24 July 2015

Messy Performance at Fetish Week London 2015 with Photos by Chris Jepson

Hey guys,

As those of you who use Recon or follow restwalker on Twitter may know, last week was Fetish Week London 2015 - 7 days of kinky fun in the capital of England. The week involves many social activities and sleazy club nights for gay and bi men throughout the city.

One annual tradition is the Fetish Dinner, a chance to dine with deviants at one of the best restaurants in the city. The honour of hosting this year's dinner was given to COUNTER at the Vauxhall Arches, a fantastic bar and brasserie with superb food and welcoming staff. If you're in London and get the chance to eat there, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

In previous years, this event has just been an opportunity to get some good food with a bunch of friendly fellow kinksters. This year, COUNTER decided to put on a bit of a show with a couple of surprising elements between courses - and invited me along!

After some terrine for starters, rope suspension bondage from The Puppeteer for entertainment, and pan-fried halibut for the main course, it was time for dessert. Two massive cream cakes were wheeled out, topped with Recon-inspired black and red cream. In my pristine white Adidas football kit, I climbed onto the bar and things got a bit wet and messy...

When the performance was done, I took off my shoes and socks (so as not to mess up the clean floor), and walked to the local sauna covered head to toe in cake frosting gunge - scaring and confusing the people of Vauxhall along the way. After a long shower to get myself and the football kit clean, I returned to the restaurant to enjoy eating the dessert that was left.

Thanks to Recon for organising this event, and the other awesome events as part of Fetish Week London 2015.

Thanks to Chris Jepson for taking the spectacular photographs above, and for giving me permission to share them on my blog. You can see more of his photos from the Fetish Dinner, FWL2015, and other events on Manshooter.com - I really recommend his portfolio if you like the more artistic stuff I post.

Thanks to all of the staff at COUNTER for providing such excellent food, being so open-minded, and for cleaning up afterwards. I would especially like to thank the restaurant owner for giving me the opportunity to do this performance art in the first place.

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended the Fetish Dinner for making it a fun night out, and for participating in sploshing me with cake, and licking me clean.

I have no more fetish performances planned, but if anybody wants a gay exhibitionist twink to put on a kinky show, act as a performance artist, or be a model (messy or otherwise), my email address is:


Take care guys,

Dylann W


  1. Whow, what can i say. I am loving those pics. It truly looks like you were having the time of your life there. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Now, I wish there had been pics of your walking out barefoot after the performance. That would have been even more entertaining. :)

  3. Amazing job you made!! Very brave.
    I love the pics.
    You are GREAT!!
    (says wetwetwetnl)

  4. Very happy with new stuff but can you make tumblr or something more modern of blogspot. Tumblr has much bigger comunity

    1. I've considered Tumblr, WordPress and other blogging platforms but Blogger works for me for now.

  5. I really like these pictures. That's great doing the performance in front of everyone!