09 March 2016

BulkPoppers.co.uk - The safe and confidential way to buy poppers by the tray

Hey guys, this is a brief and utterly shameless plug for BulkPoppers.co.uk - the safe and confidential way to buy poppers by the tray.


I have not been asked to write this blog post, nor do I get paid directly for writing it or for any sales from it. I have however been helping out with the branding, marketing and design of the website, and figured it couldn't hurt to promote the website some more.


The website stocks a range of aromas, and delivers them throughout the UK at very cheap prices.

Poppers are legal to sell in the UK until 6 April 2016. After that, the legal highs ban will cause the website to stop trading. If you're under 18, you shouldn't be buying poppers, or looking at my blog for that matter!

So if you're an adult who likes poppers and lives in the UK, now's a good time to stock up with BulkPoppers.co.uk

More sales also increase the likelihood of me getting more freelance gigs like this, so it'll help me out too.

For everybody else: I stumbled across some not-yet-uploaded dominant videos on my hard drive. You can look forward to those in the near future...

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