29 September 2012

A couple of awesome sites!

Hey guys. Today, I have a couple of sites to share with you all.

Now, there any many sites which I come across and think are awesome but these two have actually featured me on them a few times!

Gay Foot Blog!

As the name might suggest, Gay Foot Blog is for guys who like looking at other guys' feet. The site features videos of twinks mostly so if you look through their archives, you'll find some content from me, even as far back as when I was only doing messy feet videos.

Their blog also has some videos of socks and shoes if bare feet aren't quite your thing. Plus, they have a mix of tame videos, and explicit videos that you won't find me posting on here any time soon.


Desmaenok.com is a site that covers a lot of other topics. Generally though, they have pictures and videos of young (often emo-looking) guys. In the past, they've shared a few some things of me in bondage or getting wet and messy but they don't have any feet stuff here.

The cool guys who run the site, share things that are more artistic than explicit. They also have videos and pictures featuring wetlook, sagging and geeks if you're into that sort of thing, plus a lot more.

I wrote this post today because I just wanted to thank the people who created these awesome sites for featuring me. And so, if you like the pictures and videos I post, I highly encourage you to check these guys out!

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