk@hotmail.co.uk after buying something, you can suggest what these tasks might be. I would have to confirm the task with my Master though and so he might change it a bit (you have been warned). What I do know is that I'm not doing anything public, anything with negative effects that last for more than 24 hours and anything that could be really harmful.

If you don't e-mail me then Master Mark has said that he'll draw inspiration from the comments that some of you have been posting here.

So... I urge you, please buy Master Mark a gift. That way you can thank him for everything he's done and also make me do something more humiliating than licking the soles of his shoes, crawling about like a puppy or eating dog food.

08 December 2011

On Coming Out - Part 6

Let me just start by saying that the content of this post is a few weeks old but I've been too busy with uni work to just sit down and focus on writing it.

Since last time, quite a lot has happened so I'll skip the details.

One day, I was at an ATM when I found out that my non-food money ran out (don't worry about me, I can still survive!) I thought that the logical thing to do would be to e-mail my mother (because my phone broke since we spoke).

Immediately, she booked a train ticket to my university without really asking me. I was extremely angry for her being so stubborn and not understanding the phrase "I need more time." which I had repeated to her again and again.

Nevertheless, when the day of her arrival came, I did meet up with her and well... basically... things are not as bad.

We previously agreed not to mention the subject of my sexuality but after seeing how calm she was, I did bring it up and she was reassuring.

She's still a bit ignorant and wants to make sure that I'm sure of my sexuality before I do anything regrettable as if it might be a phase. But generally, she just wants to make that I'm not forced into doing anything I don't want to. (I suppose it's a great thing she doesn't know about this blog.)

Overall though, she basically reassured that although I'm very likely to face some obstacles such as my somewhat homophobic family, it's going to get better.

Oh and she also gave me a bit of money which I've mostly spent on pasta and sauce although my student loan is finally coming through in a few days time. This and the fact that I suddenly have some free time now that one of my modules / classes is finished... I should be able to do some filming again.

Thanks everybody for being so supportive but I think it's time to have something fun on here again!

07 December 2011

Guest Writer - Gunge House

Today, I have something very different for all you dear readers. Recently, I started chatting with another British guy who is also into WAM.

He told me that he'd written a few short stories in the past and he sent me one of them which I felt like I just had to share with you all, not at all because I'm running out of stuff to post. So, the following story is not mine (although I did volunteer to illustrate it a bit).

If you enjoy it, please leave a nice comment and  I'll make sure the writer gets to hear your compliments. Also, if you have your own stories that you'd to share, feel free to let me know or e-mail me at restwalk@hotmail.co.uk For now though, I'll let you just enjoy reading "Gunge House".

Dave had applied for a new TV show called Gunge House.

Dave always wanted to be gunged but he was a quiet and shy guy. He didn’t know how to win it but once he saw that the top prize was 10 grand, he decided to go on.

The day of recording he went to the studio. Immediately he was told that he would stay clean provided he wasn't incompetent or foolish. Since Dave had good general knowledge, he felt confident.

The show started and the first game involved four contestants: Jack, Steve, Charlie and Dave. Each round someone would get gunged. The person who received the most gungings would be punished at the end. The person with the least gungings would win the 10k.

HOST: Let's start the show with Round 1.
All four contestants were sat on chairs in tanks.
The host announced that this is a simple jigsaw puzzle.
50 pieces, above each contestant's head is a tank full of red natrasol.
Last to finish will be covered.

Dave wasn’t very good at jigsaws, he was barely halfway through when he could see that two others had already finished. The last two left were Dave and Jack. Dave was looking for where this one piece went when at that moment, the alarm sounded.

HOST: UH-OH DAVE! You should know what that noise means...

Dave looked up, Jack must have finished and the giant chute of gunge opened over his head. Red natrasol covered his body and the host announced another twist.

HOST: Dave, as loser of this game you must remove an item of clothing.

Dave took off his t-shirt showing his pecs to the watching crowd, he was a little nervous and he certainly didn’t want to show his boxers on TV.

HOST: Time for Round 2, for this game, you'll be in teams.
Teams will be Jack and Dave; Charlie and Steve.
In this game, one person is attached to an electric buzz wire.
They have to move the hoop along the wire without touching it.
Each time they touch it their teammate in the tank gets filled with gunge.
First team to fill their tank loses.
Jack and Charlie on wire; Steve and Dave in the tanks please.
Okay, ready, go!

Almost immediately Dave felt the first hit of gunge pour into his tank. He notices the tank had five notches and each time Jack buzzed the wire gunge went up to the next notch. At the fifth he would be fully submerged.


Jack hit the wire again and the gunge was now 2 notches up by Dave's knees. Meanwhile Steve has just taken his first gunging as Charlie hit the wire.

