25 November 2011

Just Another Shirt

Hm... perhaps that's what I should do with this blog, go from fetish content to t-shirts...

Nah, just kidding. I'll still post some kinky stuff when I get a chance.

Anyway since my last post, TiedFeetGuy pointed out that somebody had beaten me to the idea of making a t-shirt with a harness design on it:

I can't deny that the other design is better (and quite a bit more realistic). If you're curious, you can buy it here for $39.

In retaliation, I went back to the drawing board and thought about t-shirts I'd consider buying. Now, two things to note: Firstly, I'm very fond of the emo style (if it wasn't obvious by my hair and fondness for black skinny jeans). Secondly, I'm aware that there are alternatives to this t-shirt but I wanted to design it anyway just because.

Now this is a t-shirt I'm very proud of. It looks reasonably realistic (more so than the harness) but if I'm honest, I'd rather just buy a tie and t-shirt. It's probably cheaper too.

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