21 August 2011

Mr Potato Head for theteenfootdude

This was the 1st task on the list that Master Mark gave me. It was a nasty one but I wanted to earn the right to cum.

The original task was to dunk my head gravy before pouring it over my body and feet. However, I misbehaved a bit and had to do it in a more humiliating way; like a puppy.

Since sampepper (who I'll thank in more detail later) bought me the dog collar and dog bowl, acting like a puppy wasn't hard. I also had to lap up some of the gravy which tasted awful and do the whole video in just my briefs (a gift from joey4403).

Another thing I changed myself was to add half a bag (about 500g) of flour into the mix which made it thicker, look nastier, taste worse and harder to clean up. At least I don't have to worry about using that bag of flour anymore though.

This was a really disgusting task since I hate the smell and taste of gravy... at least it wasn't ketchup though. Overall I enjoyed it, thank you Sir!

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