29 September 2012

A couple of awesome sites!

Hey guys. Today, I have a couple of sites to share with you all.

Now, there any many sites which I come across and think are awesome but these two have actually featured me on them a few times!

Gay Foot Blog!

As the name might suggest, Gay Foot Blog is for guys who like looking at other guys' feet. The site features videos of twinks mostly so if you look through their archives, you'll find some content from me, even as far back as when I was only doing messy feet videos.

Their blog also has some videos of socks and shoes if bare feet aren't quite your thing. Plus, they have a mix of tame videos, and explicit videos that you won't find me posting on here any time soon.


Desmaenok.com is a site that covers a lot of other topics. Generally though, they have pictures and videos of young (often emo-looking) guys. In the past, they've shared a few some things of me in bondage or getting wet and messy but they don't have any feet stuff here.

The cool guys who run the site, share things that are more artistic than explicit. They also have videos and pictures featuring wetlook, sagging and geeks if you're into that sort of thing, plus a lot more.

I wrote this post today because I just wanted to thank the people who created these awesome sites for featuring me. And so, if you like the pictures and videos I post, I highly encourage you to check these guys out!

26 September 2012

Messy Feet on Face

Oliver, a friend of mine (also into WAM), visited me a couple of days ago. He sat down, made me lie on my back and served a couple of cupcakes to me:

By using his soles and toes to smear them with a tub of chocolate frosting and some whipped cream over my blindfolded and tape-gagged face.

I hope you like the video! For me it was a fantasy finally realised because, as a few of you know, I really like feet and getting messy.


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24 September 2012

Sitting on the Beach

Hey guys,today I have an extremely short video of me sitting on my beach whilst I let the waves wash over my feet. Enjoy!

This is my last short video from my holiday. The other America 2012 videos are longer than 15 minutes long each.

22 September 2012

Paralympics Panoramas

Hey guys, quite recently, I went to the Paralympic games!

I won't go into too much detail about it but I did quite a bit over 2 days, including:

  • Watching some track and field events in the Olympic Stadium
  • Sitting back and watching various events at Park Live
  • Getting free seats to Wheelchair Rugby in the Basketball Arena
  • And a lot of walking around the Olympic Park

Whilst I was there, I had to take my camera and I took over 100 pictures. Today though, I'm only going to share a few panoramas that I took of various locations which you can see below!

(Click on each picture to see a larger image)

Inside the Olympic Stadium at sunset

A crowd walking to and from events

Victory Ceremony seen at Park Live

Wheelchair Rugby at the Basketball Arena

20 September 2012

Walking on the Beach

Hey guys, today I just have a short video of me just walking on the beach showing off my toes and hairy legs in the Jamaican sun again. Enjoy!

17 September 2012

Sandy Feet on Rester

Hey guys, today I just have a short video today of me sitting back on a Jamaican beach, rubbing the sand off my toes and soles.

I don't really have much else to say, I hope you enjoy the video!

15 September 2012

Back to University

Hey guys, just to let you know, I'm moving back up North to university today!

I won't be in halls like last year; I'll be living in my own apartment (with my own bathroom and kitchen).

Now I must mention that I don't know how reliable my internet's going to be. Consequently, I may not be able to get online for a few days to blog and I may not be able to upload new videos at all.

Good news though! I have blog posts written up to September 26th and I have quite a few private videos already uploaded to YouTube and Xtube.

Obviously, I'll be filming more videos in my new place and if I can't upload new videos there, I will definitely do so when I'm back home for Christmas.

Take care guys, I should be back soon!

13 September 2012

5 Pies to the Face

Hey guys, today I have a video requested by daxpie8. He advised me to get my face and hair messy with 5 light-coloured things on paper plates which were:
  1. Melted marshmallows
  2. Shaving foam
  3. Custard
  4. Marshmallow fluff
  5. Mayonnaise
Although the last one was a bit nasty, I enjoyed making this video and I hope you enjoy watching it!

10 September 2012

Vans on the Beach

Hey guys, today I have a very short video for you all today.

One evening in Jamaica, I decided to sit back on the beach and with my camera pointed at my down, I filmed myself taking my Vans off just as the sun was setting.

I hope you enjoy it although don't worry, I have longer videos still to come.

08 September 2012


Hey guys, today I have don't have a video to share with you or some pictures but instead I'm briefly writing about a website to do with one of my "strange interests", puppy play.

A few months ago, one of my friends set up PuppyPlay.co.uk, a community-based website which like-minded guys and girls can join.

The site is being developed right now so there aren't many members, but anybody is welcome to create an account and network with others who are interested in the fetish.

Also I feel like I should mention, it's not just a site for pups, handlers / owners are also welcome.

I'm not writing about it to encourage all of you sign up to the site; I strongly suspect that most of you prefer my feet or WAM stuff over my puppy play stuff. If you're still reading though, I'm guessing that it at least vaguely interests you.

Furthermore, I'm not writing about it today just because I'm friends with the owner.

Instead, I'm mainly writing about it for 3 reasons:
  1. I think it's a good site for people into puppy play.
  2. I think that not enough people know about it.
  3. It could really benefit from a larger community.
Basically, if you like puppy play, please check it out.

In the words of the site owner himself:
It was set up due to my love of puppy play and I wanted somewhere people could share their experiences, pictures, videos, tips and tricks with each other.

06 September 2012

Sky Explorer Vans

Hey guys, today I have a bit of a random video for you all.

When I was in Jamaica, I went on a "sky explorer" which was basically a chairlift over the rainforest.

Instead of filming the wonderful view, I kept the camera pointed down at my Vans and hairy legs.

I hope some of you enjoy this video even if it is a bit different and I really hope that the video doesn't make you too nauseous...

03 September 2012

King Tut Task for TiedFeetGuy

Hey guys, today I another messy video for you all!

A while back, TiedFeetGuy set me the task of standing in my briefs, wrapping cling-film around my legs and pouring some ice cream inside.

So, when I was moving out of my university accommodation, I took my tub of ice cream out of the freezer and got filming.

I hope you enjoy the video even if I found it a little bit cold...