But then BUZZ

Jack had done it again and the gunge was now pouring into Dave's tank. It was a thicker version of green natrasol. Probably thickened with cornflour or something. Dave started to panic about losing an item of clothing.

BUZZ Uh oh... Jack had hit his fourth wire

Dave and Jack, one more touch and Dave is submerged and you both lose clothes. Dave was in trouble, the gunge was now just below his neck and was glooping around his naked body.

BUZZ Oooh. Steve and Charlie now onto their 4th notch as well.

"Both teams are in trouble" said the host.

But then Dave heard the noise he least wanted to hear in the whole world.

BUZZ Jack had hit the wire again.

Dave took a deep breath and was totally covered in gunge and submerged. Jack was pied in the face for losing the game as part of the team and Dave was let out of the tank.

HOST: Unlucky boys but you know what that means.

Dave had to remove his jeans and revealed his tight fitting Aussiebum boxers to the TV audience; Jack removed his shirt.

The scores so far are Charlie and Steve are winning with 0, Jack has 1 and Dave is heading for trouble with 2 gungings.

It was time for Round 3. The contestants were taken away to get changed and Dave was allowed to clean up a bit. They were dressed up for a kids party, but wearing party hats with big pins on the top of them

HOST: Welcome to Round 3, this game is called Pinhead. It’s a simple general knowledge quiz. You all sit on chairs and answer questions. Get it right and you can move your opponent up one notch, get it wrong and you move up a notch. Hanging above your hats is a giant balloon filled with rotten eggs and flour. In this game only one person stays clean. You each have 3 lives before you pop the balloon.

Dave looked worried, although he felt that his knowledge was good, he knew the others would pick on him to avoid the final gunging themselves.

HOST: Players take your seats. Steve, you will answer first.

Steve and Charlie both got their first questions wrong but then Jack got one right and moved Charlie up a notch. It was Dave's turn.

HOST: Dave, what's the capital of Hungary?

He'd always mixed these up. It was either Budapest or Bucharest.

"Bucharest" Dave said confidently.

HOST: Ooh close, but wrong. It's Budapest.

So after one question each, Charlie has 1 life left, Dave and Steve 2 lives and Jack all 3 lives.

In the second round, Charlie got his question wrong and was eliminated covered in the rotten eggs and flour. Dave could smell it and knew he was naked if he lost this; he would have to remove those tight Aussiebum boxers.

The next question went to Steve who got his wrong as well and went down to 1 life. Jack was clearly a smart guy, he answered a really tough question right and chose to eliminate Steve from the game.

Steve was covered in the horrible glop and trudged off-stage leaving just Jack and Dave.

HOST: Here’s your question Dave, how many sides does a dodecahedron have?

DAVE: No idea

HOST: Oh dear Dave, you have 1 life left now and Jack can finish you off here.

The host turned to Jack. "Jack, what is the capital of the Czech Republic?"

JACK: Sorry Dave, I've just been there. It's Prague.

HOST: Correct, and we know what that means Dave...

Dave could feel himself being moved towards the balloon, his party hat ready to burst the sickly rotten eggs and flour.


It covered him, it smelt horrible but felt quite good. The host called back the other two contestants.

HOST: You know the rules, bye bye clothes. And Dave, I'm afraid it's even worse for you, you’ve gotta lose those Aussiebums.

Dave's face went bright red as his messy crotch was exposed to the nation, his cock was impressive and throbbing but everyone was still laughing at him.

HOST: So after 3 rounds Jack, Charlie and Steve are tied for the lead with 1 gunging each and only losing a t-shirt whereas Dave is in big trouble with 3 gungings and is now naked. We have 1 round to go before the finale so I guess Dave, you need to start winning.

Round 4…

HOST: Welcome to Round 4, this is another team round. This time Jack and Charlie on one team, Steve and Dave the other. Dave, I need not remind you that you are already naked and any future losses will lead to a special forfeit instead of losing clothes.
This game is called 'Prince and Princess', the good news Dave is you will get some clothes for this round. Dave and Jack will be Princesses locked away in the Gunge Tower. Steve and Charlie, you are dressed as Princes, you have to go through the obstacle course to the Splat Vat, filled with gunge to find 3 keys to release your Princess from her tower. Each key will release a trickle of gunge into the other Princess' tank.
However the last Princess to be released is in trouble, as the mean King will throw out his slops down the chute above your heads.
Okay, Jack and Dave might I say you look lovely in those pink knickers and bras.
Ready, go!

Charlie got off to a great start and led Steve through the early obstacles, gunge was flying at them both from everywhere. They reached the Splat Vat at the same time and starting sifting through for keys.

HOST: I forgot to tell you that some keys might not work.

