09 November 2012

Feet in Jelly

Hey guys, today I have a messy feet video because I haven't done one in a while.

A while back (over a year ago in fact) I filmed a video of me putting my foot in a bowl of jelly. Well, although the video was alright, I felt as if it could be improved in 3 major ways:
  1. By using more jelly.
  2. By using less runny jelly.
  3. Putting both of my feet in it.
As a result, today's 15 minute video using a few pints of jelly addresses all of these issues and so, if you like my messy feet videos, I hope you enjoy this one!


Also, I am very aware that there is no need for this video to be posted to Xtube. However, I am still a bit anxious about posting to YouTube.


  1. *Yawn* I wouldn't give you shit....You have to show some dick or at least get a blowjob or show some pubic bush...

  2. I've only just managed to see this as I can't seem to view Xtube vids on my phone. It's fabulous! I really enjoyed every last moment of it.
    I don't think you have done it before, but I would love to see you tread grapes in this way to make some 'wine'. I'm sure you could sell the wine you produce to your fans! I'd definately buy some! :P
    Thanks for making and posting this :)