29 June 2012

Nightwing Costume

Last December, I posted about Nightwing.

The feedback I got was extremely positive, so over the next few months I worked on my costume. The expo / convention that I was making it for was actually a few weeks ago so I can show off what it looks like!

As I've been to this expo twice before, I knew that it would get very warm with lots of people in a poorly air-conditioned room on the hottest day of the year, so I sacrificed some of the costume's accuracy for comfort (I wasn't going to wear spandex in 27°C heat).

Also, I will be filming a video of myself wearing the costume at some point. I can't say when I'll be posting it but I'm aiming for earlier than, say, this December.

Also, I have to thank some people who helped out with the costume... Going from top to bottom:

TiedFeetGuy bought me a superhero mask for this costume. Although I got myself the one you see in the picture, I wanted to thank him anyway.

flying71ful bought me a long-sleeved t-shirt, although again I got a roll neck top slightly more similar to the original. Nevertheless, I wanted to thank him also.

puskin6 from YouTube was generous enough to get me the gloves and trousers as gifts, just asking for some sweaty socks in return so thanks a lot to him!

1000Howarth was the one who got me the boots and although I did thank both him and flying71ful, I do believe that I owe them.

And because a few people asked about them at the expo: The mask was bought off eBay. The top was originally just black but I added the logo (on the front and back) with blue fabric paint. The batons are cardboard tubes wrapped in black electrical tape.

If you have any requests for what I should do with the costume now, I'm open to suggestions, just leave a comment, message me or e-mail restwalk@hotmail.co.uk.

26 June 2012

Watering Plants

Hey guys, I don't know how many of you are aware of this but England has been hot. As a result, I've had to water the garden a lot more.

One particularly hot day a few weeks ago, I brought my camera along and decided to water the plants barefoot since I've had a few requests to get my feet muddy.

I also used this as an opportunity to use my new flip flops in a video. Since I was already wearing shorts, I thought they matched.

Although my feet didn't get quite as covered as I would have hoped, I still hope you enjoy the video:

22 June 2012

A Different Look

Hey guys, I have a number of things to show you in today's short video:
  1. The t-shirt from my 'Trashed With Paint' video. Since some people seemed to like seeing how the last t-shirt turned out, I decided I'd show you all how this one looked after it dried too.
  2. A superhero mask. This was a gift from TiedFeetGuy and was originally meant as part of my Nightwing costume (which I'll be posting more about in a week's time).
  3. My new haircut. This video was taken a weeks after the 'Trashed With Paint' video and a few days after I dressed up as Nightwing, which involved cutting some of that mop off my head.
  4. My garden. A few people have requested that I do public videos. I'm not up for that but I am however up for doing short videos in my garden when everybody else is asleep. Plus, the weather was really warm which helps.
Enjoy the video! Apologies for it being so short.

By the way, I look awkward in the video because I'm incredibly short-sighted and found it difficult to see the camera. Also, I really didn't want to spend too long outside in case one of my neighbours saw me.

19 June 2012

Trashed With Paint

Hey guys, a weeks ago when I was taking a break from exam revision, I got a message from olivergunge asking if I was up for a little messy session. Of course I said Yes and visited him that evening with a white t-shirt, black jeans, four bottles of paint and my camera.

The white t-shirt was a gift from the generous chalkstoned from SlaveBoys so thanks a lot to him!

15 June 2012

CB Task for TiedFeetGuy

Hey guys, do you remember how TiedFeetGuy used to occasionally set me tasks?

Well a few months ago, he got me the gift of a chastity belt and gave me the task of sleeping in it for 15 (non-consecutive) nights, which I managed to do between April and May.

Although I'm not going to let any of you know what my cock cable-tied into it looks like, I can let you hear the sound of it:

I'm hoping to do another video involving the CB at some point but I can't say when that will be; it'll probably be in late July / early August though.

12 June 2012

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Feet

A few weeks ago, an American fan was telling me about some candy called Reese's Peanut Butter Cups which I've never seen in the UK.

The idea of combining chocolate and peanut butter really interested me. So, I went to the supermarket; picked up jars of smooth peanut butter and chocolate spread; put a bin bag on the floor of my uni accommodation and had a bit of messy feet fun because it's been so long since I just got my feet messy for a video.


08 June 2012

Going to America

Hey guys. As the post title says, I'm off to the United States.

I'm actually leaving tomorrow. I'll be staying with family and I can't guarantee that I'll have internet so this may be goodbye for a few weeks!

Don't worry though; I've spent the last few weeks filming and blogging so that whilst I'm away, this blog will automatically post on Tuesdays and Fridays with at least one new video each week.

Whilst I'm on vacation I'll try to do some secret filming (of my feet especially) but you'll probably have to wait a couple of months for the videos.

That's pretty much all I have to say. If you message me, I will definitely get back to you at some point but if I don't reply for a few weeks, now you know why.

Take care guys,
Dylann W

05 June 2012

Feet Painted Purple

Hey guys, some of you messy feet fans may be experiencing déjà vu right about now. That's because this isn't a new video; it's actually a fairly old one that I filmed and uploaded before I even went to uni.

The reason why I'm posting it again now is because I had to delete the original video from YouTube for some personal reasons. And before you ask, everything's fine now, which is why I can post the video again.


On a related note, if do you like my messy feet stuff, you can now view all posts labelled 'messy feet' on this blog or check out the playlist of those videos (including the unlisted ones) from YouTube:

By the way, the fact that I posted this video with red, white and blue paint has nothing to do with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! For those of you curious, I do not care about the Royal Family at all; just because I'm British, doesn't mean I'm patriotic.

01 June 2012


A rainbow flag badge on a Vans shoe.

Today is the beginning of LGBT Pride Month in America. As a result, it got me thinking about how proud I am to be gay and honestly, I'm not fully there.

Those of you who read my 'coming out' posts will know that the last few months haven't been great for me. At the time of writing: my mother's okay but not completely happy with my sexuality, I'm not out to all of my friends yet and I'm completely closeted to all other family members.

I'm not going to any Pride events this June either (though you'll see why next week) but I do want to go to a parade in the future; maybe next year. I'd also like to visit a gay club at some point but I'd rather go with someone I know, so that might have to wait a bit.

For the future, I'm planning on coming out to more people at university. Although I'm not in the closet at university, most people on my course still just assume that I'm straight. I suppose I should also come out to my friends although it's a bit difficult since some of them know my less-accepting family (who I don't want tell about my sexuality just yet).

Anyway, I hope all you LGBT readers have a fun Pride Month and even though I won't particularly enjoy it, June 2013 should be better.