Steve found a key and took it to Dave's door, he tried the three locks but it didn’t work. Meanwhile Charlie had found a key too, he put it in and turned; success and a trickle of cold wet green slime went down Dave's bra.

Steve then found another key and placed it in Dave's lock, it worked and Jack got a trickle of gunge landing on his head. All of a sudden they both found another key each and it was 2-2 with Jack and Dave being subjected to more princess gunge.

It was neck and neck as they plunged into the Splat Vat, they both came out with keys but Steve reached Dave's tank first, he tried the key…..

It wouldn't open! Charlie got to Jack and turned the key, Jack was free.

HOST: Oh no Dave, it just isn’t your day, bad luck Steve, I thought you two had it then but Steve you lose an item of clothing and Dave we will have a special forfeit for you.

The host pushed a button and a voice bellowed “How dare you try and release more daughter, release the slops!”

Dave was covered in foul-smelling food waste, it looked like custard and mushy peas mainly.

HOST: Okay Dave now for your forfeit. You are going to be strapped into a pillory and pelted with pies by the other contestants for two minutes.

2 minutes went by and Dave felt the cream in his naked crotch, he quite liked it.

HOST: OK so Jack leads alongside Charlie with 1 each, Steve has 2 and Dave has 4. Dave, you are destined for the gunge in the end game but you can try to regain some pride in Round 5.

HOST: Okay so Dave you have lost tonight’s show and Jack you are tonight's winner. Would you both please join me for Round 5: the final round of tonight's show.

The curtain pulled away to reveal two stools, a giant deck of cards and several buckets filled with messy stuff.

HOST: Jack, you thought you would simply walk away with 10k and gunge Dave but it's not that easy. The final game could mean that Dave takes some of the money away. However Dave is in the weaker position. You will both put on the same amount of clothes and Dave will start blindfolded. Jack you will hold up a card from the deck, Dave has to guess the suit if he gets it right you swap places, get it wrong and Dave loses an item of clothing and gets gunged. Jack, Dave takes £500 of your 10k for every item of clothing he takes off you. The loser will be the first one naked, they will receive tonight's mega-gunging

Dave was delighted at the chance to get revenge on Jack. They both slipped into their costumes, Aussiebum boxers, tight white t-shirts and swimming shorts.

HOST: Okay Jack, blindfold Dave and hold up the first card.

Jack placed the blindfold over Dave's face and whispered in his ear. “You're gonna get messy and I'm gonna give you a boner.” Dave simply smiled from behind his blindfold. Jack held up a Heart.

DAVE: I'm gonna guess it’s a Diamond.

HOST: Oh close Dave but I'm afraid Jack gets to remove your white t-shirt.

Jack took delight in removing Dave's tight top, he then grabbed two pies and caressed them into Dave's nipples one each side. He then noticed the boner Dave was getting and whispered “The whole audience is gonna see your cock.”

HOST: New card and second guess please Dave. Jack held up a club.

DAVE: Heart

HOST: Ooh close but wrong, Jack, your 10k remains intact and Dave, your shorts must go.

Jack took down Dave's shorts and grabbed a bucket of custard before slowly pulling open Dave's Aussiebums and pouring it in. Dave's cock began to throb and noticeably bulge.

Dave lost again and became totally naked with Jack whipping down his Aussiebums and supplying a lovely cream pie to his now dripping cock.

HOST: Dave, you are one away from the mega-gunging, can you steal any of Jack money? Next guess please.

Dave didn’t mind because he was enjoying himself but Jack clearly didn’t want to lose any money or clothes so Dave was keen to get it right. Jack held up a Spade.

DAVE: Spade

HOST: Correct, Dave you’ve stolen £500 from Jack and better news still, you get to put Jack in the hotseat with the blindfold for some revenge.

JACK: Oh no, I don’t believe it.

Jack knew he was in trouble. He too had been hiding a bulge and Dave instantly saw his chance to expose Jack.

HOST: Guess #1 Jack, and I don’t need to remind you that if you're wrong Dave gets revenge and another £500 of your 10k.

Dave held up a Club

JACK: Spade

HOST: Ooh so close but finally Dave your luck is in. Remove Jack' top and gunge him.

Dave delighted in taking off Jack' t-shirt, picking up the bucket of custard and pouring it over Jack before whispering. “I'm gonna expose you as well loser.”

HOST: Guess #2 Jack and need I remind you the shorts are gone if you get this wrong. Dave held up a Diamond.

JACK: Heart

HOST: No good Jack, Dave's now stolen £1500 and your shorts are gone.

Dave jumped for joy, he gleefully removed the shorts and grabbed more custard and a pie, he pied Jack' body before pulling open the Aussiebums and pouring the custard down.

