29 January 2012

Taking a Risk

I don't know if any of you have seen my new and 'improved' YouTube channel recently but I've made a few of my videos public today. If nobody falsely flags any of these videos by Wednesday then I will make more public and I'll also film a new video which I may or may not make public, depending on the video's content.

Anyway guys, I think it's about time that I asked for some feedback on what I should do next. I think I've done enough WAM (wet and messy) videos and enough videos of my bare feet to last you guys a while. So right now, I'm thinking that I should do more videos focusing on something else.

Right now, I'm considering more videos of me in socks or shoes, or maybe another wetlook video or even a video acting submissively. If you want to suggest a non-messy video which doesn't focus on my bare feet, please comment on this post, I'd appreciation the advice. Hopefully I should have a new video on the blog before next Friday and if I don't you can tell me off.

27 January 2012

Ridiculously Late Thank Yous - Part 1

First things first, people who got me gifts: Thank you. I know I should have written this post months ago but... well, honestly, I have no excuse; I'm just a lazy git. With that said, I'll just get on with continuing my thanks from last year.

First of all, I'm thanking 'sampepper' because he sent me a lot more than I was expected to get.

Choke collar from sampepper

I got this collar before I really got into puppy play; I just wore it in videos because of my submissive nature. Now I've found that a collar is a really good way to show that I'm owned by Master Mark. Having said that,  TiedFeetGuy has still made me wear it a few times when I've filmed tasks for him such as this one:

Dog bowl from sampepper

My previous description of the collar still applies here, I got it to be submissive with although I've since acted like a puppy with it too. Due to the fact that it can contain liquid, I've found it a lot more useful since I can get messy with it. Also, because it's large enough for me to stick my face in it, I've filled it with custard and ketchup (see above), gravy and dog food to get messy:


Cable-ties from sampepper

These cable ties have been particularly useful for my self-bondage since I only need 2 to handcuff myself. Anybody rubbish at rope-tying, that likes their bondage to have an improvised / kidnapesque look: I highly recommend that you get a pack. Plus, you don't have to worry about losing the key, as long as you keep a pair of scissors nearby...

Duct tape from sampepper

I must say that like the cable-ties - duct tape is a must for anybody who has even the slightest kidnap fantasy. I've found that it has a range of uses, from improvised handcuffs to an effective blindfold. (Slight warning, if you've got a lot of hair on your skin, your experiences with duct tape could be a lot more painful than mine.) Having said that, I still think that duct tape looks great, especially when it's being used to keep me in my place.

Boxer shorts from sampepper

This gift has hardly any practical uses but I must say that I really like them. They're extremely comfortable and they're definitely the most impressive pair of underwear I have in my opinion although I'm aware that some of you like seeing me in incredibly small briefs. Hopefully I'll get more wear out of them, even if I can't strip out of them in a dominant fashion.

I'll be posting more thank yous later but broken up with other content posts. Also, if you want to get me something from Amazon.co.uk then don't. My wish list is staying hidden until I've thanked everyone. I don't need or deserve anything else right now.

23 January 2012

Wearing Socks

[This blog post has been written under the assumption that my the video contained within hasn't been taken down for some stupid reason]

Those of you that have been following the blog from the beginning will know that I created it as a way to share my videos whilst reducing the chances of some idiot flagging them and getting them taken down.

Well, yesterday evening I decided to upload a video of me in my new skater outfit, showing off my dirty socks. It wasn't a request or anything, just a way to thank my YouTube subscribers and to let them know that I'm still alive.

I guess I've got nothing else to say about this video, enjoy!

19 January 2012

Still Alive

Videogame music aside, I figured that it was about time that I let you all realise I'm still alive; I've just been busy.

I've not filmed any new videos, yet, although I now have some planned. I've also got some messy videos planned although the person that used to share my bathroom has since moved out and a new person has moved in.

In other news... I've been a bit quiet because, basically, I met a guy, we went on a date, it didn't work out. I'm not feeling depressed because of it so please... don't send me messages like "I'm sorry to hear that." or "You'll find the one." or anything else I've heard during my How I Met Your Mother marathon. I just want to move on with my life right now.

