23 November 2011

Harnesses And Optimism

Wow, I'm almost posting at a regular rate again, how delightful! Again, don't get used to it.

So... since last time, I've somewhat developed an interest in harnesses. If I'm honest, I don't really see their purpose although a lot of kinky clothes seem rather pointless in my opinion. Despite this, after seeing a few harnesses on some cute guys (thanks TiedFeetGuy!), I've decided that they look good.

Unfortunately, they're quite expensive. I couldn't find decent one that cost less than £30 / $45. So... I've come up with this alternative!

Okay, this is mostly a joke but it is about half of the price of an actual harness. I'm tempted to get it, especially to see how metallic the "metallic silver" actually is. Although... I'm probably not going to get it because I really need to save my money and keep for things like, err, food for example.

On an unrelated note, I've recently started feeling quite a bit better about everything. I think the support I've gotten from my old school-friends and friends I've met online has really helped so thanks guys, seriously, I appreciate it.

I've also been recommended a fabulous show called "Beautiful People" from 2008. It's about a young camp gay guy growing up in 90s Britain.

I think the show has given me a bit of optimism. Although things with my mum aren't great right now and although she's not making much progress, I do believe that she will. It may take months or years but I believe she will learn about homosexuality and hopefully accept me one day.

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  1. The show looks really sweet! I'll have to check Netflix out to see if I can get/view past episodes.

    And I will get back to you about your recent email about you and Mark. We got to make sure that you are eating more than just Ramon noodles! No starving students on my watch!