HOST: Guess #3 Jack, will you get naked?

Dave held up a Heart.

JACK: Diamond?

HOST: Wrong and Dave you have now won 2k of Jack 10k. Plus you get to strip him naked.

Dave was so delighted, he shouted “expose the bulge” he pulled down the Aussiebums and pied the hell out of Jack' crotch.

HOST: OK, it’s all or nothing. If Jack guesses right, Dave gets mega-gunged in Part 6, if not Jack gets it
Dave held up a spade but actually secretly wanted the mega-gunging.

JACK: Spade

HOST: Correct, which means Jack you have won £8000 and the right to put Dave through the mega-gunging. Dave, you stole £2000 but unfortunately it’s you who will take the trip of doom around the splat vats, totally butt naked and with your clearly throbbing bulge.

Join us for the mega-gunging right after this break.

05 December 2011

Upcoming Posts

Hey guys, I'm alive. I figured that instead of not posting until I had a decent post ready, I'd post briefly about what's up and what's coming soon.

First of all, I have been very busy with university. Since it's almost the end of the semester, I have had so many deadlines to deal with. The fact that the holidays coming up soon too does not help. Nevertheless, I have some posts that I'm going to write... hopefully before January but no promises.

I hope to be posting more than just this but hopefully you'll see all these posts before 2012.

On another note, a few of you have said that they'd like to get me something off my Wish List. While I do appreciate this, I don't really need anything right now, plus I still need to thank the people who got me gifts.

Also for complicated personal reasons that I won't go into, I'd rather not receive any packages until after Boxing Day. Maybe I'll make my Wish List public again in a few weeks, we'll see.

25 November 2011

Just Another Shirt

Hm... perhaps that's what I should do with this blog, go from fetish content to t-shirts...

Nah, just kidding. I'll still post some kinky stuff when I get a chance.

Anyway since my last post, TiedFeetGuy pointed out that somebody had beaten me to the idea of making a t-shirt with a harness design on it:

I can't deny that the other design is better (and quite a bit more realistic). If you're curious, you can buy it here for $39.

In retaliation, I went back to the drawing board and thought about t-shirts I'd consider buying. Now, two things to note: Firstly, I'm very fond of the emo style (if it wasn't obvious by my hair and fondness for black skinny jeans). Secondly, I'm aware that there are alternatives to this t-shirt but I wanted to design it anyway just because.

Now this is a t-shirt I'm very proud of. It looks reasonably realistic (more so than the harness) but if I'm honest, I'd rather just buy a tie and t-shirt. It's probably cheaper too.

23 November 2011

Harnesses And Optimism

Wow, I'm almost posting at a regular rate again, how delightful! Again, don't get used to it.

So... since last time, I've somewhat developed an interest in harnesses. If I'm honest, I don't really see their purpose although a lot of kinky clothes seem rather pointless in my opinion. Despite this, after seeing a few harnesses on some cute guys (thanks TiedFeetGuy!), I've decided that they look good.

Unfortunately, they're quite expensive. I couldn't find decent one that cost less than £30 / $45. So... I've come up with this alternative!

Okay, this is mostly a joke but it is about half of the price of an actual harness. I'm tempted to get it, especially to see how metallic the "metallic silver" actually is. Although... I'm probably not going to get it because I really need to save my money and keep for things like, err, food for example.

On an unrelated note, I've recently started feeling quite a bit better about everything. I think the support I've gotten from my old school-friends and friends I've met online has really helped so thanks guys, seriously, I appreciate it.

I've also been recommended a fabulous show called "Beautiful People" from 2008. It's about a young camp gay guy growing up in 90s Britain.

I think the show has given me a bit of optimism. Although things with my mum aren't great right now and although she's not making much progress, I do believe that she will. It may take months or years but I believe she will learn about homosexuality and hopefully accept me one day.

21 November 2011

Thank God for gay porn! (how I came to realise I was a homosexual)

And also, hooray for oxymoronic blog post titles! Now I feel like I should explain.

This is not about something new that is happening in my not currently fabulous life but rather, this is something that I was thinking about rather recently because I saw a quote from a possibly mad Pastor Mark Driscoll:
First, masturbation can be a form of homosexuality because it is a sexual act that does not involve a woman. If a man were to masturbate while engaged in other forms of sexual intimacy with his wife then he would not be doing so in a homosexual way. However, any man who does so without his wife in the room is bordering on homosexuality activity, particularly if he's watching himself in a mirror and being turned on by his own male body.
Now, I'm not going to go into the many problems I have with this. But that first bit "masturbation can be a form of homosexuality" got me thinking about how I realised I was gay and the fact of the matter is that I know I'm gay... because of gay porn. Some of my life story coming up...

