24 July 2012

Video Relocation, Work & Gifts

Hey guys,

First of all, I've moved some of my old videos to Xtube again! I'm not going to embed any of them on the blog because none of them are anything new. Having said that, if you're looking for a specific video that appears to now be private, the list of re-uploaded videos follows:

Now, these aren't all of my privated videos. There are 6 more which I've been unable to upload to Xtube for technical reasons. I will try to upload these videos will be uploaded to restwalker's GayBoysTube page and if that doesn't work... well I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Secondly, I now have a job! I can't say too much about it but if all goes to plan, I should be developing a website and maintaining it for a few months for a creative company. I really won't be getting paid much since I've only just finished my first year of university but it should be enough to buy a few books and DVDs.

Finally, a few people mentioned that my wish list was made private. This was because I didn't want anything to show up whilst I was on holiday. However now that I'm back in England, I can so my wish list is now public again!

As I've said before, gifts aren't necessary but massively appreciated; I'll continue to post new content whilst I'm able to.

That's all for now. I currently have 20 posts of new content to write up so I will be posting two or three times a week starting from July 30th. I hope you'll enjoy them!

Take care guys,
Dylann W

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