05 February 2012

Sticky Teaser - Part 2

Hey guys, guess what... I've finished editing the video!

Actually, a confession: I finished editing the video before I posted the first teaser of it.

Why then didn't I put the Xtube video in that teaser post? Well, there are 3 reasons:
  1. I'm a bastard that just loves to tease you all.
  2. Xtube hadn't processed the video by the time that the post was scheduled.
  3. I hadn't gotten [NAME REMOVED]'s permission to post it yet.
However... whilst I'm writing this, the video is working fine on Xtube and [NAME REMOVED] is entirely happy for me to post it to my blog!

...So why isn't the Xtube video in this post? This time, there are only 2 reasons:
  1. I'm still an evil teasing bastard.
  2. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the edit of it.
Right now, the video features some jerking off (in boxers, calm down) and me with [NAME REMOVED]'s tongue down my throat.

Although I'm not against showing pictures of those things as I think I've just proven, I'm not sure if I want to show it in a video. Consequently, I may end up editing the video so that you just see our feet in the mess whilst that's happening. I guess we'll see...

Whatever happens with the video though, I promise to have a post featuring the +7 minute video on my blog on Saturday so look out for it!

Between now and then I'm going to be posting my last two 'thank you' posts and maybe something about the weather to break them up.

Finally though, just a few more answers to questions (if you have any more, ask them in the comments, I'll answer them in the comments section too):
  • For people that now think I'm really tall, please note that I'm only 5 foot 5.
  • I'm not telling you his name! But when I post the full video, I'll tell you. I'll also link you to his blog and Xtube page although he's got content on a few other mature sites...
  • No photographs were taken. The pictures I have posted so far are just stills from the one HD video that was filmed with my camera on a tripod.


  1. thank you for even willing to post the teaser vids ..I know who the other guys is in the video and let me tel you hes an absolute SWEETHEART <3!!I cant wait until you guys post the video :) !!wait i hope u do post the video on your blog or xtube !!im a HUGE FAN OF YOU BOTH :) !!Thanx again :) -rubberoy

  2. Looks very promising :D. But is the guy your (soon to be) boyfriend? Or is he just another guy who loves to get messy? I hope for you it's the first one ^.^

    Anyway, love to see the whole video. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun :D

  3. Been waiting all day, mate LOL. No vid :-( It's Saturday.

  4. mmm carnt wait for another vid and wouldnt mind getting messey with you !!