31 December 2015

Showing Off Sports Kit

On the final day of 2015, I have one more video for you all.

This one features me showing off my body and feet, as well as a white sports kit - consisting of football shirt, shorts, long socks and shoes.

Some of you may notice that this was the football kit I got messy earlier in July. That's because I filmed this on the night before that wet and messy performance. Although I've washed it several since then, the kit remains slightly stained with cake frosting.

Take care guys, and see you in 2016
Dylann W

30 December 2015

Dirty Bare Soles

Continuing my series of dominant videos, here's one of my soles covered in dirt and dust. As I was renovating a room at the time of filming, I decided to show off what my feet looked like after working barefoot on bare floorboards for a couple of hours.

Throughout the video, I'm checking my phone. Towards the end, I even take a few pictures of the tops of my feet and toes. Here's one of them:

As I'm posting new content, a few people have also asked me if I'm going to be posting more wet and messy videos in the future. While I'd like to, I no longer have my own bathroom and would really have to do it elsewhere. Consequently I have no plans to post more WAM videos, but I'm not against the idea.

Dylann W

29 December 2015

Bare Feet in Boots Crushing

As today is Day 2 of "Dominant Video Week", I have another treat for you all boot slaves. This time, me crushing two Vans' shoeboxes, with the Dr Martens and my bare sweaty feet (while I remain sockless throughout).

I hope you enjoy today's video and stay tuned to the blog and YouTube for more!

Dylann W

28 December 2015

Being Ignored by DMs

As today marks the beginning of the last week of 2015, and because today is a special day for a certain someone (not myself), and because I've not updated my blog for a while, I've decided to do 5 days of new content! From today to 1 January 2016, I plan on posting a dominant video each day of the week.

Today's video is simply of me washing up while wearing a pair of black leather Doc Martens boots, completely ignoring you the viewer as I do.


You can check this blog for more updates later in the week, or subscribe to restwalker on YouTube to get notified when I upload the new videos.

Take care guys,
Dylann W

29 September 2015

Cash Between my Sweaty Feet

Although many slaves requested a financial domination / cash master style video, this video is for one individual in particular. They know who they are.

After a long day out, I return to my flat, lie on my bed, and throw my wallet and dirty Vans on the desk.

When I take off the trainers, you can see my dirty Sk8erboy socks, and the creases formed by having them in my sweaty shoes.

Next, I take the sweaty socks off my feet and bare them for you all to see. At this point, I take the money of my wallet and place a £20 note between each of my dexterous toes.

Lastly I rub my soles over the money before ending with some middle finger flipping off and spit in your face.

As always if you want to contact me, leave a comment below or send an email to restwalk@hotmail.co.uk

(PS: More conventional dominant videos coming soon!)

24 July 2015

Messy Performance at Fetish Week London 2015 with Photos by Chris Jepson

Hey guys,

As those of you who use Recon or follow restwalker on Twitter may know, last week was Fetish Week London 2015 - 7 days of kinky fun in the capital of England. The week involves many social activities and sleazy club nights for gay and bi men throughout the city.

One annual tradition is the Fetish Dinner, a chance to dine with deviants at one of the best restaurants in the city. The honour of hosting this year's dinner was given to COUNTER at the Vauxhall Arches, a fantastic bar and brasserie with superb food and welcoming staff. If you're in London and get the chance to eat there, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

In previous years, this event has just been an opportunity to get some good food with a bunch of friendly fellow kinksters. This year, COUNTER decided to put on a bit of a show with a couple of surprising elements between courses - and invited me along!

After some terrine for starters, rope suspension bondage from The Puppeteer for entertainment, and pan-fried halibut for the main course, it was time for dessert. Two massive cream cakes were wheeled out, topped with Recon-inspired black and red cream. In my pristine white Adidas football kit, I climbed onto the bar and things got a bit wet and messy...

When the performance was done, I took off my shoes and socks (so as not to mess up the clean floor), and walked to the local sauna covered head to toe in cake frosting gunge - scaring and confusing the people of Vauxhall along the way. After a long shower to get myself and the football kit clean, I returned to the restaurant to enjoy eating the dessert that was left.

Thanks to Recon for organising this event, and the other awesome events as part of Fetish Week London 2015.

Thanks to Chris Jepson for taking the spectacular photographs above, and for giving me permission to share them on my blog. You can see more of his photos from the Fetish Dinner, FWL2015, and other events on Manshooter.com - I really recommend his portfolio if you like the more artistic stuff I post.

