03 July 2012

Behind The Mask

Hey guys, since I started making videos, some people have wanted to know what I look like. The reason why I don't show my face without it being obscured by shaving foam, duct tape, paint, masks, etc. is in case one of my friends stumbles across the things I do and recognises me.

Nevertheless at the expo, I came up with a way to show you all what I look like without showing my face:

The expo had a lot of people doing sketches, inking, etc. so I decided to have one done of myself. The brilliant artist who did this in about 10 minutes was Sally Jane Thompson, I highly recommend that you check out her website.

I'll admit that I was tempted to leave my Nightwing mask on with the roll neck top although I decided against it because you'll get a video of me masked soon enough.

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