20 August 2012

Soles From the Balcony

Hey guys, today I have another video from that balcony. In this one, I just sit back and give you the pleasure of getting to see my soles. Enjoy...


  1. Hi Dylann, it looks as though you had some great times on your holidays - so nice one, hope it was as enjoyable as it looks in your videos. i'm loving all the feet videos you have posted lately - i'm very much excited by your barefeet they are very very nice and sexy, lovelt roes, lovely tops and of course soles - and you do some lovely things with them the way they move etc, i find them totally tantalising. i'd still love an opportunity to get my hands ( and a couple of other things ) on them to worship and massage, caress, rub, lick, suck kiss, bathe ,stroke, tickle etc ... how would you like some feathers twisled between your sexy toes in an attempt to tickle them and make them wriggle ... you could force me to worship them too ...

  2. HOLA guy . Me gustan tus videos y la forma de tus cosas. Ee sigo siempre.