16 November 2012

Standing on Bottle Tops

Hey guys, today I have a video for all of you who like seeing me in pain.

Nobody requested that I did it but after learning about bastinado, I wanted to try a video in which I hurt the soles of my feet. Instead of whipping or electrocuting my feet, I tried another type of pain with more a focus on enduring / suffering.

So when I was back at home, I got 10 beer bottle tops (they're actually from bottles of Supermalt, I don't drink alcohol much), laid them out on the bathroom floor and stood on them for 5 minutes.

The result was a lot of pain after 1 minute which didn't go away for about half an hour. Also, as you can see in the still and video below, my soles got a bit marked by their sharp edges (although they had no permanent effect and my feet are completely fine now).

I hope you enjoy the video and I've said before, please give me suggestions for things to film in the future!



  1. Maybe it's the sadistic Dom side of me... but I rather enjoyed seeing you in foot pain for our pleasure. Good little slave. Wish I could do bastinado on you personally sometime.

  2. Dylann, you handle pain so well, does it make you more intense when your in the dominate mood? How about an endurance test, get a case of glass 16oz. coke bottles and stand on top of the round glass bottle tops. Just let the video camera run. Love your profile and your creative work.