03 February 2013

ToeGasms and Restwalker

Hey guys, today's video is my most sexual yet.

Not so long ago Joe, the webmaster of ToeGasms.com, messaged me and said that he liked my videos and my feet...

As I was a fan of a ToeGasms (after stumbling across a few of their videos on the web), I was very honoured to hear this! So when the topic came to the idea of me filming a video in a similar style, I was bit apprehensive at first but happy to do so - especially after receiving so much positive feedback on the playing with myself in my last video.

So, although you don't get to see everything, I hope you enjoy seeing my feet as I jerk off on my bed although I will just say one thing... don't get to used to this; I'm going to be a slightly less sexual in my next few uploads.


PS: This is the best camera angle I could find without showing the tops of my toes too much or what was going on underneath that pillow. I'm sorry you don't get to see my soles as much as normal but I do have other feet videos you can watch for that instead.

PPS: This video has been online for a couple of days. I deliberately didn't post it immediately to give people who check restwalker on Xtube a chance to discover and watch it first.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, man! That is so hot, seeing your toes spreading as you climax.