24 June 2015

London Pride - Vote for your favourite raccoon outfit!

Hey guys, this Saturday (27 June) is when the 2015 Pride in London Parade will be taking place. Like last year, I will be walking with a group... except this time I'd like your feedback on which outfit I should wear.

As I will be marching with some kinky pups and handlers, I have decided to go as a raccoon - as animals go, I think it's a better fursona than a Jack Russell Terrier.

Below are pictures of the two raccoon outfits I'm considering. Leave a comment below saying whether you prefer the left or the right!

As I said before, leave a comment below saying which option you prefer and why. I will read all of the comments and see about posting pictures of me in the Parade after this Saturday.

As a bonus incentive... if enough people comment, I promise to post pictures of the slightly kinky outfit I wore in the 2014 Parade.

As always, take care guys. I hope to see some of you at the Parade.

Dylann W

EDIT: Pride in London 2015 is now over. Pictures of me in costume coming soon.


  1. The one on the right. Less kitty like. Don't want all the pups chasing the kitty up the nearest tree.

  2. My first reaction was for the gray stripped outfit... but I like the muzzle and the "I bite" shirt (and ears), so I vote for that. But they're both pretty good.

    Hope to hear more about what you've been up to lately! Enjoy Pride.

  3. Mrdirty_secret24 June 2015 at 20:06

    left, love the little ears and face mask

  4. left is cuter!

  5. Right. The knee braces, the gloves - both look better. And the tail - looks much better with the lighter pants. But maybe move the ears over from the left outfit. That would look better.

  6. U look good in both BUUUUUUT LEFT is best for belt and ears

  7. Left outfit gets my vote :-) especially if you're hands are going to be tied up like the first pic ;-)