You see, I was never attracted to girls and I think we both know why. This didn't bother me but when I got to about 16 and going through puberty, I was wondering why I wasn't attracted to girls. All the other boys around me were talking about how they wanted to go out on dates with the hot girls or which celebrities were the fittest. Some of my friends even asked me who was my ideal woman (I lied and said Uma Thurman if you're curious) but I knew that I wasn't attracted to any of them. Something was clearly wrong...

Also because I was 16 and definitely maturing in a number of ways, I felt like I should definitely have masturbated by this point. There was a period where I spent hours playing with my cock every night to masturbate but I just couldn't get it up. I started to consider that maybe I had something physically wrong with me. Then I recalled that I was capable of having wet dreams so that definitely wasn't the case.

I thought I'd do what every teenage boy should do and watch porn. After 3 of the most boring porn videos I've ever seen, I didn't get aroused once. Then suddenly... I had a revelation. It all made since in an instant... I was asexual. In my head, that was the only explanation. I went back to school thinking this and being okay with it. Then I got really annoyed when I started getting hard in lessons! If I was asexual, what was arousing me?!

I got back home and came up with a third theory: I was doing it wrong.

So, I did the incredibly nerdy thing, went online and looked for tutorials. Now, I'm not going to tell how many techniques I tried but believe me... I tried a lot. Most times, I got hard watching videos of guys jerking off and following along in real time. I knew that I was making progress! Unfortunately, I still wasn't able to actually cum but being able to control when I got hard was a big step up for me.

I still knew that I missing something though... so I decided to look at other videos of guys jerking off on sites like Xtube. Now, to find these videos, I had to say that I was interested in Men. No big deal, I was just looking for a method of jerking off that worked for me. Although... I did see a lot of thumbnails of gay porn. Out of curiosity, I decided to have a look at the most viewed videos on Xtube and well, this video caught my eye:


That video was incredible and it was finally something I could masturbate to! I checked out the other videos on this guy's channel and found them really hot too. After watching quite a few other videos of gay porn, I laid back on my bed fantasising about how I could be in a video like that and jerking off and after an hour of concentration, I came on my 17th birthday.

Once I got over how incredible it felt... I slowly realised that I was gay. My initial reaction was depression because, let's face it, the world isn't 100% happy with homosexuality just yet, is it? After a few days though, I was okay with it. I just knew that I had to be straight in public, at least until I was ready for my friends and family to know.

A while later, I felt a bit guilty about watching all this porn and felt like I had to bring something back to the community especially since there seemed to be so little good fetish porn out there featuring guys! The problem is that I was afraid that my friends would find out about my rather strange interests so I hid my face in my earlier videos and only showed my feet.

Soon though, I gained confidence in what I was doing and I think you can work out the rest.

...That post was longer than I thought it would be. I honestly didn't think I'd write an almost 700 word essay but I suppose it's easy to write about what you know. Anyway, there is no moral of the story. I suppose that it does confirm that masturbation is a form of self-discovery that should be encouraged although I don't think I need to tell that to most of you. Honestly though, this is just something I was thinking about and wanted to have in written form.

I guess I hope you found it insightful and if you feel inspired to leave a comment or ask any questions, go ahead.

19 November 2011

"Playing With Pies" Outtake

Just a short video this time, sorry. It would have been longer but my face got a little bit too clean and well, I'm still trying to remain anonymous here. Enjoy!

By the way, remember I don't have many videos to upload, so don't get used to this.

08 November 2011

Getting Better

Before everything else I've apparently confused a few of you with t-shirt:

If it wasn't obvious enough from the hints I provided (which apparently it wasn't for most of you), here is that same t-shirt but blurred a bit:

Anyway... it turns out that my sickness is tonsillitis! Good news is, it's clearing up but I whilst it's not gone, I'm still unnecessarily tired and unable to eat much. Over the last few days, I have been surviving on ramen, soup and smoothies which means I don't have much energy.

In other news... since my last "On Coming Out" post (which was about a month ago). My mum got worse, she went from being a bit upset to being really angry with me. She went on a very long rant about everything wrong with me which I won't go into.

Now though, we're exchanging e-mails... [Interruption] Hmm, well, we're exchanging e-mails and she appears to be getting a bit better but I still think she needs a bit of time.

That interruption... apparently my personal tutor spoke to another lecturer because he came to my accommodation and we spoke. His son was gay and so he could relate to my mum. Because of the talk, I have some optimism again that things will indeed get better, even though a lot of my family is homophobic. I also feel a bit lonely, partially for some human contact but also for a boyfriend. Hopefully I'll have both of those things soon.

