17 July 2014

A brief update

Hey guys,

I'm writing this to let you know that I'm still alive and planning on writing future blog posts.

I've been rather busy with work lately, but there should be new content on this blog (including pictures and videos) at some point in the future.

I'm also writing to let you know that my personality has changed somewhat over the last few months. I still identify as a switch, but have become considerably more dominant. Consequently, I will be posting less submissive WAM videos and puppy play videos, and more dominant videos. I hope you guys don't mind.

As always, if you want to get in touch: you can leave a comment on any of my blog posts and I will read it; or you can send me an email at restwalk@hotmail.co.uk (I apologise if it takes me a while to reply).

Thanks guys, for being so patient.

Take care,
Dylann W

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