06 January 2012

On Coming Out - Part 8

I'm writing about this a bit sooner than I thought I would because I've been receiving a few concerned messages... but basically I'm feeling a lot better.

I saw my bisexual crush two days ago (with a few other hundred people at a social event) and he now knows I'm gay. He thinks I'm a nice guy, as a bisexual he admits that he's more heterosexual than homosexual and that he fancies a few girls.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed but I got over it very quickly. I've had crushes on straight guys before and I've learned how to move on. I think now that I've dealt with having feelings for him, we're able to be friends. I won't see him much but when I do, I won't be afraid to go up to him and chat.

In other news... my mother's still rather annoying. Having said that, I think she's realised that she's done some things and so she has tried to make an effort. She's tried to talk about gay issues and ask if I've met anyone, she happily accepted a "not really" by the way. So with that said, I'm relieved. Things between us could be better but I appreciate that they will be, one day.

To everyone that's sent me concerned messages, thank you very much but trust me, I'm in a good place now.

Oh, it's likely that I won't be posting anything for a little while anyway since I have a 3500 word essay due on the 12th. After that, not much is planned that I haven't already mentioned.


  1. She'll come around. Just takes time. Just remember, ultimately, she is your mother and does love you.

    Much love and always on your side,

  2. ive got a realy simlier situation.ive only come out to a few friends but not my best mate who i have a massive crush for.i think he might be gay to he makes comments like i love yr skull ect is that a sign help me.we do lots togeather take away the crush and we are still bests mates i dont want to lose our friendship. i realy want to be open but i dont know how to tell him and if he isnt people are going to speculate what we have been up to they joke about us now.being openly gay is pretty big thing in nelson new zealand tho my mates who know have been pretty good i was a bit shocked they never guessed .anyway i think i should come out to him but doing it is pretty hard aye hope i find the guts like you did ill be in the uk soon so dont want to put if off to long.

  3. i'm having real trouble telling my crush best mate I'm gay.i meet him last year and from our first meet we started doing every together.i think he might have a crush on me to he sticks to me at parties like some amazing glue. once he held my head and said he likes my skull is that a sign help.a few good mates now know i'm gay but telling hims hard. i know hes not a bigot he always says nice thing bout gay people.the problem is our mates joke about us now and i know he doesn't like it so if i come out to him i'm afraid hes not going to see me much after that which would really hurt me hes my best mate and scared we wont hang out after that .on the other hand we might be closer.ill be going to the uk in a few months i want to tell him before i go but don't know how.hope i find a way like you did