After leaving this post for a little while to reflect, I'm starting to wonder if I should visit her. There are a lot of reasons not to do this concerning my studies and emotional state but perhaps if I actually spoke with her in person, I might be able to feel better about the whole matter. I need to weigh this up. Comments are appreciated but this is a personal matter so please don't be too rude.

03 November 2011

Shirts and Sickness

Okay, let's try using this blog as a diary again... Just to warn you, the following 3 paragraphs are a bit disgusting and have details about me the fact that I feel ill.

First of all, I am sick, Yes. This automatically means I hate things slightly more than I normally would. It's some combination of runny nose, sore throat, headaches, stomach aches, etc. but as long as I have warm fruit drinks and Nurofen next to me, I don't mind so much.

Unfortunately, it has meant that I've been unable to do a few academic things out of fear of going to a 2-hour lecture and coughing up last night's dinner. I haven't actually thrown up yet but I am very fearful to eat too much... just in case.

On the plus side though, with my mind numbed on ibuprofen, I can do most of my computer work if I'm not too tired to work.

If you don't see it, you might have to stand back and squint.
Something else I've been doing on the computer in this state is designing more stuff. Recently, I've become a fan of t-shirt design after a friends "commissioned" me to work for them. I've also become a fan of rainbows, not particularly sure why but it doesn't really matter...

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you guys wanted t-shirts. NOT "restwalker" T-SHIRTS, I'm not that much of a douchebag, nor am I a famous rock band. I'm wondering if there is a demand for any custom t-shirts in general. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to do anything but if you have any ideas for designs, let me know in the comments.

Having said that, I'm gonna lie down again... like the sick puppy I am.

01 November 2011

I'm not going to be posting much.

The title should be pretty self-explanatory.

Don't get me wrong, I want to post. It's just that I should probably be focusing more on my studies right now. Also, I really don't have much content to post right now.

I suppose I still have a few more outtakes to post so look out for those. Also, I have to post the video of my gunging at some point so look out for that too.

Whilst I'm not posting much, you can check out the blogs I'm subscribed to on my profile, perhaps you'll find some stuff that you like. I'm subscribed to some non-fetish blogs too which I just like to read and I'm subscribed to some things just for inspiration so don't be surprised if some of them don't appeal to you at all.

I considered that I could use the blog to post pictures / videos from other people but I'm sure you can look for that sort of stuff yourself, can't you? Sorry, it's just not my style to do that.

The other alternative was that I just used the blog to utterly rant about sexuality and homophobia and why my life sucks, etc. but I really don't think you want to read that sort of thing on a regular basis... let's face it, this is a fetish blog, it's meant to arouse you.

Having said that, I do like ranting a bit and I'm also a graphic design enthusiast so here's a little goodbye present which fairly accurately sums up how I'm feeling right now. Feel free to print it out and take it to your local gay rights march!

And actually "goodbye" is the wrong word. I'm not leaving, remember... I'm just not posting to it as often as I used to. So keep checking the blog about once a month, maybe. Thanks guys!

30 October 2011

Happy Birthday to TiedFeetGuy!

Well if you just jumped into this post before reading the title, today is TiedFeetGuy or TFG's birthday! You might remember him... after all, I've done some posts for him and some videos for him too.

Firstly, his blog isn't currently posting new content but nevertheless, you should check it out here! If you see a post on that blog that you like, please leave a comment on it. I will ask him if people have been posting comments... and if you haven't... I won't be happy with you.

Secondly, here's a little present for him! And you guys too, I suppose. Click on the pictures if you want to see the larger versions of them. Feel free to download them... don't put them on other sites, please. Unless you want to credit me, that would be awesome!

Anyway, happy birthday TiedFeetGuy!

29 October 2011

Please leave a comment on this post!

Apparently... a few of you have been inspired by what me and Mark got up to. As a result, I'm going to give you  all the option of telling Mark your wonderful ideas.

So then, very simply, if you have any ideas that you want to give to Mark (for things he should do to me) just comment on this post.

We both agreed that this is the best way to contact him without me knowing the suggestions:

  • I can let him know that there are suggestions for him to read.
  • He's likely to check them as a result.
  • It means he doesn't have to make his e-mail address public
  • ...and so on
So, please, tell Mark your most evil ideas by commenting on this post. I won't judge you, I won't be reading them. If we meet up again, he might even make some of them a reality.

27 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 12/12

Master Mark thought he was going to do one last thing to his clean puppy.

I was ordered to wear just my boxers before the choke collar was put around my neck, duct tape over my eyes and mitts on my hands. I kneeled obediently just knowing that I was going to have to eat something.

Despite the blindfold, I had a very good idea that it was dog food... mainly from the smell.

