20 April 2012

Digital Evolution

Since I started blogging in August of last year, I've written a lot of blog posts and received hundreds of messages and comments.

Recently though, I've noticed that more people are starting to contact me, not just with kind words about the videos and occasional photographs that I produce but, about other things such as relationships and coming out.

It's not like I mind receiving these messages at all, I just think it's interesting how my blog has evolved from a way for me to make my videos publicly available with little risk of them being removed by flaggers; to a network of sorts, where people can visit the blog, read about my experiences and exchange their own.

I'd also like to briefly say to all the people that ask me for advice: I can try to help but almost everything I write about is based on my own personal experiences. I don't know what to do in every situation and I can't determined how a scenario will play out.

I will say though that if you're reading this and you find yourself faced with a problem, I hope that you can overcome it.

Good luck.

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