30 October 2011

Happy Birthday to TiedFeetGuy!

Well if you just jumped into this post before reading the title, today is TiedFeetGuy or TFG's birthday! You might remember him... after all, I've done some posts for him and some videos for him too.

Firstly, his blog isn't currently posting new content but nevertheless, you should check it out here! If you see a post on that blog that you like, please leave a comment on it. I will ask him if people have been posting comments... and if you haven't... I won't be happy with you.

Secondly, here's a little present for him! And you guys too, I suppose. Click on the pictures if you want to see the larger versions of them. Feel free to download them... don't put them on other sites, please. Unless you want to credit me, that would be awesome!

Anyway, happy birthday TiedFeetGuy!

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