It tasted awful... and the edition of some extremely spicy wasabi powder didn't help. Still, I ate most of it, like a good puppy.


After that, I helped Mark pack up all of his gear and that was pretty much it.

We're still chatting and wanting to meet up but we currently can't because our student timetables are fairly busy. Also, we're broke but we're looking at ways to deal with that problem.

I hope you enjoyed this little "series" and let's hope that I'm able to post more stuff like this again!

25 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 11/12

Master Mark decided that he was going to be a bit cruel. I was told to get undressed at to put on only my shorts and collar. Next, he took the cage out from under the bed and lined it with a bin bag... I knew that I was going to get messy. After that, I climbed into the cage before being handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded with duct tape.

Whilst unable to see, I heard him moving around, getting things ready before he asked me to pick numbers from 1 to 10. The numbers would decide what I got gunged with and no matter what I chose, I was going to get trashed with everything. Knowing this, I just chose numbers at random.

HP sauce (or brown sauce) was first to go over my hair, closely followed by shower gel.

Already hating it, I didn't want to choose anything else but I did anyway. I was ordered to look up as some ketchup went on my face.

I could tell Mark was enjoying this because as soon as he dumped something on me, he immediately asked me to choose again. It wasn't long before I had salad cream, mustard, mayonnaise, mint sauce, chilli-flavoured ketchup and more shower gel on me.

There was one thing left. Apparently, I'd managed to save the best for last... I was told to tilt my head up. I obeyed and waited anxiously. Suddenly, a big glob of something horrible landed on my face, it was warm and smelled like cheese. Turns out, he bought some yoghurt on the previous day and left it out on the window sill to rot.

I wasn't too keen on being messy at that point. Nevertheless, Mark left me there for a while whilst he worked, to sit in the filth.

After a while, he did let me have a shower to get cleaned up because he had to go back home soon... but not before doing one final thing.

23 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 10/12

After the foot worship, I wasn't satisfied. I was in charge so I was going to make the most of it.

Since Mark had decided to make me abstain from jerking off or even touching my cock, I felt like it needed a bit of attention...

I took off my jeans and put my feet back his face. Then I ordered him to put his feet on my cock and do a good job.


Surprisingly, even though he'd never done it before, Mark was a natural. After a little while, I felt like I had to jerk off... which got me feeling submissive again. Fortunately, Mark was feeling submissive at about the same time.

We got back into our usual roles and played around a bit. Then we got dressed and went somewhere to get some food.

When we got back, Mark was in charge again and I was his submissive pup, who was about to get very messy...

21 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 09/12

The next day...

I woke up slightly before Mark and to be honest, I wasn't in a mood to be a slave any more. I sneaked out of the bed and got some cable-ties. As soon as I tried to tie them around Mark's feet, he woke up.

Thankfully for me, he was feeling a bit submissive for once. So... I put on my usual dominant outfit of plaid shirt and jeans.

Immediately, I got revenge from last night and wrapped one of my nastiest socks around his head as a blindfold. After that, I lied on the bed and stuck my feet in his face for him to clean.


19 October 2011

My Gunging Video

Recently, a few people have been messaging me and asking about this:

Let me do a bit of explaining before I get any more questions...

Firstly, I did not do this in my bathroom because as I mentioned before... it's too small and I'm still sharing it with someone. Instead, this happened at a like-minded friend's house.

Secondly, there are 2 videos to come although I'll be posting them within days of each other. Before this happens, I'll finish posting about me and Master Mark. I also have 2 unrelated videos to upload but I'm not sure if I will because you guys may not like them.

Thirdly, somebody else gunged me! Which was the first time I'd gotten a proper gunging although not the first time I'd been messed up. Mark got there first and I'm not necessarily talking about this.

This brings me onto my last point... I cannot show you the video now. It's not online and before it goes online, I have to edit it a lot since my gunger doesn't want his face to be in it.

What my computer looks like right now.

I hope you appreciate that editing 20 minutes of footage at a frame by frame rate is going to take me a while so please stop asking for it... It will be posted to the blog. You'll just have to wait.

17 October 2011

Messy Teaser

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Doesn't mean I'll answer them though...

15 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 08/12

After hurting me with the rubber bands, he rolled me onto my back and put a bin bag under my head. He asked if I want to know what it was like to be cum on. I nodded obediently.

Then I heard him take off his jeans and boxers before he knelt over my chest. I could tell that he was jerking off annoyingly close to my face, teasing that cockwhore in me...

Again, he asked if I wanted to get it in my face. I nodded obediently once more so he decided to cover my hair in talcum powder. He got off me and took a picture.

Whilst he was up, I could hear him going through my drawers, looking for something...

