05 November 2012

On Coming Out - Part 9

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I wrote about my ongoing coming-out and so I'm briefly writing today to tell you all about some good things that have happened lately.

A few weeks ago, I joined my university's LGBT Society. I was a member last year as well although I was a bit too scared to do much with my membership.

This year though, with Master Mark's encouragement, I plucked up the courage to attend a few coffee hours. Although I've felt really awkward, I've gotten into a few conversations and have started to get to know some of the other members.

I even got invited to a Pub Quiz organised by the Society and went along. I didn't have a team with me but I introduced myself to a few strangers who also didn't have a team and we formed a group. We scored last but it was still great to leave the house and socialise.

Apart from the people at LGBT Society, I've not come out to anybody else although when I do, I'll be sure to blog about it.


  1. Good for you Dylann

    I must say I have yet to start this in my life yet and dreading it so good on you for getting so far :)

  2. There's nothing anyone can say to you that will make it easier - it's hard to believe how much of a non-issue it will be five years on when you're barely getting started - but it will! Keep going and do what you think is right.