01 May 2012

I am not a smoker.

Before some of you ask about how I'm not a smoker and yet I'm clearly smoking in that video, calm down; that cigarette was free of tar, tobacco and nicotine.

I've never smoked a real cigarette in my life and I don't intend to. I assume you know the reasons not to smoke so I'll spare you all.

If this video makes you feel like smoking, don't watch it. Thanks.


  1. I want that you do a video where your feet are under chair, and you show us your wrinkled feet... Next video, I hope you will do it soon slave.

    1. You're not my Master... I don't have to listen to you.

      I might follow your suggestion though - we'll see.

  2. Awesome video dylann, nice smoking action - it suits you - makes you pout a bit which shows some nice neck tone.
    You barefeet look totally dreamy as usual, sexy wrinled soles i want to stroke and caress, sexy succulent toes I want to suck and play with and a nice flash of your oh so defined tops.
    Look lovely with your vans back on as you leave the bed, showing nice flesh between vans and jeans ... very sexy