06 January 2012

On Coming Out - Part 8

I'm writing about this a bit sooner than I thought I would because I've been receiving a few concerned messages... but basically I'm feeling a lot better.

I saw my bisexual crush two days ago (with a few other hundred people at a social event) and he now knows I'm gay. He thinks I'm a nice guy, as a bisexual he admits that he's more heterosexual than homosexual and that he fancies a few girls.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed but I got over it very quickly. I've had crushes on straight guys before and I've learned how to move on. I think now that I've dealt with having feelings for him, we're able to be friends. I won't see him much but when I do, I won't be afraid to go up to him and chat.

In other news... my mother's still rather annoying. Having said that, I think she's realised that she's done some things and so she has tried to make an effort. She's tried to talk about gay issues and ask if I've met anyone, she happily accepted a "not really" by the way. So with that said, I'm relieved. Things between us could be better but I appreciate that they will be, one day.

To everyone that's sent me concerned messages, thank you very much but trust me, I'm in a good place now.

Oh, it's likely that I won't be posting anything for a little while anyway since I have a 3500 word essay due on the 12th. After that, not much is planned that I haven't already mentioned.

02 January 2012

On Coming Out - Part 7

The following post was written with very little sleep and some emotion behind so please forgive its rambling nature and any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors you find. Thank you.

It's now 2012: a year which will hopefully be better than the last.

A few nights ago, I went to a party at my best friend's house to celebrate the arrival of the new year. At the party were all of my friends who knew I was gay and a lot more who didn't know. Also at the party was a bisexual guy that I'd had a secret crush on.

Seeing as how I had only been drunk one other time in 2011 (which is awful for a fresher who has been able to drink for over a year now), I decided to make use of the alcohol at the party. A few rum and Cokes into the evening and with a few more hours left until the countdown, I realised I was drinking too fast for a lightweight and so I just sat in the corner.

It was at this point that one of my friends who knew about my sexuality walked over, sat down next to me and asked how everything was going. We conversed for a bit before she confessed that she had been going around letting people know that I was gay.

I was very briefly annoyed but then I realised that nobody else had said anything to me. When I asked how they took it, she said that they took it well. When I asked if she or anybody else had told my secret crush, she said "No."

At this point, the mixture of my emotions and the rum got the better of me and I started feeling really down. I wanted to embrace him or ask him out. But I couldn't, I thought about the very real possibility of rejection. Then I started thinking about standing in the middle of the room and bluntly saying "I'm gay" to all of my friends, present. But then, the thought of being rejected from them made me even worse.

I left the loud music and found a quiet place to sit down. After thinking about everything, I returned and went up to each friend who knew about my sexuality. I gave all of them permission to let my other friends know that I was gay, but not to let them know that I want them to know. For the rest of the night, I was quite relieved, I still wanted to approach my secret crush but I realised that it may not be such a good idea in case he rejected me on such a happy occasion.

A few hours later, which I spent drinking and DJing, a few friends approached me and congratulated me for being out. Honestly, I wasn't expecting any of them to take it badly but I like to be over-cautious. I somewhat hoped that my crush would also approach me too but he didn't, instead he just seemed to enjoy the party as much as everyone else.

At midnight, we celebrated the arrival of 2012. A couple of hours later, we headed off back to our homes.

Now that everybody's sobered up, I feel like I should find out who exactly knows I'm gay and who doesn't. Finally, I do need to make sure that my crush knows. I'm going be seeing him again in a couple of days and I'd like to be able to be more honest with him.

On another related note...

After the party, when I got back home, I told my mother that a few more friends knew that I was...

That's the thing, I couldn't say that word. She told me to just come out with it but I couldn't say it to her. Her response was that I shouldn't be coming out of the closet if I can't say that I'm gay. Very drunk and angry, I had the sense to go to bed before we got into an argument.

In my room, I thought about the various things she had said over the last few weeks. Although she had certainly improved since I came out to her, she was still more homophobic than she'd probably like to admit.

As a result of these non-ideal circumstances and other complications, I'm not going to be in a real mood for blogging so don't expect any regular posting.