Thanks to all of the staff at COUNTER for providing such excellent food, being so open-minded, and for cleaning up afterwards. I would especially like to thank the restaurant owner for giving me the opportunity to do this performance art in the first place.

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended the Fetish Dinner for making it a fun night out, and for participating in sploshing me with cake, and licking me clean.

I have no more fetish performances planned, but if anybody wants a gay exhibitionist twink to put on a kinky show, act as a performance artist, or be a model (messy or otherwise), my email address is:


Take care guys,

Dylann W

20 July 2015

Nightwing Cosplay at Gay Pride

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago, I asked you all to help me choose a raccoon outfit for the 2015 Pride in London Parade. I also said that if enough people commented, I would post pictures of the slightly kinky outfit I wore in the 2014 Parade.

Seeing as how that became one of my most commented blog posts... here are pictures with me in my casual Nightwing costume (black t-shirt with blue Nightwing insignia, and black superhero mask):

I know the costume's not as good as my other Nightwing costume, but I wanted to wear something comfortable for my first outing to an LGBT Pride event.

Special thanks to Kye and the rest of the Puppy Pride walking group for making the Parade fun despite the awful weather. Additional thanks to all the photographers, who own their respective copyrights to these pictures.

Three years ago, I said that I wasn't fully proud to be gay. Today I'm still not necessarily proud to be gay. However, I am happy with most of my characteristics... including the fact that I am one of many millions of men who like other men.

Over the next few weeks, I plan on posting raccoon outfit pictures from this year's Parade and a backlog of dominant videos.

Leave a comment letting me know what you think of these pictures, and which new content you'd like me to post first!

Take care guys,

Dylann W

24 June 2015

London Pride - Vote for your favourite raccoon outfit!

Hey guys, this Saturday (27 June) is when the 2015 Pride in London Parade will be taking place. Like last year, I will be walking with a group... except this time I'd like your feedback on which outfit I should wear.

As I will be marching with some kinky pups and handlers, I have decided to go as a raccoon - as animals go, I think it's a better fursona than a Jack Russell Terrier.

Below are pictures of the two raccoon outfits I'm considering. Leave a comment below saying whether you prefer the left or the right!

As I said before, leave a comment below saying which option you prefer and why. I will read all of the comments and see about posting pictures of me in the Parade after this Saturday.

As a bonus incentive... if enough people comment, I promise to post pictures of the slightly kinky outfit I wore in the 2014 Parade.

As always, take care guys. I hope to see some of you at the Parade.

Dylann W

EDIT: Pride in London 2015 is now over. Pictures of me in costume coming soon.

25 February 2015

No more porn on Blogger

Hey guys,

I'm quite busy so I'll be brief.

Recently, Google emailed me regarding an update to their content policy. You can read the full details of the content policy update if you want but it can be summarised in the following quote:

Starting March 23, 2015, you won't be able to publicly share images and video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity on Blogger.

Although I do host this blog on Blogger, the update should not affect me. This blog has never (and probably will never) feature sexually explicit content. Although a lot of my content is sexually suggestive, the update does not have anything to say about this.

In case Google considers my blog sexually explicit, you can keep up to date with my plans on other websites. Me and Google have had an unstable relationship, which is why I moved a lot of my videos from YouTube to Xtube a few years ago. In case Google decides that my blog violates their content policy without properly looking at my blog first, my blog will not longer be publicly visible. If this does happen, you should consider following me on other websites and social networks (links are at the top of the page).

I will post an announcement as restwalker on YouTube or restwalker on Xtube if necessary. I would recommend subscribing to me on those sites, just in case. If I decide to host my blog elsewhere, I will certainly try to make it known.

Personally, I am against this update. I don't understand why Google is doing this, I think the current system of warning users that a blog "may contain content only suitable for adults" is good enough. Maybe Google will change their mind, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Take care guys,
Dylann W

EDIT: Google has changed their mind and won't be doing this. You can read more on the BBC News website.

18 January 2015

Replying to Messages

Hey guys,

This is a boring post just to say that I have replied to all of your emails and messages on YouTube, Xtube, Twitter, and SlaveBoys!

If you're still waiting on a reply from me, please contact me again. I've probably marked your message as read without realising.

The best way to contact me is via email (restwalk@hotmail.co.uk). Emails are the easiest for me to manage and maintain, so they're less likely to be accidentally dismissed.

You can still contact me on the other websites I listed. You can find me as:

To all of you, I apologise for the delay. I'll try to be more prompt next time.

Take care,
Dylann W