01 March 2013

Upcoming Video Schedule

Hey guys, I hope you've all enjoyed the few teasers I've been posting over the last week and a bit...

As a treat for you all, I'm going to share my video schedule for March, to let you know what to expect and (hopefully) when to expect it.

Weekday DD/MM - Video Content 
Wednesday 06/03 - Bastinado
Wednesday 13/03 - Messy in Footie Kit Part 1
Saturday 16/03 - Messy in Footie Kit Part 2
Saturday 23/03 - Scally Treacle Quiz Part 1
Tuesday 26/03 - Scally Treacle Quiz Part 2
Friday 29/03 - Scally Treacle Quiz Part 3

Some of you may be wondering why I'm splitting up 2 videos into 5 parts. The reason for this is because Xtube has a file size limit of 500mb.

Since my videos are in high-definition, if they are longer than about 20-30 minutes, I have to split them up so that I can compress them to this limit before uploading.

The reason why I'm uploading each video part a few days before the next one is because I'm a bit of a tease.

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  1. omg finally Bastinado!! thank you so much i love ou i cant wait to see it!!