29 June 2012

Nightwing Costume

Last December, I posted about Nightwing.

The feedback I got was extremely positive, so over the next few months I worked on my costume. The expo / convention that I was making it for was actually a few weeks ago so I can show off what it looks like!

As I've been to this expo twice before, I knew that it would get very warm with lots of people in a poorly air-conditioned room on the hottest day of the year, so I sacrificed some of the costume's accuracy for comfort (I wasn't going to wear spandex in 27°C heat).

Also, I will be filming a video of myself wearing the costume at some point. I can't say when I'll be posting it but I'm aiming for earlier than, say, this December.

Also, I have to thank some people who helped out with the costume... Going from top to bottom:

TiedFeetGuy bought me a superhero mask for this costume. Although I got myself the one you see in the picture, I wanted to thank him anyway.

flying71ful bought me a long-sleeved t-shirt, although again I got a roll neck top slightly more similar to the original. Nevertheless, I wanted to thank him also.

puskin6 from YouTube was generous enough to get me the gloves and trousers as gifts, just asking for some sweaty socks in return so thanks a lot to him!

1000Howarth was the one who got me the boots and although I did thank both him and flying71ful, I do believe that I owe them.

And because a few people asked about them at the expo: The mask was bought off eBay. The top was originally just black but I added the logo (on the front and back) with blue fabric paint. The batons are cardboard tubes wrapped in black electrical tape.

If you have any requests for what I should do with the costume now, I'm open to suggestions, just leave a comment, message me or e-mail restwalk@hotmail.co.uk.

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