29 January 2012

Taking a Risk

I don't know if any of you have seen my new and 'improved' YouTube channel recently but I've made a few of my videos public today. If nobody falsely flags any of these videos by Wednesday then I will make more public and I'll also film a new video which I may or may not make public, depending on the video's content.

Anyway guys, I think it's about time that I asked for some feedback on what I should do next. I think I've done enough WAM (wet and messy) videos and enough videos of my bare feet to last you guys a while. So right now, I'm thinking that I should do more videos focusing on something else.

Right now, I'm considering more videos of me in socks or shoes, or maybe another wetlook video or even a video acting submissively. If you want to suggest a non-messy video which doesn't focus on my bare feet, please comment on this post, I'd appreciation the advice. Hopefully I should have a new video on the blog before next Friday and if I don't you can tell me off.


  1. A wet vid would be so cool. Nice baggy shorts. Wet shoes and socks. mmmm.... Snoopy on Gungezone.

  2. would be nice to see a video of you pissing on yourself for exaple in shower or whenever you want and then licking the piss of the floor etc

  3. Why not do all three...

    A wet-look video, while being submissive....with socks and shoes on!!!

    Drowning in the bathtub, maybe???

    Skinny jeans, tight "T", studded belt, choker collar, handcuffs,...the works...in a bathtub full of water....drowning???

    Sorry, my imagination is running away again....