25 January 2013

Gunged in Blue Boxers

Hey guys, today I have a very messy and slightly more sexual-than-normal video...

Not so long ago, I got a request to wear a very specific pair of bright blue Calvin Classic boxers before gunging myself in the shower.

Since I hadn't done a wet and messy video, I was happy to oblige. So after I went shopping, I put on that tight pair of underwear and emptied a tin of custard, a bottle of chocolate sauce, a jar of golden syrup, a bottle of strawberry sauce and a tin of treacle over my head and body.

I was having so much fun filming this, I decided to be a little bit more 'playful with myself' at certain moments and decided to do something different at the end of the vid.

I hope you enjoy the video and if you like the 'playful' parts of it, do let me know...



  1. For sure, i like the "playful" parts of it. If you are into wet and messy play we all know that being "playful" is a big part of it, so why not show us how much fun you are having...Great vid by the way.

  2. i agree with wetma1.

  3. You are an interesting guy. Nice bod and great bulge.
    Like when you gag your self. Bound and gagged hot guys are hot.

  4. This is my favourite video of yours, but not even just because of the 'playful' bits in it. The stuff you use for gunging is amazing and you look incredible in it.

    Wish you'd dom me and gunge me like that some time. *can but dream*

  5. Love the video!

    Would you ever do a boxers only video where you just wet yourself? Totally understand if you say no, cos it isn't everyone's thing but it'd be really hot ;)

  6. Love your vid. It be sweet to see how you look with your CB on, it be a tease lol.

  7. this vid is sooooo hot!
    it shows what fun guys can have only with a few hot stuff.
    very sexy