22 September 2012

Paralympics Panoramas

Hey guys, quite recently, I went to the Paralympic games!

I won't go into too much detail about it but I did quite a bit over 2 days, including:

  • Watching some track and field events in the Olympic Stadium
  • Sitting back and watching various events at Park Live
  • Getting free seats to Wheelchair Rugby in the Basketball Arena
  • And a lot of walking around the Olympic Park

Whilst I was there, I had to take my camera and I took over 100 pictures. Today though, I'm only going to share a few panoramas that I took of various locations which you can see below!

(Click on each picture to see a larger image)

Inside the Olympic Stadium at sunset

A crowd walking to and from events

Victory Ceremony seen at Park Live

Wheelchair Rugby at the Basketball Arena

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  1. Cada vez me interesa mas saber quien sos y que haces.