01 November 2011

I'm not going to be posting much.

The title should be pretty self-explanatory.

Don't get me wrong, I want to post. It's just that I should probably be focusing more on my studies right now. Also, I really don't have much content to post right now.

I suppose I still have a few more outtakes to post so look out for those. Also, I have to post the video of my gunging at some point so look out for that too.

Whilst I'm not posting much, you can check out the blogs I'm subscribed to on my profile, perhaps you'll find some stuff that you like. I'm subscribed to some non-fetish blogs too which I just like to read and I'm subscribed to some things just for inspiration so don't be surprised if some of them don't appeal to you at all.

I considered that I could use the blog to post pictures / videos from other people but I'm sure you can look for that sort of stuff yourself, can't you? Sorry, it's just not my style to do that.

The other alternative was that I just used the blog to utterly rant about sexuality and homophobia and why my life sucks, etc. but I really don't think you want to read that sort of thing on a regular basis... let's face it, this is a fetish blog, it's meant to arouse you.

Having said that, I do like ranting a bit and I'm also a graphic design enthusiast so here's a little goodbye present which fairly accurately sums up how I'm feeling right now. Feel free to print it out and take it to your local gay rights march!

And actually "goodbye" is the wrong word. I'm not leaving, remember... I'm just not posting to it as often as I used to. So keep checking the blog about once a month, maybe. Thanks guys!

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  1. Well I am really sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time right now. I know I have really enjoyed your blog so far and it has inspired me to adventure out to experience new and amazing things that I have always wanted to experience but have never had the balls to do it.

    I would like to be the first person to say "THANK YOU!!" for all the time you have put into this blog. It is rare to come across a blog that is updated as often as yours was, almost every day with great new pics, vids and ideas.

    I know I am only speaking for myself (but I am sure there are others that will agree) reading about what you are going through on a daily basis would be very very interesting. I know you started it as a fetish blog but I think it has grown more into a daily log of your life, and you have quite a few people that are very interested in what you are doing and more "how" you are doing.

    We all love you and we all are here to support you (well most of us anyway) in what ever you are going through and the continued posting might be a way to get your feelings out of your system and allow the input from others that have gone through the same thing or are currently going thought the same kind of troubles. Look at is a an Insperational Blog, for both sides of the fence, Fetish and Gay!!
    What ever you decide to do, I know I will be behind you and so will my Master...

    Thanks for everything you have done and posted over the few months, and good luck and please be safe...if you ever find yourself in America, you will always have a place to crash...