21 December 2012

Feet Crushing Food on Face 2

Hey guys, today I have a sequel to a video I already posted.

In September, I got a friend to use his feet to mess up my face with various chocolate and creamy things. It wasn't long before that video became one of my most commented-on videos on my Xtube.

However, quite a few comments (and private messages I received) contained some suggestions for how to improve it. With those suggestions in mind, I filmed today's video using mince pies instead of chocolate cupcakes to give a more relevant Xmas theme:
  • No gag over my mouth. The main thing people wanted to see was me ungagged so that I could worship the other guy's feet... which I was more than happy to do.
  • More white stuff. A couple of guys suggested that I used some more white and sticky substances... so I handed my friend some American marshmallow ice-cream topping, marshmallow fluff and butterscotch icing to mess me up with.
  • Start with him in socks. The original request was actually to see me worship the guy's shoes and socks but we decided to just use socks instead.
  • Start with me in less clothes. One person thought that although I was already topless, wearing tracksuit bottoms made me a bit overdressed. So in this version I'm only wearing a pair of tight boxer briefs, and nothing more.
  • Include some bondage. Although it's mostly out of shot, in the video I'm restrained by a recently-purchased pair of handcuffs attached to the chair my friend is sitting on.
  • Get messed up more. Unlike last time when just my face and hair were messed up, this time my chest and groin got some nice messy coverage too.
  • Make the video longer. Nobody actually requested this but I thought that the first 7 minute video wasn't long enough so in this one, I'm lying on my back for just over 15 minutes.
I hope that most of you enjoy this little Xmas treat and stay tuned for more videos to come!



  1. OMG this is so hot :P and I dont like feet but still (wetwetwetnl)

  2. I myself love Chocolate cake, but you would not have gotten near me with Mince pie. With regard to clothes why have any on. I'am not into sucking feet that much,but if you took the tape off of my eyes I be able to see you getting stirred up as I'am assuming you would be. I know I'am atirred up.

  3. Wow - is this available for download? Very sexual video. Any more like it? Phil

  4. Very sexual stuff. Fabulous. Any more (please. Phil xx