Then, he asked if I enjoyed it and wanted more. Of course, I nodded like an obedient slave and so he squirted something slimy over my hair and face which I later found out to be shower gel.

I knew that he was enjoying trashing my hair because he did it again with some shampoo. I clearly didn't mind either, that was until he did it again but with ketchup.

He knelt over me again and took another picture.

After that, he put the camera down because I could hear how aroused he was... but I refused to be a cockwhore no matter how much I wanted it.

As punishment, he did cum but without letting me see or taste his cock. Then, he forced me to clean myself up because he thought I was just disgusting.

After that, we were equals. We cuddled, watched a film together in bed and then went to sleep, mutually worshipping each others' feet.

Now, obviously I have to post parts 9, 10, 11 and 12. But since these happened the next day, I think you can wait a bit because the next day, we got up to some really fun stuff. Enjoy the blog in the mean time!

13 October 2011

On Coming Out - Part 5

Since my last coming out post, I have come out to a few friends who all accepted it in different ways. They were all supportive though

I also recently came out to my mother... The good news is that she still loves me.

The bad news is that she's a bit disappointed with the fact that I am gay.

Furthermore, she doesn't fully appreciate that I was born like this so she thinks that I chose to be like this, that I chose to have all the problems associated with homosexuality.

All she seems to know about homosexuality are the stereotypes; mostly the negative ones... I tried to educate her over the phone but she wouldn't listen to it.

After that I was feeling very depressed but after speaking to my friends, I felt a bit better. Right now, I do feel a bit down but I'm not going to do anything regrettable.

The blog shouldn't be affected and if I have to stop posting for a while, I will give you guys notice.

11 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 07/12

Mark stood up, walked across the room and picked something up. I had no idea what it was because, of course, I was blindfolded and he didn't want to tell me.

I was then quite surprised when put things over each foot which felt quite tight but painful. After a few seconds I realised that they were rubber bands. I started getting nervous.

He sat in front of me with his feet in my face and put all the rubber bands in the packet on my feet. I could tell what he was going to do next but there was nothing I could do to stop it.

After that, my soles were sore and slightly marked from where the rubber had pushed into my skin.

10 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 06/12

With my hair still wet with spit, he ordered me to lie on kneel on the bed and put my hands behind my back. Again, he blindfolded me with duct tape but I could figure out what he was doing by now.

So it was no surprise when he used rope to tie my wrists to my ankles so that I was kneeling in a hog-tie position.

Without warning, he pushed me over so that my face hit the bed and there was no way for me to get up again.

In this vulnerable position, he rolled me over and took several pictures of me for you all to see.

Eventually, he decided that I looked best on my front so that he could see my feet, his handiwork on my wrists and ankles and his mark written on my back.

Since he knows I'm such a cockwhore, he was even nice enough to put his crotch in my face.

Unable to move, I lied there... helpless... and wondering what he was going to do to me next.

09 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 05/12

After worshipping Mark's feet for a while, I didn't like it so I moved away from him. For this, I was swiftly punished.

He tied my wrists together with duct tape and proceeded to cover my whole face in duct tape, leaving only my nostrils free so I could breathe. Blindfolded and gagged, he forced me into the cage, threw me his stinky shoe to sniff and left me there.

After a while of smelling his shoe, I eventually fell asleep...

...little did I know that he was using this opportunity to spit on my chest to see if that would wake me up. It didn't.

He grabbed the camera, ensured that the flash was on and took a picture.

The sudden brightness woke me up immediately, I jumped up in a confused state and tried to work out what was going on.

After this, he opened the cage out of what I thought was pity. Then, he took out my pillow to leave me underneath him, helpless and unaware of what he was planning.

Suddenly, I felt my face and hair covered in something wet and cold. My Master had taken a massive amount of drink in his mouth, swirled it around for a few minutes and spat it all over me.

Out of pity this time, he took the duct tape off my face and took another picture of his pathetic little pup.

08 October 2011

I just wanted to say...

THANK YOU GUYS! Very recently, my videos reached 100,000 views!

To be honest, I'm surprised that I got this many views seeing as how I've only been making videos for 7 months. Also, most of my videos are unlisted. And I suppose that I do appeal to a very niche market.

Nevertheless, thank you! I suppose now that I'm on Xtube (oh sorry, didn't I mention that?) it'll be no time at all before I reach 1,000,000*

I think this proves that I have such a lot of awesome fans! After all, you guys are the main reason I started making videos and it's one of the reasons I still make them now... although I must admit, I still do the things I do because I love doing them.

So, once again, thank you guys so much. It's been an honour to entertain you.

*Massive sarcasm; if I do reach 1,000,000 videos views across all sites, I will be really surprised and may have to start wondering if I am actually a porn star in training.