01 July 2013

Would you pay for my videos?

Hey guys, it's been a while.

I'm not going to resume regular blogging just yet; I've had some personal issues to deal with and I'm still in the process of sorting all of them out. Don't worry though, I'm okay.

As today's blog post title might suggest, I'm writing because I have a question: Would you pay for my videos? Before I get a lot of questions, I want to explain a few things:

I am not deleting any of my current videos and making you pay to watch them again. I made those videos for you to enjoy them for free and unless something unforeseen happens, they will remain online for free.

I am not completely broke. I wouldn't do this because I need the money; I have enough to live in reasonable comfort. The main reason why I'd sell my videos, is to fund more expensive ones in the future.

I don't know if I'm doing this. At this stage, this is still just an idea I had when I was looking through my comments and messages.

The videos I get the most compliments about tend to be those with higher budgets, whether it was for a brand new pair of designer underwear, or a few lbs of sticky food, or train tickets so that I could do videos with other guys. I think that with a bit of help from you guys, I could film even better videos than the ones I've already produced.

With all this in mind, please let me know what you think by voting here. If you have any comments or questions, leave them below or feel free to email me at restwalk@hotmail.co.uk

I'm very interested to know what you think...

Thanks for reading,
Dylann W


  1. I don't think is a good way to pay for your videos, but it could be better to donate to encourage you to do videos, that's my opinion...

    1. I've looked at a number of ways for people to donate in the past.

      My Amazon wishlist has the best option I've found so far but:

      - It means that I'm unlikely to get donated expensive things (unless a few people are extremely generous)

      - I can't buy certain a lot of things on Amazon, including but not limited to train tickets as I mentioned in the blog post

      - For various reasons, I can't have people buying things off my wishlist for most of the year

      - A lot of things, especially food to get messy with, are cheaper to buy in a supermarket

      Also, I've yet to find any ways for people to donate money, which won't be problematic for one reason or another. If you have any specific suggestions here, please let me know.

  2. would you give us trailers and pictures from the videos?

    1. I would definitely post stills from the videos.

      I suppose I could also make trailers for people to decide if they want to pay for the full thing.

  3. Most guys seem to get turned away by pay videos....but if they know the person doing the vid,,,as we already know you,,i think you might be ok asking for payment. My personal choice is to donate but it has to be a convenient method. Either way you decide,,count on me.

  4. Your vids are great, but I wouldn't be able to afford vids since Im not makin much money, I would if I could afford it. If you decide to get paid for your vids, would you still be able to make some vids that would still be free on a very low budget or be non budget at all? it doesn't have to be big or anything. Anyways I hope your doing alright, I have a few personal issues aswell by the things that are happenin In my life, hope all is well for ya. I have big heart for everyone.

  5. Personally I wouldn't. I do really enjoy them but the "one reason or another" a lot of the time seems to come down to you being scared someone will see them and recognise you (which I'm guessing they already could) and/or your issues around your sexuality.

    Try finding more ways to let people simply donate to you, or perhaps, create a kickstarter project and you can decide what people get rewarded with. So like people donating £5 would maybe get some advanced pics of your videos, people who donate £20 maybe get to to dictate what video you do? That would be better than a wholesale cutting people off.

  6. glad to hear you're ok Dylann - I've been a fan of your vids for a while :)
    I'd agree with the other posts on here, donation is the best way to go - perhaps via PayPal? then as has been suggested here too higher donations could result in requests being accepted.

    look forward to seeing some new videos whatever the deal for them.

    take it easy

  7. As long as there would still be some free stuff for us who can't really always afford extra for every one, but if I had extra or just donation stuff it would totally be great, anything to help the possibility of bigger better bondagey messy stuff! Oh and if you ever make a tarred(treacle'd?)-and-feathered video I'd throw my wallet in for it

  8. Pay for no face, no dick, tease vids? Sorry, show some dick if you want a donation. You're not cute enough to get money for nothing.

    1. Right. Dylann should assume all the risk and time required to make these videos for our gratification, and you should get all the spoils. You're offensive. Move along.

      You have my support if you decide to switch to the pay-per-video route.

    2. Fuck you Catbert