28 December 2012

Hair Washing 3

Hey guys, today I have a 3rd hair washing video.

Unlike my last 2 this one was filmed in the shower (as opposed to the bath). In this video, I also wash my hair a few more times; shampooing it into a really thick lather for all you hair fans to enjoy.

I know this isn't the sort of thing I normally post since my feet aren't in shot and I'm actually getting clean but I still hope you can enjoy the video.


By the way, thanks to "TD" for reminding me that my Amazon wishlist was private. It is now public for a few days (before I move back to university). As always, don't feel as though you have to get me anything, although anything I do get will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  1. yeah....so u ask people to buy u stuff....yet u never post a good hot vid. u abuse xtube. not one vid u have on there belongs on there. either put up or stop wasting our time

  2. Hi,

    I find you vrey sexy.

    Good continuation & happy new year, boy !


  3. Are you going to do new videos? You look great soaking wet.

    1. I am going to have new videos soon, but don't have any ones like this planned.