08 September 2012


Hey guys, today I have don't have a video to share with you or some pictures but instead I'm briefly writing about a website to do with one of my "strange interests", puppy play.

A few months ago, one of my friends set up PuppyPlay.co.uk, a community-based website which like-minded guys and girls can join.

The site is being developed right now so there aren't many members, but anybody is welcome to create an account and network with others who are interested in the fetish.

Also I feel like I should mention, it's not just a site for pups, handlers / owners are also welcome.

I'm not writing about it to encourage all of you sign up to the site; I strongly suspect that most of you prefer my feet or WAM stuff over my puppy play stuff. If you're still reading though, I'm guessing that it at least vaguely interests you.

Furthermore, I'm not writing about it today just because I'm friends with the owner.

Instead, I'm mainly writing about it for 3 reasons:
  1. I think it's a good site for people into puppy play.
  2. I think that not enough people know about it.
  3. It could really benefit from a larger community.
Basically, if you like puppy play, please check it out.

In the words of the site owner himself:
It was set up due to my love of puppy play and I wanted somewhere people could share their experiences, pictures, videos, tips and tricks with each other.

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