27 January 2012

Ridiculously Late Thank Yous - Part 1

First things first, people who got me gifts: Thank you. I know I should have written this post months ago but... well, honestly, I have no excuse; I'm just a lazy git. With that said, I'll just get on with continuing my thanks from last year.

First of all, I'm thanking 'sampepper' because he sent me a lot more than I was expected to get.

Choke collar from sampepper

I got this collar before I really got into puppy play; I just wore it in videos because of my submissive nature. Now I've found that a collar is a really good way to show that I'm owned by Master Mark. Having said that,  TiedFeetGuy has still made me wear it a few times when I've filmed tasks for him such as this one:

Dog bowl from sampepper

My previous description of the collar still applies here, I got it to be submissive with although I've since acted like a puppy with it too. Due to the fact that it can contain liquid, I've found it a lot more useful since I can get messy with it. Also, because it's large enough for me to stick my face in it, I've filled it with custard and ketchup (see above), gravy and dog food to get messy:


Cable-ties from sampepper

These cable ties have been particularly useful for my self-bondage since I only need 2 to handcuff myself. Anybody rubbish at rope-tying, that likes their bondage to have an improvised / kidnapesque look: I highly recommend that you get a pack. Plus, you don't have to worry about losing the key, as long as you keep a pair of scissors nearby...

Duct tape from sampepper

I must say that like the cable-ties - duct tape is a must for anybody who has even the slightest kidnap fantasy. I've found that it has a range of uses, from improvised handcuffs to an effective blindfold. (Slight warning, if you've got a lot of hair on your skin, your experiences with duct tape could be a lot more painful than mine.) Having said that, I still think that duct tape looks great, especially when it's being used to keep me in my place.

Boxer shorts from sampepper

This gift has hardly any practical uses but I must say that I really like them. They're extremely comfortable and they're definitely the most impressive pair of underwear I have in my opinion although I'm aware that some of you like seeing me in incredibly small briefs. Hopefully I'll get more wear out of them, even if I can't strip out of them in a dominant fashion.

I'll be posting more thank yous later but broken up with other content posts. Also, if you want to get me something from Amazon.co.uk then don't. My wish list is staying hidden until I've thanked everyone. I don't need or deserve anything else right now.


  1. Careful, there's a huge snake inside your shorts...LOL

  2. I actually never knew the underwear was a gift. That was a very sexy choice... I may have to find something similar for myself. ;)

  3. Thank you for all the praise Dylann...

    I told Master Robin about this and he demanded that I show my gratitude in some way back to you for thanking his slave in public like you did. I am trying to come up with something that I can do for you. He set a deadline for me to have this task completed so I will probably be sending you a private email thinking you in some way by the end of the next week. I have to submit my idea to him for his approval first before I can send it to you....but I will come up with something good I hope. If I don't the punishment will be harsh....;)